Chapter 1046. Preparation for the Battle


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– By the way, isn’t our first fight? – asked Jiang Yu, judging by the draw.

Everyone was so interested to know the enemy that no one even thought to see the sequence of fights. After the information was announced, they really discovered that they had to fight first!

They must fight first in front of the whole world!

Although magical power is the most important component of any battle, luck also means a lot!

“Now I will destroy these Japanese,” Kuan Yu crawled out, learning that their battle would be the first.

They spent a year at international internships, and now a huge burden of responsibility fell on their shoulders.

“The first battle will take place in the 5-5 format, five people will come out of our team, and the Japanese team will also put up five magicians,” said Feng Li.

The decision was made by the head.

Feng Li looked around the crowd of guys. First, he looked at Mu Tinyin, Nan Rongni, Li Kaifeng and Zu Jimin, saying: “You four have not yet recovered, so you will not participate in this battle.”

Four guys hatched their eyes, the first fight is such a great opportunity to prove themselves, but they are not allowed?

– Head, my wounds have already healed, nothing serious. Let me go to the battle, ”said Li Kaifeng.

– Talk to me again! – Feng Li cut him off sharply, Li Kaifeng did not even want to argue with him anymore.

The opportunity left them from under the nose. Mu Tinyin, Zu Jiming, and Li Kaifeng looked at Mo Fang with a sizzling look.

Mo Fan, of course, was gloating. He specially beat them then harder so that they could not participate even in the first battle.

– Why are you happy? What with the fact that you will be one strong man against them? This is after all a group match, and in such fights you don’t even stand my pinky! – said Zu Jimin, looking at Mo Fan.

Being a magician with the main element of poison, Zu Jiming really could significantly enhance the overall power of the team. No other magic can compare in its effectiveness with poison.

The same can be said of Nan Rongni, which is considered very weak in a single battle. Even with the elements of healing and blessing, Feng Li did not allow her to participate in this battle, but all because of the wounds received during the showdown with Mo Fan. This guy especially tried to decorate Nan Rongni and Mu Tinyin with his tyrannical lightning, and now the girls must recover at least a week.

“We will do as the head says,” Nan Rongni put it with the air of an obedient student.

Only personally seeing how fake she could be, Mo Fan was now constantly amazed at the threat posed by her.

From the very beginning, Mo Fan had only positive impressions on her account. He considered her a gentle, calm, kind girl, but it turned out that all this was false.

Indeed, they say that pretense is a truly female gift!

“Mo Fan, you are also missing this fight,” said Feng Li.

Mo Fan opened his mouth: “If I do not go out, then the chance of defeat is great.”

“Mu Ning Xue, Jiang Shaoxuy, Nan Jue, Jiang Yu — you five go to battle,” Feng Li nodded, announcing the names.

– We beat the Japanese and maintain the potential for the next battles, isn’t it wonderful? – Feng Li discussed strategy with Song He and other executives.

The two strongest magicians in the team are undoubtedly Ai Jiang Tu and Mo Fan. These two cannot be thrown into battle immediately and simultaneously, because then it will not work to defeat the American team, which they will definitely have to meet further.

The Japanese magic team is significantly inferior in its strength to the Chinese team, and if they really want to win, then they will have to give everything to the fullest. That is why, for the first fight, Song He and the others decided not to let Ai Jiang Tu and Mo Fan enter the arena.

“Old Feng, the first fight must surely be a victory,” came the elderly voice behind.

He was an old man with bleached gray hair, he was dressed in ordinary clothes, and his eyes looked at Ai Jiang Tu. Jiang Yu immediately ran to him, expressing his respect.

– Chairman, how did you end up here? Asked Song Hye, looking at the old man.

– He is the chairman of the imperial magic palace. His name is Ban Lai. I told you before that Jiang Yu is his favorite student, the chairman is the strongest magician of the draft element in the whole country, ”Zhao Man Yan said in a whisper, referring to Mo Fan.

Mo Fanya just dawned on: someone knew this chairman named Pan Lai, and someone knew him as Han Ji!

Han Ji, seeing Mo Fang, said with a smile: “Very good! I managed to get to Venice! ”

– You thought that I could not pass the selection? – asked Mo Fan.

“No, I just heard that your fate was not very pleasing to you, I thought maybe I threw something away …” said Han Ji.

Such a conversation between Han Ji and Mo Fang caused a lot of talk and questions among people.

Feng Li believed that it did not make sense to immediately show all his strength. If other teams see Ai Jiang Tu or Mo Fan in the first battle, they will be able to come up with something for the next fight, releasing strong magicians of a curse or spirit into the arena …

In order to get into the national team it is not necessary to have outstanding magic, it is enough to be able to fight well like Mo Fan, only now if he encounters a strong spirit magician … then this will be a dead end.

Ai Jiang Tu is the main support of the team, Mo Fan is the trump card, so in the first fight, Feng Li never wanted to show all the aces of the team, even if they lose, it will not cause much damage to their position.

Only the rest were of a different opinion.

– The first fight is indicative. The defeat will put significant pressure on the guys themselves, they will feel oppressed, so let Ai Jiang Tu enter this battle. In the first match we must win, ”said Pan Lai.

Feng Li, after carefully considering everything, agreed to release Ai Jiang Tu to the battle.

Ai Jiang Tu succeeded Nan Jue, leading the team.

– Teacher, Shao Haegu from the Japanese team is very strong. I was able to notice him during a mission in the Caribbean, I can say that he is not much inferior to me, ”Ai Jiang Tu said in a stern voice.

During the affairs of the Red Society, he carefully looked at this guy. Of course, Mo Fan was a star then, but judging the strength of Shao Hagu, Ai Jiang Tu could pick up only one word: “Strong!”

“Even you cannot guarantee victory?” – asked Pan Lai in surprise.

Ai Jiang Tu has always been famous for his abilities; in addition, he is still a military man.

“It’s not that I can’t guarantee it, it’s necessary to monitor the sphere,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

“If you cannot give a guarantee, then let me go, otherwise my hands will itch right,” said Mo Fan.

“I will put all my strength into this fight,” added Ai Jiang Tu.

The absence of a guarantee of the necessary result did not mean that the team could not win, Ai Jiang Tu just wanted to say that Shao Haeghu’s forces were not yet fully known, and all efforts should be made so as not to face his face in the first match.

– Yeah, it means so! Try your best! – Feng Li nodded his head.

Now the approved composition looked like this: Mu Ning Xue, Jiang Yu, Jiang Shaoxuy, Ai Jiang Tu and Guan Yu.

“By the way, can they add a little attacking force?” – suggested one of the leaders.

Looking at the elements of these five guys, it was clear that among them there was not one with the elemental element of fire. Only Jiang Yu owned lightning as a secondary element, and even he certainly could not compare with the magic of lightning Mo Fan.

“Mu Ning Xue will be responsible for the destructiveness,” said Song He.

Mu Ning Xue with her main element of ice could release defense, and could also attack.

After much discussion, the guys began to prepare to enter the arena.

There are many magical venues in Venice, and a stadium was chosen for the first battle. It was the size of four football fields – and this is in Venice, in which every piece of land is worth its weight in gold!

The arena is very large, which means that the audience should also fit in a lot, but for safety reasons, the site was surrounded by barriers so that not too many people crowded here. Nevertheless, there were many who wanted to see this action.

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