Chapter 1049. Heavenly Ice Network


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More recently, the entire arena was filled with fiery breath, lightning breath, water vapor and floating sand, but when Mu Ning Xue cried out, all the magic instantly dissipated. It was not clear whether it was gusts of wind that caught the ice fragments, or the magic of ice filled the currents of the wind, but in a matter of seconds the whole arena was filled with ice spikes flying through the air!

It doesn’t matter what magic other magicians used before, and how much energy and energy they put in – the whole arena was covered with ice! All that was in the arena sparkled in silver.

The arena became like a snowy winter forest. Hiding in the black shadow, Min Buson stood on the icy ground, but his movements were not affected by any influence. Raising his head slightly, he gazed steadily at the silver-haired girl, who was trying to cover the whole arena with powerful ice magic.

“Why haven’t I seen her before?” – Minh Buson said gloomily, watching Mu Ning Xue soaring in the air.

Min Buson had a great memory. He saw and remembered all the members of the Chinese team in the Caribbean, but he saw this girl for the first time.

– That is, she joined the team later? – Min Buson muttered under his breath, suddenly a satisfied smirk spread out on his face, – all the girls who are strong in magic, in themselves, are just silly dummies. She stood at the most prominent place in the middle of the arena, and even violated the command lineup. Well, how can one not resist here and send her from the arena ??

This is just the perfect target for the mage of his style. The goal is obvious and completely committed to its work, spreading the magic of ice throughout the arena. It takes some time to form such magic. Ideal conditions for a stealth attack!

– Flight of the shadow!

Min Buson moved between the snow-white crowns of trees and silently crept up to Mu Ning Xue.

The ice covered an increasingly large area, the breath of ice became stronger. Min Buson himself felt fear of such power.


“It seems they have a strong ice mage who has become the main attacking mage!” – said a member of the Japanese team Yang Jie.

By this time, even a thick layer of soil under their feet had turned into ice. If ice magic continues to spread at such a speed, then their own forces will be severely suppressed.

“Do you think the ice mage really has a chance if Min Buson is involved?” Said the short-haired mage girl, staring intently at the silver-haired girl.

– We need to closely monitor that magician with the magic of the element of space. We leave the ice mage on Min Buson. We need to deal with this guy with strong spatial magic! – said the fat guy.


Min Buson was already in the right place and prepared for the offensive.

Attacks of Min Buson were one hundred percent success. He had vast experience of attack from the shadows. Now was not the best time to attack. He will wait for the moment when the girl finishes wrapping ice in the whole arena and takes up the next action. She will not have time to react and do anything!

He was right. As soon as this stupid and arrogant girl finished, stars of a bluish ice color immediately appeared in front of her. Of the seven constellations, she has already sung to create six!

– Now! – Min Buson chose the best moment and came out from behind a snow-white tree.

His body seemed to dissolve in the air and turned into a huge sword, exuding dark energy. He was absolutely silent and impetuous!

Min Buson, turning into a sword of darkness, was rapidly approaching Mu Ning Xue through ice and wind!

Fifty meters!

Thirty meters!

Ten meters!

Min Buson smiled pretty. If they win this fight, it will be his merit! After all, he will eliminate the main attacking mage from the enemy team!

Being ten meters from the girl, Min Buson could already smell the aroma of her body, which could drive her crazy. But battle is battle! Min Buson did not intend to give the girl any indulgence. What does it mean, compared to the brilliance of fame after winning competitions in Venice ??


A huge black sword slashed across the back of Mu Ning Xue. The energy of dark magic seeped through the wound and spread throughout the girl’s body, reaching the very heart!

While in the air, Min Buson, unable to resist, looked back. He loved to look at the facial expressions of opponents during his attacks. He was sure that with the expression on the face of a girl with silver hair he would also have received considerable pleasure … An ideal attack! Very soon, the most powerful magicians gathered in Venice will honor him!

Icy proud face, eyes without any feelings or worries …

Min Buson froze as if hypnotized. The thought of the extraordinary beauty of this girl flashed through his head in a split second. He suddenly realized that his opponent was not taken by surprise and did not experience any suffering!

