Chapter 1050. Overwhelming Power!


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– This girl is really cool!

– Who is she?? Does anyone know what her name is ?? – Experienced magicians in the forefront began to whisper.

“It must be Mu Ning Xue, the famous ice mage from the school of the imperial palace.” I heard that the Mu clan often mentioned this girl, but did not think that her strength would be so high!

Min Buson left the arena, which means that the Japanese team lost one strong participant and they lost all chances to take an advantageous position in the subsequent battle.

We can say that this is the key to achieving victory!

People began to whisper and soon all the stands knew the name of Mu Ning Xue. Such a performance at international competitions was an excellent proof of the power of the magician!

……… ..

– The power of beauty Mu has become even more fierce! – Zhao Man Yan did not take his eyes off Mu Ning Xue.

“This participant is very good,” Chairman Pan Lai nodded approvingly, stroking his beard.

– She showed good abilities. I didn’t even think that he was frivolously attacking such a serious opponent – for Judge Feng Li, this was also a surprise.

Everyone knew that Mu Ning Xue was strong. If we talk about fighting efficiency, it was second only to Ai Jiang Tu and Mo Fan. But now her magic has become even stronger! She so easily coped with one of the most powerful magicians from the Japanese team!

– I thought it would take a long time, and Mu Ning Xue so quickly created a gap in the Japanese team. If it goes on like this, then the victory is in their pocket!

In the stands, exclamations of admiration for the abilities of Mu Ning Xue were continuously heard. Mu Tinyin and Nan Rongni, standing below, looked miserable.

They have long been planning to oppress Mu Ning Xue, who knew that she would become a universal center of attention at international competitions. The worst thing is that the more famous it becomes, the more difficult it will be to get to it!

The longer they watched, the more they got angry and gritted their teeth.

But they could not do anything, just silently stand and watch the general hype.


The offensive of Mu Ning Xue did not end at all after the removal of Min Buson. Her real strength lay in the ice control of the entire arena.

The ice layer in the arena has already reached one meter. All members of the Japanese team felt suppression in the ice sphere. All their movements became very slow, and the speed and power of their magic decreased significantly!

– Deep freeze – sarcophagus!

Mu Ning Xue graduated from the high-end star system. Just now she started a real attack!

A huge shadow fell from heaven to earth. The Japanese players raised their heads and were horrified to see five icy sarcophagi falling directly on them! Powerful ice waves spread around each sarcophagus for a hundred meters. Even if they could evade the sarcophagi, the ice waves they emanate also had destructive power!

White icy dust hung around. Hanging five ice sarcophagi created an amazing and frightening picture.

The Japanese team violated their system, driven out by powerful force. Some were forced to activate their armor.

– Her scope is too strong. Five ice sarcophagi! Who will stand here ??

“She reduces our strength by at least a third, while her strength doubles within the sphere.” In no case should she be allowed to once again apply the magic of ice! – said the fat guy from the Japanese team.

Some of them were already forced to use their magic armor. This means that if they are attacked again, one of them will definitely quit the competition.

“I will take care of this girl, and you take the opportunity and eliminate the weakest of their team,” Shao Hagu said grimly.

They cannot wait longer and maintain their strength. Bending low to the ground, Shao Hagu moved forward.

He must detain this mage girl. If this goes on, then not even a few rounds will pass, as their whole team will leave the battle!

Shao Hegu made his way between the trees, approaching Mu Ning Xue soaring on the wings of the wind.

– Stone python!

Shao Haegu with both feet struck the ground with force. A thick layer of ice cracked, and a stone head of a huge snake appeared directly from the ground. A stone python crept between white trees.

Standing on the head of the python, Shao Haegu took to the air. His eyes became the color of a stone demon, he decided to use petrification in the fight against Mu Ning Xue.

But before he could even raise his hand, a man in a leather coat, still shrouded in silver glow, appeared on the back of the python.

– Ai Jiang Tu! – Shao Haegu turned around and recognized the captain of the Chinese team.

