Chapter 1040. The Frozen City


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Mu Tinyin also learned about this case recently.

Nan Rongni came into view of the Mu clan two years ago, and then the icy killer bow was the main condition. Only having taken possession of the powerful magical item of the Mu clan, the Nan Rongni family could guarantee themselves that Mu would not betray them.

The black church has damaged Mu Ning Xue’s reputation.

Then she lost her position, and now they are still trying to take away ten years of painstaking cultivation and a most valuable magical item from her!

Everything else, she lost her friend, whom she considered very close!

Mu Tinyin thought that this moment of her triumph was even more beautiful than she painted in her cherished dreams. She was overwhelmed with a sense of all-round superiority – the man whom she hates the most is now leaving with shame!

Of course, the loss of such a valuable magical item noticeably spoiled Mu Tinyin’s mood ….

– Do not resist, just accept the reality. Although you won’t have anything now, you can still grab hold of some idiot mage from the team, forcing him to defend and support you, ”Nan Rongni calmly said.

This semblance of consolation literally cut the ears of Mu Ning Xue.

From the very beginning, she felt that Nan Rongni was behaving very strangely. After returning to the national team, Mu Ning Xue tried to keep herself aloof, but Nan Rongni looked so simple, all this was supported by her delicate appearance … and in the end … her heart turned out to be even worse than Mu Tinyin’s!

Nan Rongni just kept an eye on her most powerful weapon, she envied Mu Ning Xue even more than Mu Tinyin, was able to pretend to be a good-natured girlfriend, and, standing next to her side by side, she thought about it!

Recent years have simply made Mu Ning Xue terrified.

– Ah, almost forgot. There is another guy who cares about you incredibly, only he will not be of any use either, he is a simple magician who can be considered a little more successful compared to the rest, but even so he will not be able to compete with the Mu clan. Only now he is more interested in this girl in a wheelchair, I don’t understand how you contact this cripple. You look at me with such disgust, isn’t it better for you to use this look to look at yourself? – The words of Nan Rongni continued to dig into the girl’s heart with poisonous spikes.

At this moment, Mu Ning Xue thought about Mo Fang, since she alone could not cope with such a crowd of magicians.

But even this thought was destroyed by Nan Rongni with his filthy tongue!

However, Mu Ning Xue is not one of those who first makes an indifferent facial expression, and then sits on the ground, shedding tears.

She did not utter a single tear. While her face was expressionless, her icy heart became even colder.

Making empty talk no longer made sense. Even if these two want to take everything from her, she must resist!

In the light of recent events, all the ties that bound them were broken, and now she has only a heart, which has become even stronger!

The colder the harder it can be!

The angrier, the more calm she must remain!

Only there was something even Pan Xi did not know: after Mu Ning Xue inherited the contract of murderous onions from her mother, her soul resisted these pieces of onions, she was constantly in a nightmare – and all because every day she tried to combine her soul with this killer bow!

This is the last thing that remained of her mother – she swore to her, and because of this oath, she was daily subjected to spiritual torment!

Mu Ning Xue had been angry with her mother all this time … her mother had left her nothing but this path full of torment and trials!

However, today she finally understood why it all happened.

Because now, as a result of all these torments, this unique destructive power belongs to HER!

– Bow!

Cold literally crept to the bones.

The killer icy bow began to awaken from the depths of her soul, covering the sky over Venice.

We can say that these were the bitter tears that erupted from the hidden corners of her heart … she cannot bow her head!

Now these people mean nothing to her!

A chilling cold covered the city, freezing the canals of the city and ancient buildings ….

“You said she couldn’t use the deadly ice bow!” Cried Mu Tinyin, whose face was now filled with fear.

From now on, in her hands was the most powerful weapon of the Mu clan, which in an instant turned against themselves!

“How … how is that possible ?!” – Pan Xi hatched his eyes, not believing what was happening.

He is considered the keeper of this bow, because of the whole clan only he perfectly understands the principle of its action, and, according to this principle, a murderous ice bow cannot be released only from part of the fragments …

Only if … only if the ice bow was not completely reborn in the soul of Mu Ning Xue, completely merged with her spirit!

But this will mean that Mu Ning Xue may be his sole owner!

Maybe it was a defective onion? You need to make sure of everything ….

– Heck! The ice bow has already merged with her soul, oh this woman !!! – Pan Xi growled maliciously.

Only mother Mu Ning Xue could do this. Pan Xi did not even allow the thought that Mu Ning Xue’s mother could go for it, because any deviation in the process of spiritual nourishment threatened death!

Didn’t she think about what she was sacrificing, or did she decide to take revenge on the Mu clan: she died herself, drawing her daughter into it!

“Mu Ning Xue, if you decide to use it, it means that you are declaring war on the entire Mu clan!” Look at what you have become! Think about your relatives that are still alive! – Pan Xi shouted, referring to the girl.

The frost was just furious, falling on four legal magicians minions, preventing them from approaching the sorceress.

A snow cloud appeared in the sky that hung over Venice.

Think about the remaining relatives ?!

Mu Ning Xue just smirked.

They destroyed her, did she and her family suffer little?

Now Mu Ning Xue understood why her mother told her to die before death, despite the barriers. She told her to become as strong as possible, and never let people from the clan push her around!

She did all this for her!

They took everything from her, and this is equivalent to the fact that they became her enemies.

Mu Ning Xue has endured so much, and now she will not leave alone any of the Mu clan!

Murderous ice bow belongs to the magic of spells, and now it can only be controlled by one Mu Ning Xue!

The bow was transparent like a baby’s tear. However, the cleaner the magic, the more powerful and furious it could become. When Mu Ning Xue was all the same, the ice bow was very clean, but now that she had put all her anger, all her tears into him, he began to acquire a blood-red hue!

Mu Ning Xue concentrated all the ice arrows over Venice ….


A huge cloud soared only over Venice, giving a cold snow glow!

The nearby sea began to gradually become covered with ice fog, as if the snow queen were dropping her last tears, which turn into ice, plunging beautiful Venice into winter ….

* Clatter

In all this situation perfect silence reigned, and only the knocking of heels Mu Ning Xue cut it.

She slowly approached Pan Xi to pick up the last shards of ice onion from him.

All those present could only watch without risking resistance.

Mu Ning Xue was not going to take their lives from these people, she only took away what was rightfully hers.

She walked like a queen, not honoring Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin even with a look.

Turning around, she walked between two frozen legal minions-minions and calmly retired, leaving the crowd.

Now she has become the only icy rose of her kind, and no one can melt her icy heart ….

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