Chapter 1042. One against Four!


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“We put up with you for a long time!” We tried not to pay attention to you, because arguing with you is like arguing with a mad dog! But if you piss us off, we will quickly get rid of you! Said Mu Tinyin with contempt, pointing to Mo Fan.

She was no longer afraid of the crushing magic of Mo Fan. With the help of spiritual seed, her ice magic became an ideal tool for destroying the fire magic of Mo Fan. Even if he invokes a fire hetero, it is not known who will be able to win. But behind her there are three more people!

They have long conspired to join forces in the event of another attack of rabies of Mo Fan.

– Ungrateful creature! I wanted to deal with you after the competition. But since you yourself are looking for your doom, I will help you! – Zu Jimin smiled coldly.

Mo Fan stood and looked at the united four, his anger did not cool down a bit.

“Mo Fan, we came to help you,” Zhao Man Yan, Jiang Yu and Jiang Shaoxuy approached him, they could not help but intervene.

Mo Fan waved his hand sharply, stopping them.

“I’ll figure it out myself,” he will not allow them to participate in the fight.

With two smelly bitches *** Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin, he must deal with today. They went beyond. If Zhao Man Yan, Jiang Yu and Jiang Shaosuy intervene, then they will intervene their families too.

– Mo Fan …

He did not speak with the three of them and took a step forward to meet the four gathered.

Mo Fan came closer. The magic of ice gradually suppressed his fiery magic, and as a result, all his fiery ardor went out. The ice crept close to the magician.

“Are you two jerks hoping to stop me?” – Mo Fan’s eyes flashed in the direction of Li Kaifeng and Zu Jimin, he clearly wanted to provoke them.

– Your mother, you run up! – the first could not stand Zu Jiming.

– Attack him together! – Nan Rongni immediately called out to the rest.

They will not be able to defeat him individually, Nan Rongni could not allow him to win!

Cripple them?

What big plans, where does this moron have such self-confidence ?!

“I take on his fire magic and fire hetero,” said Mu Tinyin.

The ice storm has become even stronger. You could see how the ice, like creeping plants rise higher and higher.

– Poison fangs!

Zu Jimin focused his eyes and at that moment two huge poisonous fangs appeared behind Mo Fan, as if they belonged to a huge invisible python. Two curved fangs pierced Mo Fan’s back.

Li Kaifeng attacked simultaneously with Zu Jiming. His shadow spikes dissolved behind icy gusts and poisonous fangs, attacking Mo Fan with them.

Hiding behind everyone, Nan Rongni was constantly muttering, enhancing the blessing of the magic of the other rivals.

– The spatial wall!

The magic of Mo Fan formed in an instant. A diamond-shaped space appeared in front of him and enveloped the whole body of Mo Fan, turning into a solid wall with six faces. The wall protected the whole body of Mo Fan.

The power of space magic is more dependent on the magical powers of the magician. The emotional strength of Mo Fan was several orders of magnitude higher than that of the rest. Even with the magic of mid-level space, he could easily defend himself from their attacks.

“Now let’s see where you miscalculated,” Mo Fan said, with a grin, easily neutralized the enemy’s test attacks.

He was not in the mood to try and act cautiously. He will fight to the end! Who, your mother, dare to measure experience with him ??

They hurt Mu Ning Xue and made her disappear in this unfamiliar city! Mo Fan always tried to protect her from difficulties, and these bastards took advantage of his absence and together attacked Mu Ning Xue!

They think they can resist it by joining forces ??

They imagined that with the spiritual seed of the element of ice they will be able to suppress its flame and crush it ??

A crowd of scum with animal instincts! Today they will experience the power of the tyrant thunderstorm on themselves !!

– Thunderstorm!!!!

Mo Fan himself pacified the fire in his body. He looked up and shouted only one word into the Venetian sky.

With the sounds of his voice, streams of lightning appeared from heaven, striking in unison with the beating of his heart! Black blinding power!

Flashes of lightning flashed everywhere. One could see how powerful electric discharges enveloped the body of Mo Fan. A network of electric filaments went into the green field of the training ground spreading far around. The whole arena filled with deadly and unbridled energy flows!

Mu Tinyin was still fascinated by the effect of applying her spiritual ice seed. She was very proud of herself. Suddenly she saw how a powerful lightning bolt swept alongside her, destroying all the ice barriers that she had created before!