* Click! Click! Click!

Her beautiful face was locked in a mirror. Cracks went on the surface of the mirror, and it crumbled into falcons. The girl seemed to have disappeared!

– What the hell! – Min Buson was numb with surprise.

He definitely attacked her, but it looked like he hit in the mirror! The girl was safe and sound, and the mirror was shattered !!

Min Buson was thinking feverishly, events took an unexpected turn. The girl, proudly raising her head, stared at him intently. Her eyes were like icy stars. From her cold-blooded calm, goose bumps ran around Min Buson!

This Min Buson could not even imagine! He clearly felt fear and panic.

What magic is this !!

Mirage of an ice mirror ??

How can one master such powerful magic at their age and level ??

There was a cry in the enormous Venetian arena. This was not a reaction to Min Buson’s perfect attack, but to a silver-haired girl who created a mirage in an ice mirror. The girl hovered between the trees on the other side, majestic and cold. It turned out that all people saw only a mirror image. The mirror was so clear and transparent that it was impossible to distinguish reflection from real reality. The real Mu Ning Xue table behind another ice mirror, skillfully luring the Japanese shadow mage!

“Pretty Mu is teasing him,” Zhao Man Yan gasped with enthusiasm, watching from the arena.

– Let me guess, Min Buson had not seen Mu Ning Xue before and thought that she was replacing another player, so he rushed so confidently!

– No luck to him.


Players in the Japanese national team, Shao Hagu, Yang Jie and the rest, saw that Min Buson’s attack had failed. They sighed in frustration, looking at the girl with silver hair. She is very strong and skillfully fought!

– Min Buson should be fine, right?

– Is he? What can happen to him. Even such a strong adversary would not have been able to harm our fidgety Min Buson. But this attack failed miserably! She fooled him so easily!

During this discussion, a dark blue icy glow appeared in the air. The glow formed in circles, like ice shackles, blocking the space inside !!

– Oh no! This is a sphere! – Shao Haegu changed his face, instantly realizing what it was.

– What?? Does she have a scope ??

– The whole plan went to ashes! We must save him!

– Who said she is not particularly strong? It’s so simple to create a sphere … It’s cold, it’s so cold! It won’t do this, it will also cover us with a sphere here, and the magic of other elements will quickly dissipate!

– This is unlikely, we are at a decent distance. You shouldn’t be so afraid of the sphere! – The fat guy began to grumble, but then he felt the overwhelming breath of ice.

The energy of various elements, floating in the air, like oxygen for magicians during a battle. As soon as these waves dissipate, the combat power of the magicians is sharply weakened.

– Damn it! – Shao Hagu began to get angry.

– Didn’t we agree to be more careful with Mo Fan. This guy has not even appeared yet, and we already have such problems! – said the girl with short hair.

– Do not break the line. We are unlikely to lose!

Immediately after these words, a cry of horror rang out nearby.

This scream belonged to Min Buson. The players lifted their heads and suddenly found that a huge heavenly web had covered the whole sky. When did she manage to appear ?? This web was completely made of ice!

Min Buson, like a small insect, is stuck right in the middle of the Mu Ning Xue ice network. From a distance it looked incredible! Many ice links created a huge celestial network, and a little man stuck in the very center. Like a place of punishment in the land of ice!

* beep

– A member of the Japanese national team, Min Buson, dropped out of the fight.

The judge’s indifferent voice rang out across the arena. Mu Ning Xue did not carry out a single powerful attack, and Min Buson has already lost all military forces. Being in the heavenly web, a person can freeze to death in just half a minute!

Mu Ning Xue, using an ice chain, threw Min Buson to the safe edge of the arena. The guy had already turned blue from the cold.

The magician was completely confused and shuddered at one glance at the girl with silver hair.

Scope …

If an ordinary sphere made her magic so fast and powerful. Then this girl is really very strong !!!

Min Buson did not even have time to use the power of the night. He was proud of his shelter abilities, but he could not do anything!

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