Chapter 1044. Her heart cannot cool completely!


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Head Feng Li headed toward Mu Tinyin and Nan Rongni, not giving these girls any meaning at all.

With a cold look, he maliciously said: “I’m too lazy to get in touch with your two families, but you better tell my words to them. Only I, Feng Li, affirm the members of the national team. During world competitions, there is no point in doing anything. “I can’t just let go of the guilty, even if they are members of China’s most distinguished families!”

From these words, the girls trembled.

It was obvious that these two girls attacked Mu Ning Xue only to show her her place, to show that she could never stand in the same row with them. Only now it turned out that they couldn’t do absolutely any harm to Mu Ning Xue, moreover, they were answered by Mo Fan, now there’s also a reprimand from the head of Feng Li, and even the wounds from electric lightning still hurt !

Mu Ning Xue looked indifferent, she, as before, is still the most outstanding ice element mage in the team.

“The wounds you received were deservedly received by you,” Feng Li said coldly, he looked around, looking at Mo Fan, “Mo Fan, you attack too cruelly, the next time it just won’t get away with you, you also have to follow the rules.

Mo Fan was stunned. Just beginning to understand what was happening, he quickly nodded his head: “Next time I will be very careful and attentive, I just can’t bear it when persecution of teammates begins. You can say that I was still very gentle, because I put Mu Ning Xue above himself. ”

Feng Li hatched his eyes at him.

Feng Li is the leader of the national magic team of China, one might even say “main mentor.” His position is very high, so even the offspring of great families do not dare to sort things out before him. Upon learning that Mu Tinyin and Nan Rongni are fighting with Mo Fang, Feng Li just got mad!

They couldn’t even settle accounts with him!

Li Kaifeng and Zu Jiming have just begun to come to their senses, and although they still had a grudge against Mo Fang, they did not dare to show their displeasure.

– For now, decide on this. Leave all your personal showdowns after the end of the world competitions. Even before that there were those who broke the rules, I just won’t leave it all for free! The consequences await you! – strictly said Feng Li, why his voice sounded in the ears of students with pain.

Guan Yu, who did not participate in the showdown, now provided assistance to the victims. All four guys were in full swing from dissatisfaction with the outcome of the battle.

Even the four of them could not defeat Mo Fang alone!

Now they will have to shove their hatred much deeper and wait for the end of the competition!

There is nothing even to say about Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin: in today’s battle they lost the last grains of self-esteem, all their clothes were torn, their faces in soot, their bodies were wounded, in short, now they did not at all look like well-groomed girls. And so did Mu Ning Xue!

– Mo Fan! Why did you abruptly decide to show your courage? Decided to deprive our team of personnel? – Feng Li cursed barely.

“They offended Mu Ning Xue, why didn’t you appear then?” – asked Mo Fan.

If the leader does not respond to such important events, he could close his eyes to the fact that the people of the Mu clan could pick up Mu Ning Xue, and where would its cultivation go? Dog down the drain?

No one understood Mu Ning Xue like Mo Fan did. Ten years of stubborn cultivation – losing their deaths alike!

Mo Fan has never been so angry. If not for the appearance of Feng Li, he would have definitely wiped these girls into powder!

This was especially true of Nan Rongni, Mo Fanu was really eager to see her torment, smearing her face in meat and erasing that mean smile from her lips.

Then, in the Tokai Mu Ning Xue fortress, she sacrificed her life to save her, usually in such cases they become a devoted friend for the rest of her life … how could she so meanly plunge a knife into her back?

– This time it is entirely their fault, but this does not negate the fact that you were the first to attack. This time I will take it from you, but don’t dare to cause me any more problems! Of the whole team, you always cause the most trouble! Young people should not act so rashly, because after that there are unpleasant consequences! Shouted Feng Li.

“Clan Mu and the Nanzhong family will try again to prevent Mu Ning Xue, how do you leaders feel about this?” You just do nothing, but get your money for it! – said Mo Fan.

– Who is doing nothing here? Hey kid, I told you not to cross the border. As for these two clans, families, of course, I will indict them, but you … do not dare to complicate everything here again! – puffed Feng Li.

“So tell them that if they dare to approach Mu Ning Xue again, they will receive two coffins with the bodies of their beauties.” I myself will go to a magical court to unwind my term for this, but I will destroy them! – Mo Fan, too, still did not want to calm down.

“You are always the first to mutilate everyone, and this is a warning to you!”

Having finished the conversation with Feng Li, Mo Fan immediately ran to Mu Ning Xue.

When Zhao Man Yan told him that Mu Ning Xue had disappeared, he was seriously worried, how could he know that as soon as he was away for a short time, Mu Tinyin and Nan Rongni would immediately go on a showdown with his little wife, well, that Mu Ning Xue stood up for herself to the last, and did not prefer cowardly surrender.

Mo Fan was so angry that he even intended to deal with all these families!

“How did you do these few days?” – asked Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue did not answer. These few days she was looking for a place where she could calm down and recover.

She was thinking about leaving the team, but remembering that this was exactly what those two girls had sought, she still decided to return.

Mu Ning Xue knew that now there were two formidable clans against her, so she went straight to the leaders of Feng Li and Song He. They became very angry when they learned about what had happened, and promised her that this would definitely not happen again while she was on the national team.

So many things fell in at once ….

That is why, the harder it is, the more persistent it should be, it should not retreat. Only by placing herself above these girls will she be able to resist.

The only way that can help her to establish herself in this world, to gain fame and high position is worldwide university competitions! Only the holy city of Venice can help her with this!

She herself made a choice in favor of the battle, yes, now she will fight alone.

No clan will dare to interfere with the bright glow of the glory of a member of the national team!

– Why are you so tense? You don’t need to build such an icy expression in front of me, because of this I start to worry even more, ”said Mo Fan.

“I’m fine,” said Mu Ning Xue.

– How is that okay? You didn’t even look in my direction from the very beginning, I know you … you should not run away at such moments, I can help you! – said Mo Fan.

“If you want to help me, then get away from me,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“Here, look at yourself, and you say that everything is fine with you,” said Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue knew that Mo Fan would not just back down, so she decided to leave.

He looked at her retreating silhouette and drew attention to her hair, Mo Fan took a breath.

Mo Fan is far from a fool, and he knows very well that Mu Ning Xue always behaves with him so strictly and arrogantly.

In fact, he already thought that after all that they had to go through together in Jinling and international internships, she had already begun to stick to him with all her heart.

However, this incident showed that their relationship once again became as distant as before.

But Mo Fan just won’t be left behind ….

He will start again even a hundred times, but he will achieve the man whom he so desires, and no matter what obstacles he has in his way, whatever defense Mu Ning Xue puts up against him, he just will not stumble.

She will change.

From her mood, Mo Fan perfectly felt that the girl’s heart became even colder and unattainable.

The main thing is that she does not chill to him …. Her heart cannot cool completely!

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