She felt that all the magic of the ice surrounding the arena began to dissipate and weakened significantly.

“This cannot be …” Mu Tigning stared at Mo Fang with an unbelieving look. She watched as more and more lightning energy is concentrated in the body of Mo Fan, forming a sphere.

Suppression !!

The magic of her beautiful ice seed is suppressed! The enemy has spiritual seed! And worst of all, it is a spiritual seed with an elemental sphere !!

The presence of a sphere can be determined in a minute. All the space around was filled with the breath of the magic of the lightning element. The breath of ice magic seemed to shrink in the far corners of the arena, putting their four in a very difficult position.

Mu Tinyin, Li Kaifeng, Zu Jimin and Nan Rongni felt the powerful pressure of the breath of lightning magic, as if suffocation. Their eyes were filled with panic and fear!

Spiritual seed!

The enemy also has spiritual seed! The highly spiritual seed of the lightning element!

The fact that Mo Fan had the spiritual seed of the lightning sphere made them shake with fear !!

Sphere Mage! At their age, this is the pinnacle of success !! Why did it go to Mo Fan ?? He has no support or great power!

– Ash Claw of Lightning!

An image of claws appeared on Mo Fan’s hand. The black fierce claw of lightning descended from heaven directly onto the four opponents!

A couple of minutes ago, they considered themselves indestructible, but when they saw the terrifying claw of lightning, they began to scatter in all directions. None of them dared to resist this attack!

The power of receiving the ashen claw of lightning was simply amazing! She was higher than the power of deadly silent lightning! All lightning magic grew three times stronger within the scope of the lightning!

Mo Fanya’s previous lightning seed, Qianjun seed, doubled his magic. This was the standard spiritual seed of the lightning element. But the Tyrant Thunderstorm is not just a powerful spiritual seed, but one of the most powerful and ferocious spiritual seeds of lightning! A three-fold increase in strength was enough to turn the magic of Mo Fan into a crushing force, especially if we talk about high-level lightning magic!

The blow of the ashen claw of lightning could not withstand even the golden eagle of the three elements! And these bastards will not have a chance, if they urgently do not apply all the protective magic that they have!

The first strike of the lightning claw put enemies on the run. Mo Fan directed the second blow of the claw to Zu Jimin. If he wanted to deal with Mu Tinyin and Nan Rongni, then first you need to eliminate their dogs!

The basis of the element of Zu Jimin is poison. He was very useful in team competitions, but completely ineffective in the battle with Mo Fan!

The ashen claw of lightning destroyed all of Zu Jimin’s defenses and left cuts on his skin.

Realizing that his life was in danger, Zu Jimin started to flee.

He was one of those people who cowardly cling to life, fearing death. At the slightest danger, he fled from the battlefield.

But the angry Mo Fan was not going to let go of that bitch son so easily !!

– Kara tyrant!

Mo Fan impartially uttered these two words, without waiting for Zu Jiming to disappear from his sphere. At that moment, lightning began to strike along the entire path of Zu Jimin’s running.

All the magic of Mo Fan was increased three times. Acceptance of thunder and lightning strikes has already reached the fourth level, so the resulting lightning scar attracted serious force! A bolt of lightning claw tore the magical armor of Zu Jimin into small pieces, and the tyrant who hit Kara punched him to the ground!

Zu Jimin’s entire body turned black and his skin cracked. He looked like a toasted piece of meat! From afar it was not clear whether he was alive or dead, but in any case, he would no longer be able to stand up and resist!

– And now you!

Mo Fan seemed to be doing the roll call. A glance full of lightning eye energy focused on Li Kaifeng.

“You forced me yourself,” Li Kaifeng grinned arrogantly. The blood vessels on his body began to swell rapidly.

“You think I will let you use forbidden magic?” Moron! – Mo Fan waved a hand. A huge claw of lightning, like a slap from the deity of thunder, struck Li Kaifeng.

Li Kaifeng instantly reacted, in the end, he was a magician of the elements of wind and shadow, with highly developed abilities to evade attacks.

– Spatial impulses – gravity!

Mo Fan opened his hand without hesitation, locking Li Kaifeng inside the gravitational space.

– Silent lightning!

Mo Fan calmly pronounced magic words. Without a single sound, a ray of deadly quiet lightning rushed into Li Kaifeng, rushing about in a spatial trap …

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