Chapter 1047. In the midst of a poisoned wind


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The competition arena was surrounded by barriers, which also contained defense magicians in case more serious difficulties arose.

All participants were mostly high-level magicians. One mage of a high level can actually destroy one large street, so even in an area the size of four football fields you can not lose vigilance.

The stronger the magician, the more destructive magic he releases, the control of which is not always possible.

On the site began to rise grains of sand, carried by the magic of the wind. The whole arena was covered in this dust.

However, then several experienced magicians appeared who, using the magic of the earth and plants, arranged the situation in the arena.

Cliffs, rocks, hills – a different relief was formed in a matter of moments in front of the crowd.

Then the plant magicians set to work, which produced numerous plants that formed a dense forest.

After some time, the whole arena has already turned into a wild space, which was surrounded by magical barriers.

– All of them are professional organizers! – Jiang Yu said excitedly, looking at what was happening in the arena.

Judging by the result, only magicians whose magic is approaching the highest level can create such a charm in such a short period of time.

Mages also come in many forms. For example, Mo Fan refers to a typical combat type of wizard. Although war magic has tremendous destructive power, blacksmiths, pharmacists, gardening magicians, and builders are more popular in the city. mages for the formation of platforms and arenas are also singled out in a separate type – their combat abilities leave much to be desired, but only they can create a whole town in a short time.

Seeing that the arena has now turned into impenetrable thickets, Mo Fan could not even breathe normally. He could not have imagined that the battlefield could change beyond recognition so quickly.

Taking advantage of the space around is one of the important points of battle, since sometimes this aspect can be crucial.

It turns out that all combat sites in Venice are modified in random order ….

“Such a natural environment will not be advantageous for either side, we can say the golden mean,” said Feng Li.

And although such a battlefield could not give superiority to either side, it fully corresponded to the level of cultivation of both teams.

From the side of the Japanese came: the team captain – Shao Hagu, Min Buson with the main element of dark magic, a girl and a fat guy.

“I ask both sides to take their positions,” the judge sounded.

The participants went their separate ways, and people who watched everything from the outside had already begun a heated discussion.

“This is the first time I’m going to fight in such a big arena, so I’m a little worried,” Jiang Yu said quietly.

– Why worry? We just have to destroy them! – with confidence in the voice said Jiang Shaoxuy.

“Kuan Yu, keep your eyes on Ming Buson, his main element is the shadow,” Ai Jiang Tu instructed.

– Got it.

There was a sound in the air that marked the beginning of the first competitive match!


After this sound, Mu Ning Xue’s face became as if illuminated by snow frost, she slowly drove her eyes, watching her rivals.

A stream of wind waved her silvery hair.

Mu Ning Xue took a deep breath, feeling a strange breath in the air, which was fraught with great danger!

“The flow of air has been poisoned,” the girl said confidently to the children.

Mu Ning Xue herself is a magician of the wind element, so she can easily distinguish clean air in a wind stream. Apparently, the Japanese team had not yet begun to attack openly, and such a trick was even greater fear.

The wind with the smallest grains of poison, similar to grains of sand, which are even invisible to the human eye – a good attempt to test the perception of wizards!

– Here are the bastards! We will pull them! It seems that this guy with an oblong face released poison, – Jiang Yu cursed.

Jiang Shaosuy reacted sharply to Jiang Yu’s words: “After you started hanging out with Mo Fan, your speech got so bad! At the very beginning, everything was different. ”

– The wind barrier!

Mu Ning Xue said these two words, and she was enveloped in a wind stream, making the girl look like a moth, which easily soared above the arena.

The wind raged around the guys, picking up sand from the ground and forming a barrier out of it, which was supposed to stop the particles of poison.

The poison spread easily in the wind, but Mu Ning Xue managed to do this very well, because her control over the magic of the wind is very strong!

“They discovered poison.” He said that this method of yours is childish prank, ”said Min Buson, addressing Yang Jie.

After these words, Min Buson headed toward the thickets of tall trees, turning into a shadow, he disappeared. Ordinary people just won’t be able to detect it, only magicians who can somehow make out a black silhouette are capable of it.

Entering the thicket, Min Buson headed towards the opponents. He wanted to follow them silently in order to find the best opportunity for the attack for the team.

If you attack, then for sure! – This is the main rule of the battle of Min Buson.

This principle requires absolute endurance and calm!

“They entered the undergrowth,” said Jiang Shaoxuy.

These forest thickets were located very densely, even nothing was visible through them. Not only the plant magician worked on them, but also the magician of dark magic.

“Kuan Yu, track him down,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

Tall trees were located almost throughout the arena, which meant that the enemy, hiding there, could attack at any moment!

All of them were high-level magicians, and if for initial or intermediate level magic special efforts were not required, then in order to release high-level magic, one had to be extremely careful. One wrong move – and you’re dead!

“I can cause them additional problems anyway, and for this I don’t have to go into the forest at all,” said Guan Yu.

A man who knows how to plot against his own teammates can easily create something harmful and with opponents.

Defense is not at all part of Guan Yui’s fighting style, especially since he did not want to climb into this forest and look for Min Buson there.

“Then give them the heat, especially the attacking mage!” – said Ai Jiang Tu.

Attacking mages represent the core of the magic team. Destructive magic is least controlled, so you need to carefully monitor it.

The next instant, Guan Yu already broke through the wind defenses of Mu Ning Xue, rushing towards the attacking mage of the opponents.

As expected, the fat magician turned out to be the same attacker from the Japanese side.

“Then I appeared, which means that you cannot release high-level magic!” – Guan Yu growled confidently.

– Apparently, among them there is no conscription mage, we have a huge advantage! – said Jiang Yu, seeing that none of the Japanese are calling on anyone. He called his huge stone monster.

This monster has recently been able to significantly increase, and now he stood in front of the whole team like a big impenetrable rock!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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