Chapter 1052. Bad talk


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“The top of the Mu clan must have turned green with anger right now.” More recently, they have renounced Mu Ning Xue, which means that her merits have nothing to do with them, ”Zhao Man Yan sighed and continued,“ Mo Fan, this time she … Hey! Where is everyone ?? <

Zhao Man Yan was just about to say that Mu Ning Xue was reborn, but Mo Fan was already spinning around Mu Ning Xue, like a eunuch in front of his queen. The guy tried to massage her back. <

Zhao Man Yan was perplexed. Mo Fan itself is a person with a strong character and very often behaves rudely and stubbornly. But if necessary, he could be anything! <

Mo Fan with foam at the mouth praised Mu Ning Xue. <

Mu Ning Xue was clearly annoyed, as soon as she looked at him, the guy immediately stopped talking. <

– Finished! Done! Now let’s go celebrate and eat something delicious! <

They flawlessly held this match! In the next two weeks, spectacular competitions of teams from other countries will take place, in which many talented magicians will participate. Such a good start raised the bar of expectations to the very top! <

…………. <

Mo Fan persuaded Mu Ning Xue to escape. Of course, they agreed to celebrate all together, but Mo Fan insisted on a date. <

– Do not make such an indifferent face. You won, now you can allow yourself to rejoice at least a little! Didn’t you wait for the day when you can easily break them? – said Mo Fan. <

“This is not enough,” said Mu Ning Xue. <

– Not all at once, the beginning has been made … – Mo Fan already stopped having fun and spoke with a serious look. <

After today’s competition, Mu Ning Xue softened a bit, she no longer ignored Mo Fan. The guy relaxed a bit, it seems everything is returning to the same course as it was before the incident. <

Seeing the silence of Mu Ning Xue, Mo Fan immediately began to inquire about her notable successes in cultivation. <

Such an increase in the magic of Mu Ning Xue is simply amazing! He remembered that she secluded herself for cultivation before he went to the mountains of Tirana. But such a breakthrough is not made at a time !! <

Mu Ning Xue did not answer, silently watching the quiet course of the river. <

Students passing by immediately recognized Mu Ning Xue, who had recently brilliantly performed at the competition. Their eyes lit up with delight and curiosity, but they did not dare to disturb them, but only stood nearby and looked at her. <

– I am worrying about you. I hope that such a sharp breakthrough will not have consequences, ”continued Mo Fan. <

Mu Ning Xue shook her head and briefly told Mo Fan about the icy killing bow and shrapnel. <

– Fuck! Clan Mu is like a dark sect! How could they create such a terrible weapon ?? – Having heard this, Mo Fan began to curse, – that is, now you have connected all the fragments and can safely use the deadly ice bow? <

“Yes, but it can easily harm the owner’s soul,” said Mu Ning Xue. <

When it was still not a whole bow, Mu Ning Xue still learned to control his deadly icy power. To use it once or twice from time to time – should not cause any serious damage. But now the killer ice bow was in its ideal embodiment, so it required much more mental energy. If you allow the slightest carelessness, you can pay dearly! <

Mu Ning Xue did not speak with Mo Fang for a very short time, and they decided to return to their rooms. <

Mo Fan was sure that she would immediately sit down to cultivate. The fragments contained a huge amount of energy, and it took her a long time to receive them. This is the only way to learn to control the full power of a deadly ice bow. In addition, the bow is a magical item, do not depend too much on it. She needs to increase her own strengths and develop abilities in ice magic. Then the Mu clan and its intrigues will not be afraid of it! <

Realizing that Mu Ning Xue was not in danger, Mo Fan calmed down a bit. <

– Then … <

Mo Fan was just about to discuss their future plans with Mu Ning Xue, when two very large physicians appeared in front of them and stood right between Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue. <

Mu Ning Xue knew that Mo Fan was always looking for a convenient chance for her interests, so she was wary of him and tried to keep her distance. <

At first, Mo Fan thought that they were just tactless passers-by and tried to get around them, but the two western men were not going to move. <

Mo Fan did not have time to measure his strength with everyone. He took a step back, intending to stand next to Mu Ning Xue and continue the conversation, ignoring the two men. But then, right in front of the girl, there was another man with golden hair combed back, dressed in a velvet golden suit. He looked very stylish. <

