Chapter 1051. The First Competition — Victory!


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– Member of the Chinese national team Guan Yu dropped out of the competition! <

A voice came across the arena. Among the white blizzards, the audience saw a man with difficulty leaning on the edge of the arena, rescuers rushed to his aid. <

Guan Yu’s skin turned dark brown, cramps ran through his body. He could still think clearly, but his body did not obey. How could he have guessed about such a terrible admission of the enemy? It was worth it for a moment to lose vigilance and flies overtook him! <

– Ha ha ha! Do not fight with me, otherwise I’ll poison you! – Yang Jie was having fun. <

He moved slowly among the snow and ice, trying to find his comrades. The wound was becoming more serious, he almost did not feel his leg. <

* whistle <

A strong gust of icy wind hit Yang Jie’s face. The guy thought his skin was about to crack. <

Yang Jie looked up and saw a girl soaring on the wings of the wind among the flakes of snow. She was shrouded in gusts of wind and snow, her icy silhouette looked unusually majestic and beautiful! <

He squinted at the girl. <

Yang Jie looked completely calm, he did not at all resemble a man who does not feel one leg. He did not even defend himself, but on the contrary prepared for an attack. <

Mu Ning Xue waved her hand and all the snow around turned into ice spikes, rushing right into the guy. <

Yang Jie grinned coldly and activated a protective magical item, covering only some parts of his body, leaving his limbs unprotected! <

Naturally, ice spikes stuck into his arms and legs, literally nailing him to the snowy ground. But there was no sign of pain on Yang Jie’s face. He smiled like crazy! <

– You lose! Ha ha ha Nobody should attack me! – laughed Yang Jie. <

From his wounds poisonous flies of vengeance of an ashen color flew out. They buzzed, fluttering in small wings. <

This time the number of flies was much larger, because it depended on the severity of the injuries of the magician himself. As soon as these small insects touch the skin of the enemy, it immediately begins to fester. <

Kuan Yu dropped out of the battle, precisely because he could not hide from the poisonous flies! <

Yang Jie laughed out loud, rejoicing that he had eliminated two powerful opponents with his own hands. <

Despite the fact that he himself had almost no strength left, he at least managed to correct the stupid mistake of Min Buson. They still have Shao Hagu, so you can still hope for victory! <

“To harm me is to bring trouble on my head.” Now you will feel the power of vengeance of flies of vengeance! – Yang Jie smiled pretty. He will do anything, just drag the enemy behind him. <

Looking at the approaching flies, Mu Ning Xue first tried to freeze them. But it turned out that elemental magic has absolutely no effect on these creatures !! <

– Elemental immunity? Said Mu Ning Xue. <

Flies were rapidly approaching. Mu Ning Xue realized that they were very dangerous, therefore, flapping the wings of the wind, she began to rise higher into the sky. <

Flies of vengeance relentlessly pursued Mu Ning Xue. Strong gusts of icy wind had no effect on them. <

Mu Ning Xue increased speed. Amidst the icy wind and snowflakes soaring, she moved agilely like an ice ghost. Poisonous flies were not so easy to catch her. <

Mu Ning Xue understood the danger of the situation and was not going to confront these creatures. She moved rapidly, causing a swarm of flies to circle the arena. <

Flies tirelessly chased the girl, but Mu Ning Xue was in no hurry. Her ice magic was growing stronger, the layer of ice on the surface of the arena was already reaching two to three meters. <

Chained with ice spikes, Yang Jie watched what was happening. His furious laugh gradually came to naught when he realized that his toxic flies had never overtaken the girl. <

The cold gradually spread over his body. The blood around his wounds began to freeze. <

He no longer felt arms and legs, and his body temperature became lower. Drowsiness fell upon him, and he could no longer even smile. Now he is really scared! <

Low body temperature is very dangerous for a person and can lead to death, in addition, frostbite spreads through his wounds throughout the body. The power of frostbite does not compare with poisoning, but after a long time, it also leads to death! <

Yang Jie wanted to wait until the poisonous flies attack the girl and only then leave, but now he realized that he could not stand it anymore! <

