Chapter 1045. Draw


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Time gradually took its course, and in just a few days, little Venice managed to become a hospitable place, the number of guests in which this time exceeded the usual three times. People crowded everywhere: on boats, squares, intersections and bridges.

Venice can not boast of large dimensions, therefore, a few people can fit in the city.

The main reason for this influx of tourists, of course, was the worldwide university magic competitions.

There were not many battles between mages from different countries.

However, it was possible to track the atmosphere of the event most of all by the mood of the participants in the person of student magicians. They are all very young, full of strength and vitality – they all came here to show their successes and skills that have been achieved in so many years of cultivation. Competitions in Venice gathered the best students from all over the world whose cultivation level due to age is not too high, but not too low – the very thing is to conduct competitions.

The flags of all countries have already been hung out at the Venice administration building, in total 32 countries will take part, and all of them are outstanding teams that have successfully managed to undergo international internships and exchange experience with state protection missions of other countries. This screening shows that all teams are approximately at the same level of magical development, the difference there is not much big.

Only the strongest magic teams arrived in Venice.

32 flags were fluttering in the Venetian air, the sun was slowly rising in the east, magical fireworks were bursting over the city on the water, showing a festive glow on the faces of young magicians. High-flown speeches were made …. Young, yet unknown to anyone magicians get with this event a great opportunity to declare themselves publicly. Some of them may in the future become a member of the Parthenon, the Temple of Liberty, the Holy Court or any other well-known magical organization.

In addition to students, magicians of the highest level were present here.

– I want to cordially welcome here the representatives of the American Temple of Liberty, the Asian magic tower of Dubai, the European St. Paul’s Cathedral, the African magic fortress of the Cape of Good Hope, as well as the Australian Temple of Holy Victory! I also want to separately thank the league of hunters, the international association of the clan nobility, the coast guard league, the Parthenon monastery, the Holy Court, the Forbidden Imperial Palace, the magic temple of Tokyo, the magical peak of Tehran, St. Peter’s Cathedral …. I want to say thanks for all of you coming here from distant places. Of course, there are also the culprits of this magnificent event – magicians representing 32 countries, young talents, rightfully considered the strongest in the world in their category … – the voice of Governor General Fabio was heard over the arena.

This area is small, and not all interested magicians could be present here. This place is considered sacred.

The main representative of China was the representative of the imperial palace, Ban Lai. Also in the Chinese mission were the strongest magicians of the magical court, the organization of Mingzhu, the elite guard ….

Delegations from other countries also consisted entirely of the strongest wizards of their country, among which the Parthenon and Holy Court magicians stood out most clearly.

The Parthenon, the Holy Court and the League of Hunters are three powerful pillars that have their weight and influence even in the magical association of the Five Continents, which is considered a very arrogant organization.

If we talk about all the most powerful magical organizations, there are only eight of them.

It was in order to gain at least some weight in society, Mo Fan and became a hunter. The title of venerable hunter is considered very presentable. A hunter who has reached five stars can already be compared with the mayor in importance.

However, Mo Fan has not yet been able to reach five stars, he is still far from this level.

Reaching seven stars, you can already get the title Lord of the hunters. This title is very much revered by all magical organizations, military units, governments – very often they all need the help of such hunters.

Mo Fan, of course, strives to become a famous hunter. Thanks to the case on the curse of the drowned man, he was awarded the title of hunter of four stars, but this level still can not be compared with the level of the lord of hunters – from him, Mo Fan is separated by billions of missions.

Zhao Man Yan fumbled well in all this gradation, since being the offspring of a noble family, it was his responsibility.

After the opening ceremony is over, it is time to draw lots.

The question was solved which countries would fight among themselves.

Why are ordinary city residents so keen on some kind of international competition?

On the one hand, this is the most important event of the four-year period, which is reflected in the fame and reputation of their country, and on the other hand, the cash flow that accompanies the competition almost fully pays for the annual state level of GDP.

“The team captain must draw lots,” said Feng Li, addressing Ai Jiang Tu.

Each of the 32 teams exhibited its captain, who was supposed to draw lots. This whole procedure also affects the reputation of the team, as it is carried out in front of the eyes of the whole world.

Ai Jiang Tu is very assertive, and, drawing out lots, he did not rush to look at the opposing team, but simply returned to his place, passing the result to the judge.

All 32 teams were very stressful, as the most critical period of time began. Even the strongest countries did not want to draw lots for a duel with a strong country, what can we say about those who were weaker. This was a real lottery, on which a lot depended.

The entire Chinese team patiently waited for their rival to be announced. If they have to meet with the American team, then we can assume that they are in full f * ck.

If this year the team does not show excellent results, then all the management and all the magicians will be disappointed. And the saddest thing is to hear during important negotiations with other countries: “They say that your country lost in international competitions!”

Everyone looked at Ai Jiang Tu, trying in vain to discern joy or sadness.

At the moment when Ai Jiang Tu announced the result, the Japanese team began to rejoice unexpectedly, shouting in English: “Lucky! Solucky! ”

Mo Fan had already crossed paths with the Japanese national team when they boasted of their superiority during a mission against the Red Society. Since that time, some names have been engraved in the memory of Mo Fan.

The one who cried out that the Chinese were very lucky was Min Buson, who was the first to claim the possession of the shadow mantle. All this time, with an evil grin, he kept looking in that direction.

– Are they our rivals? – asked Mo Fan.

Several people from the Japanese team turned to the guys. Among them were Min Buson, Shao Hagu, whom you could recognize.

“Apparently, yes,” said Nan Jue.

Of the thirty-two teams, there were also the weakest, but Japan firmly held the title of national team with medium magic powers.

“I don’t understand why they are so happy, as if they can easily defeat us,” said Jiang Shaoxu.

“They consider us weaklings, but we are far from weak, we even managed to get the American badge,” said Jiang Yu.

– Yes, let them rejoice for now, wait for our battle, and then they will cry with bitter tears! – Guan Yu added arrogantly.

At the same time, the Japanese side began heated discussions.

However, their leader, Tenfang Xinzi, was not positive either. She glanced at Mo Fan in blue clothes and asked: “Was he the leader of the Red Caso Society?”

– Ah, I already forgot about him! Shouted Shao Haegu.

During that confrontation, Mo Fan showed himself very well and even surprised everyone with his magic.

– But what is there to be afraid of? I look, they only have this renegade there, he alone can’t cope with our team, ”said the newcomer in the Japanese team that he came there from the replacement.

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