“What a blessing to meet you here.” You know, I sat there, in the upper ranks, and with boredom I was waiting for the start of the competition, I even wanted to take a nap. But as soon as I saw you, my breath caught in admiration … ”said the unusual man with long golden brown hair, his words conveyed a sense of adoration, but he acted like a real gentleman,“ I’m sorry to see you, I so excited that he even forgot to introduce himself. My name is Gustin Banpo, I come from Spain. <

Mu Ning Xue was dumbfounded by surprise. Literally, she had just talked with Mo Fan, and now this stranger appeared right in front of her. <

Mu Ning Xue did not have time to react to what was happening, when she heard the enthusiastic sighs of the girls nearby. <
– Banpo! He is a member of the royal family of Spain. This is His Highness Banpo !! – the girl with snow-white skin and curly hair, gathered in a high tail, instantly blushed. She seemed to see her idol. <

– ABOUT! This is really him! It is even more beautiful than in the photographs! Cried the other girl. <

The Europeans were so excited that they were ready to rush to His Highness to meet, but when they saw a couple of guys from Asia in front of him, they lost all their courage. <

Banpo smiled softly in their direction, showing excellent manners, at the same time making it clear about his origin. <

– Your Highness? – surprised Mu Ning Xue. <

But she did not assume that Mo Fan is so unaware of geography. In Europe, many countries that have retained a reigning house, despite modern management systems. The reigning family is one of the oldest, richest and most powerful families in the country. They enjoy even more respect and love from their people than magic clans in China. <

Judging by the girls, they really stood in front of a member of the royal family of Spain, a real European prince! <

But why did he appear here? Mu Ning Xue was confused. <

Mo Fan, who was behind the two men, was extremely angry. <

Mo Fan tried to go around them and stand next to Mu Ning Xue, but they intentionally did not give him a pass. They stood tightly against each other, blocking the girl. Give this Spanish upstart opportunity one to one with Mu Ning Xue !! <

Honestly, the mood of Mo Fan at this moment could be described as follows: what kind of cock is it so arrogantly trying to take away his beloved ???? <

Looking at Banpo ranting, Mo Fan was only marvelous. How they managed to meet this eccentric, and even with two dog-guards. Is he trying to fuck someone else’s girl ?? <

He is so arrogant that he pays no attention to anyone !! <

The hot-tempered Mo Fan was not going to tolerate this. <

“You two better get out of my sight quickly.” Not that even the local police will be able to protect you! – Mo Fan darkened, his voice filled with strength. <

– Do not waste your energy, wait until His Highness finishes and you will go your way … <

No sooner had the guard standing on the left to finish, as an invisible force grabbed him by the throat, so much so that he could not say a word. <

The guard standing on the right, having assessed the situation, immediately began to form magic. But even faster and more powerful magic hit him, pushing him straight into the river. <

– Got game, your mother! – Mo Fan dropped the second guard after the first, as if it were garbage. <

Having dealt with two dogs, Mo Fan went to Banpo and laid a hand on his shoulder. <

“Friend, don’t be so rude,” Banpo smiled calmly. <

– Tell it to your granny. You should wash yourself too! – at these words, Mo Fan unceremoniously pushed the prince into the river. <

The prince did not resist and fell straight into the water. Naturally, he got wet to the skin and looked like a wet chicken, his hair has lost all its gloss. It turned out that he had a light make-up, which after this naturally flowed. He looked very sorry. <

The girls screeched and ran to the river. With a crazy look, they rushed to save their prince and really jumped into the water! <

– How dare you climb to my girlfriend? Are you tired of living? He also calls himself a prince! You are quite an idiot, 21st century in the yard! Also call Your Highness … What a nonsense! “Mo Fan was very angry, cursing toward the prince, – get out of here!” If you catch my eye again, you will remember this for a long time !! <

Cursing, Mo Fan finally began to calm down. <

What eccentrics you will not meet! <

– Nowadays there are many mentally retarded. Really, Xue Xue? – Mo Fan turned to Mu Ning Xue. <

Seeing how Mo Fan eliminated people in two, Mu Ning Xue did not find what to say. <

She still did not want to communicate with this strange type. Since Mo Fan dealt with him, she can safely go cultivate. <

On the way back, Mo Fan continued to swear nonstop. Mu Ning Xue thought that it would not be superfluous to tell him, so before they left she quietly said: <

– In some countries of Europe there are still reigning houses and princes. <

– Seriously? Why didn’t I know? – Mo Fan opened his mouth. <

“You should read more books,” Mu Ning Xue said coldly and withdrew. <

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