– No, you need to wait a little longer, she probably also lost a lot of strength. Her flight speed will slow down! – Yang Jie bit his tongue with force, forcing himself to remain conscious. <

Just a little more and they will win! He can’t give up! <
– Member of the Japanese national team Yang Jie dropped out of the competition! – Suddenly, the sounds of a voice came to Yang Jie’s ears. <

The meaning of these words has not yet reached the guy’s consciousness. He dimly saw a white silhouette appear in the arena and drag it out of the dangerous realm of ice. <

– Let go … let me go! I can still fight! Shouted Yang Jie. <

“Hey, you are completely reckless!” You have been lenient, and are you still resisting? – the assistant judge said sternly. <

Yang Jie looked toward the arena and saw that a huge icicle hung right over where he was lying. Because of the snowstorm, he sucked, did not notice her. If the opponent let her fall, then she would pierce him through … <

Yang Jie could not come to terms with what had happened. He has already dropped out of the competition, and his flies appear only for a while and will soon turn into smoke. <

Vengeance flies did indeed have elemental immunity. The magic of destruction or control had no effect on them, but, unfortunately, they cannot exist for a long time. <

– Another one left! <

– The Japanese will lose! <

– The ice layer has already reached three meters! Soon they will not be able to apply their magic! They have no chance of winning! <

The main feature of ice magic is that with prolonged control, it accumulates an overwhelming effect. When the moment comes that the power of suppression reaches the level of the power of medium-level ice magic, the participants of the Japanese team will not have a single chance! <

“We … we lost!” – Shao Haegu’s eyes darkened, looking at the snow-white arena, he completely lost heart. <

They fought with Ai Jiang Tu for a long time and none of them was able to win. But now Shao Haegu realized that there was no point in fighting further. The strength of the passive ice attack has already reached an average level. If it was just mid-level magic, then with their powers, they had nothing to fear. But every second suppression by ice magic was equated to attacks of the whole division of magicians of an element of ice !! <

– The Chinese team won! <

Soon the head judge announced the result of the competition. <

Having won, Mu Ning Xue removed her sphere, the snowfall and blizzard stopped. <

Initially, the audience stands were two to three meters above the arena. But a thick layer of ice leveled this difference. The audience sighed loudly, watching the snow-white picture. <

* crowd noise <

Loud exclamations and cheers were heard throughout the stadium. A stunning magical contest amazed all the spectators. <

People will forever remember this outstanding girl-mage from the Chinese team, the beauty of ice magic and its incomparable power! <

…………. <

– We won!! <

– Well played. I did not expect that we will smash the Japanese team to smithereens! <

The rest of the team hastened towards the winners. Medical staff already provided first aid and healed injuries. <

An atmosphere of universal joy and enjoyment of victory reigned in the air. Even Ban Lai, Han Ji and other experienced magicians from China did not expect their team to be able to beat the Japanese team so easily! <

– Perfectly! You were excluded from the team, but your return today was impressive! Such a brilliant performance can be called your rebirth! – Mentor Feng Li scattered compliments, looking at Mu Ning Xue. <

Today’s speech by Mu Ning Xue impressed everyone. Promising to be a hot match, she crushed at the root. The Japanese team collected all the information about their team, but even they did not expect Mu Ning Xue’s strength to be at that level. Today, she has surpassed even Ai Jiang Tu. <

– Excluded? – Chairman Ban Lai was surprised, giving Mu Ning Xue a benevolent smile. <

If mentor Feng Li had not mentioned this, none of them would have even recalled the incident. When they were in Tokai, Mu Ning Xue was expelled from the team due to the fact that she could not make a breakthrough to a high level. <

But today she not only reached the level of other participants, but even surpassed them! Even Shao Hagu, famous for his attacks, crashed. <

– These are all fragments! – Mu Tinyin grinned angrily. <

“She swallowed those fragments and her powers increased significantly,” Nan Rongni said grimly. <

Mu Ning Xue took away the shards of the killer bow and disappeared for a while. It was then that she absorbed them into herself. Otherwise, how else to explain its increased strength and overwhelming sphere? <

For two girls it was like a slap in the face! They wanted to destroy her, but instead she was reborn from the ashes, receiving even more powerful forces !! <

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