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In the fog, the snow dance and Chu Xingyun rushed for a moment before they stopped.

Here, it seems to be another piece of World. The fog of the day is shrouded, and the visibility is only a few meters. Even if the spiritual power is poured into the eyes, there is no way to see it.

“It should be safe here.” Chu Xingyun looked around and found no trace of Spirit Beast.

“No, we are already in danger.” Snow danced to Chu Xingyun with a wry smile. She stretched out her hand and the spirit had just condensed, and it disappeared without a trace.

“I now understand why this is called the death region. Here, it seems that existence has a special power that can limit the spiritual power. Coupled with the fog here, it is difficult to identify the direction, and there is no way to ask for help.”

When the snow swayed, she left a few marks along the way. Now, she looked back and found that the marks had disappeared.

“There is no spiritual power, no mark, this region is a maze.” Snow dances a little discouraged.

“Now give up, don’t you feel a little too fast?” Chu Xingyun glanced at the snow and walked a few steps forward, his hands open, and the spiritual power slowly spread.

“It’s useless.” Snow danced and shook his head. “I have tried it before. The spiritual power cannot survive here, let alone rely on spiritual power to make people discover us.”

“Now the Spirit Beast is in turmoil, and the entire foggy forest is in chaos. Even if the spiritual power permeates, I am afraid no one can find us.” Chu Xingyun’s eyes are slightly closed, but the tone is calm.

“Then you mean…” The snow dance raised a glimmer of hope, staring at Chu Xingyun, but seeing him without words, so his hands opened and slowly released the spiritual power.

The time slowly lapses, the fog of this space has not disappeared, it is still so thick.

Just as the snow dance was a little impatient, Chu Xingyun’s closed eyes suddenly slammed open, flashing a touch of bright glow, 欣joyfully said: “Sure!”

“Do you have anything to discover?” Snow whispered and asked.

“Actually, the region we are in is a puzzle.” Chu Xingyun spoke, the voice was full of confidence, and the snow dance was a little surprised. The central region of the foggy forest is a puzzle.

“From the time I entered this region, I felt strange. It seems that there is a strange power that binds these fogs, makes the fog unable to dissipate, and limits our spiritual power.”

“So, I just deliberately released the spiritual power, followed this force, and I found a glimpse of the situation.”

Chu Xingyun’s mouth raised a smirk, this line of sight, the layout is very hidden, a little careless, it will be ignored, replaced by other people, I am afraid I can not find it all my life.

“Since you know that this is a mystery, is there any way to break it?” Snow lightly dances with bright light and knows the source of the fog. If you want to go out, there will be more hope.

“I’m afraid I can’t do it now.” Chu Xingyun shrugged and said: “This puzzle is in the fifth level. If you want to break it, at least you must have the cultivation base of Heavenly Spirit.”

Snow gaze gaze, Heavenly Spirit cultivation base, I am afraid that there are not a few imperial streams in Imperial Dynasty?

It seems to be seen through the heart of the snow dance, Chu Xingyun faint with a smile: “Although I can’t break the puzzle, but to get out of this region, still have some grasp, and again, I always feel This puzzle is a bit weird.”

“Weird? What is weird?” Snow whispered again.

“The World Formation Law is divided into three categories, Killing Formation, anti-defense and fanaticism. The so-called fanatics are mostly for the purpose of imprisoning others or blocking others, but you will be aware of this, but you will find this puzzle. Among them, there seems to be a vain power to take us to a certain place and continue to guide us.”

Chu Xingyun looked deep into the depths of the fog, and turned back, but found that the light dance frowned, still full of doubts.

Seeing this scene, Chu Xingyun couldn’t help but smile and said: “Forget it, it’s okay to explain that you can’t understand it. You can help me with Dharma Protector. I will recover the injury and take you out of this region.”

Chu Xingyun’s current cultivation base is not good, but he has more knowledge than anyone under the sun. What he said just now involves the high-level Formation Law. It is normal to understand the snow.

“Okay.” Snow nodded and walked aside, beginning to help Chu Xingyun silent Dharma Protector.

In the meantime, she turned her head and looked at Chu Xingyun deeply. Even the obscure Formation Law can see through it. Where is this child in the end?


At dusk, the new segments entering the foggy forest came out one after another.

When the Spirit Beast riot occurred, the five major Wufu immediately dispatched countless powerhouses and entered the forest for search and rescue. Even the palace was alarmed. The dispatcher was a lot of guards.

Ye Huan and Luo Yan stood together, and beside them, they were the crowds of Ling Xiao Wu Fu. Li Yi, Li Chen and Xiao Yu were all in the air. They all looked at the front with gaze.

“Come out!” Ye Huan said.

In the forest, several large black eaglees were immediately swept out. Above the black eagle, there were many figures standing there, some were the military elders, and some were the new disciplines.

“Looking for Chu Junior Brother?” Ye Huan hurried up and asked Yang Feng.

Yang Feng shook his head and looked bitterly: “The whole forest was found. Chu Xingyun was not found. Not only him, but even the light dance did not find it. Both of them disappeared.”

“Snow dance is gone?” Ye Huan complexion condensed, a little heart sighed: “The Xue Family ……”

Yang Feng sighed deeply and said: “After knowing this, Xue Lao has already left this place. It is estimated that he will return to the Xue Family. Soon, the people of Xue Family will flow into the foggy forest.”

With this in mind, the surrounding people are all chilling. If the snow is not clear, or if it is tragic and dead under the herd, the entire stream of Imperial Dynasty, I am afraid it will change.

“Li Yi, Chu Xingyun that brat, you are sure that you are dead right?” Xiao Yu lowered his voice and only let the two people hear it.

“That is natural.” Li Yi nodded and said: “I personally make a move, that brat can’t have a chance to survive. Now, it is estimated that the Spirit Beast tear and bite have been saved.”

“That’s good.” Xiao Yu coldly smiled.

Before the assessment, Yunmengwufu promised many benefits, let him secretly Chu Xingyun opponent.

Originally, he was worried that the whole thing would be revealed. Didn’t expect that at this critical moment, the Spirit Beast riot suddenly occurred, completely covering up the whole thing.

“Even God helped me to remove Chu Xingyun. It seems that I promised Gu Qingsong to be the right choice!” Xiao Yu in the heart whispered, and felt more and more wise about the choice of own.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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