Chapter 1043. Lightning shaking the earth


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The strength of the deadly silent lightning, which was strengthened by the strength of Mo Fan three times, the opponents’ defense could still withstand. Li Kaifeng, who was almost at the very center of the impact of this spell, had already dodged, but his body was still shaking from the attack of these lightning bolts.

– Come here!

With false spatial claws, Mo Fan grabbed Li Kaifeng, who was still overcome by electric discharges, and he gradually began to be lifted into the air.

By powerful force, Li Kaifeng was thrown to the site barriers.

– Sky-high frost!

At that moment, Mu Tinyin cried out loudly, taking on the battle. She again tried to use her spiritual power of ice by forming an ice sarcophagus above Mo Fan’s head, which was supposed to seal it inside.

Subjected to electrical control by Mo Fan, the magic of Mu Tignin slowed noticeably, but the girl herself soon realized what the catch was.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw an ice coffin flying at him, he hastened to retreat some distance, and then, turning into a shadow, disappeared into the shadow falling from this sarcophagus.

“I printed it,” said Mu Tinyin.

“He is not inside,” Nan Rongni said sternly, looking around.

Finally, she sensed the breath of dark magic, which concentrated about thirty meters from her. It really was Mo Fan that tried to get close to his rivals unnoticed.

– The hand of the green demon!

The magic of the Nan Rongni plants was also exposed in the sphere of the lightning element, so the speed of its composition of the star cloud was very slow, but after that, a glow immediately appeared around it.

Green demon plants sprouted directly from the ground, Nan Rongni sent a spell in the direction where, in her opinion, Mo Fan could be.

In the place where the black shadow appeared, the spell of the green demon formed a flower, which absorbed this shadow in a matter of moments.

* Electric discharges

Nan Rongni had not yet had time to rejoice at the fact that Mo Fang had seized, before the two heard a cracking electric shock.

Lightning appeared somehow strange: they were like a black beam of discharges that appeared in the form of a human silhouette, sometimes black-black eyes flickered … This silhouette flashed a few meters from Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin!

The girls immediately changed their faces, they could not even think that the magic of the shadow of Mo Fan had already reached such a level and now could act absolutely silently!

Most magicians will noticeably lose their magic if used in close combat, but the magic of Mo Fan was just as powerful and impudent! Opponents now understood what danger they were in, because this magic was only two meters away from them!

They immediately rushed to activate their protective armor, at that moment there was only hope for them that they could resist such blows!

Mo Fan moved very quickly, he wore a mantle of shadow, and, being covered by electric discharges, he looked like a devil’s creature! The next moment he was facing the girls.

– Lightning!

Mo Fan raised his head sharply, and a white electric crack appeared in a stormy sky … by order of the magician, many golden lightning bolts struck from heaven!

These lightning strikes literally in every corner, the density of electric discharges just went through the roof. It seemed that the glow of these lightning was like an electric dragon!

Lightning strikes not only in Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin, but also in Mo Fan. Only these ranks made their master even more formidable and furious, which could not be said about the girls.

The bodies of the girls shook from this attack, but Mo Fan did not even think to stop …. He raised his head, concentrating all the power of lightning in his hands, and then what was the power struck the ground!

* Bam!

Lightning striking the ground angrily covered almost half of the site!

Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin, which were a couple of meters from the enemy, even flew into the air from this blow.

The armor on their bodies turned into pieces of garbage, and now every lightning pierced their muscles, causing them incredible torment!

– Fiery Phoenix!

Elements of fire and lightning crossed in the air. Mo Fan had not a bit of pity for these girls, realizing that their protection had cracked, he released his most powerful magic!

A fiery phoenix appeared that, not giving rest to the girls, began to pursue them with thousands of fiery feathers – such a fire could easily burn them from the light!

Before the power of tyrannical lightning, as expected, the union of the four magicians began to disintegrate … and then Mo Fan threw the fire phoenix magic to them, and now Mu Tinyin and Nan Rongni were already exhausted.

As a result, by the time the girls fell to the ground, they were no longer recognizable, there was no trace of the shiny appearance: the armor was dangling in pieces, the clothes were torn, the skin was wounded, and also this layer of black burn …

The sphere of tyrannical lightning descended from heaven to earth and a powerful electric stream moved to its owner.

You could see how Mo Fan collects all this power in his hands ….

“Mo Fan, are you going to kill them?” Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

Seeing that he was accumulating his strength, the other guys screamed too.

Everyone saw how he easily dealt with four not weak magicians, and only one god knows how he could develop to such a level of cultivation.

Everyone thought that now he would stop, because Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin were already wounded, they lost the battle, they had no defense, but Mo Fan sent his lightning bolts to destroy them completely!

By his appearance, it was clear that he was not going to stop.

At this moment, the rest could no longer intervene. At the very beginning, Mo Fan ruthlessly dealt with Lu Yilin, but he was a really terrible person, because he himself wanted to take away Mo Fan. If Mo Fan kills these two girls, then he cannot escape the punishment of the magical court, but even before the magical court pronounces the sentence, the families of Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin will simply take him from the light.

Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin, seeing that Mo Fan does not stop releasing magic, shook with fear.

Until this moment, Nan Rongni believed that he was simply showing off and would never dare to release magic against them, but, contemplating his current mood, she was noticeably afraid.

This lunatic is really going to kill them!

– Mo Fan, your mother! Calm down already, you can’t kill these of yours! Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

This situation certainly didn’t resemble the situation with Lu Yiling … with Mo Fan, it’s always like that, since I got him angry, please be kind to taste his anger.

“Relax, I know the measure,” Mo Fan answered.

– What the hell is the measure? This is already enough if you destroy them, their families will not calm down until they take your life, listen to me! Tie already! – said Zhao Man Yan.

This is called “to have the measure”: Mu Tinyin and Nan Rongni should suffer a lot longer, suffer and go to the brink of life and death.

– Mo Fan, stop it! Get together! – at that moment the voice of a middle-aged man was heard.

Mo Fan turned and saw Mu Ning Xue next to this man!

Mu Ning Xue looked very noble and arrogant, it was immediately clear that she simply could not be approached!

This man was Feng Li, and Mu Ning Xue, when she saw what was happening here, also came.

First she looked at Mo Fan, and then at the tormented and wounded Mu Tinyin and Nan Rongni.

“These two creatures, I will help you deal with them,” said Mo Fan, referring to Mu Ning Xue.

Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin, looking around the arrogant Mu Ning Xue, shook even more with fear.

“You think I let them go?” – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– It’s better to deal with such a dirty job.

Mu Ning Xue literally cut off: “If I wanted just this, I would have destroyed them then on the bridge.”

Having said this, she again stood next to Feng Li.

At the moment when she turned, Mo Fan was able to see in her eyes the hatred that gave her arrogant appearance just royal chic!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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