Ai Jiang Tu used the magic of instant movement, literally teleporting onto the back of a stone python and rushing directly at the enemy.

– Mu Ning Xue! You, Kuan Yu, Jiang Yu and Jiang Shaoxuy deal with the other three players, and I will take this on myself! – commanded Ai Jiang Tu.

The Chinese team was in numerical advantage. Now the most important thing is to hold on to Shao Hagu and the victory is in their hands!

Mu Ning Xue nodded. Flapping the wings of the wind, she, like an ice ghost, soared among the snow-white arena.

She hung directly over the Japanese participants, barely audible whispering the magic words of wind and snow.

– Ice blizzard!

Huge flakes of snow tumbled down from the sky, an increasing wind piercing to the bones. A fierce ice blizzard surrounded the Japanese participants.

Snowfall fell right into the place where the Japanese stood, creating a whole snow mountain, naturally the magicians no longer wanted to be together and scattered all over in complete confusion.

– Heck! I can’t use fire at all! Yang Jie shouted angrily.

In the ice sphere of Mu Ning Xue, it was not possible to create a flame, but even to release a small tongue of flame. The ties between the stars were broken and it drove Yang Jie crazy!


While Yang was enraged, trying to apply the magic of fire, a shadow appeared next to him among the flying snow. A hand in brown armor pierced his leg with a long spike.

– AAA !!! Oh you dirty creature !! – Yang Jie yelled at the pain.

A cloud of poisonous flies burst from his body and rushed after the attacking ghost.

“I see where you escaped!” Yang Jie shouted angrily.

These toxic flies are also called revenge flies – a special technique for mid-level poison magic. They appear immediately if the mage of the poison element is injured, and they are chasing the person who caused the damage!

Therefore, even after being injured, Yang Jie smirked, these flies are very toxic! His offender has no chance to hide from them!

* zhzhzhzhzhzhzhzhzh !!!

A cloud of poisonous flies set off in pursuit. They had no eyes, but they accurately determined the location of the target. No matter how strong the wind, they will overtake Guan Yu!

After following the flies of vengeance, Yang Jie, suffering severe pain, took out the medicine, about to treat the wound.

Oh, if their team was still in full force. This healing fluid will quickly heal his wound, and he will restore his fighting strength. But among the white blizzard, he did not see a single player from his team!

– Aw! BUT!! How painful! – Yang Jie was going to bandage the wound, but saw that an ice rim formed along its edge.

In fact, cold could relieve pain and slow down bleeding. But the magic of the enemy’s ice seemed to corrode the flesh penetrating into the blood vessels! She could freeze his blood, and in just a couple of minutes deprive his legs !! And then freeze it all !!

The sphere of ice lasts too long, without even being subjected to direct attacks, their combat forces are gradually reduced by its impact.


“It seems we underestimated the Chinese team …” said a pretty Japanese woman from the rostrum.

“I thought the only one to be afraid of was Mo Fan.” It turns out that they still have strong players, ”said Wanyue Qianxun.

“Yes, that magician of the element of space can compare with our captain Shao Hagu.” But this girl with ice magic crushed everyone! Even if our beauty Doe enters the arena, the situation is unlikely to improve …

– I think that the strength of this girl is much higher than the strength of the captain of our team. She has destructive power! When did the Chinese team get so strong? – said one of the Japanese mentors.

– Lost, it’s just a matter of time.

“I hope we win anyway.” So stupid to lose!


Places for government magicians of Egypt.

“Said, do you recognize her?”

– How not to find out! My God, she has become so strong! – Said continuously exclaimed.

When they were in the building of the state guard of China, and Said’s sweeping mummy destroyed everything around, it was Mu Ning Xue who destroyed it. Then Said thought that Mu Ning Xue would be promoted and accepted into the ranks of the state guard and she would wait for the next mummy to increase her authority …

But today he saw that she did not need authority at all …

She is unusually strong !!

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