Chapter 1053. Becoming a Candidate


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A pink ship slowly sailed under the bridge. The prince was with a lost look, covering his face with his hands. <

“Just disgusting!” I just won’t leave it all! Shouted Banpo angrily. <

Two of his guards, too, got wet through, and now they bowed their heads, not daring to say anything. <

There were more and more people in the district, and passers-by gradually recognized the prince in this person – even with such a shabby appearance, there were still people who recognized him as a royal person. There were also those who hastened to pull out their phones to capture this. <

Realizing what situation he was in, Banpo covered his face with long wet hair. <

The news that the prince was in the water of the Venetian canal could easily be in the latest news reports, so he hoped that this would not come to that. <

– Prince Banpo? – came a gentle voice from a small pink ship nearby, – get up. <

Without hesitation, the prince got into the ship. The female voice coming from there seemed familiar to him, only it was hard for him to remember at that moment, so he decided to think about it later. <

The two guards also slowly climbed into the ship, and one could see how it slowly sailed into the distance. <

“Thank you so much, teacher Conti, for getting me out of my predicament.” Without this help, I would have been raised to laugh, ”Banpo thanked, sitting in the boat. <

There was enough space in the vessel, there was a woman there who made tea. She went to the prince and said gently: “First warm up.” <

– Thank you, thank you very much! Said Banpo, sipping a drink. He was still wet, making goosebumps run down his body. <

“What rude dare do this to the prince?” Asked Conti. <

– One arrogant participant from the Chinese team, I just won’t forgive him! – Prince Banpo said evil. <

“This must be all the usual disagreements between the young people, the prince must observe manners as befits a royal person,” said Conti. <

“The point here is not manners, but the insult to the royal court, how can I just give up in this case?” – answered Banpo. <

“So you don’t think of giving up?” Asked Conti again. <

“I … I haven’t decided yet,” the prince answered with embarrassment in his voice. <

– Wouldn’t it be better if the national team dealt with this matter? In addition, the enemy is a participant, so this issue can be resolved directly in the competitive arena, ”said Conti. <

– Yes Yes Yes! I recall that in case of victory in the match of our Spanish team, the next rival will be the Chinese team. I’ll talk with our team so that they can take out all the anger instead of me. Still, Master Conti, your proposal is very clever, so there will be no condemnation from people, ”Banpo said joyfully. <

“Your Highness, I did not urge you to avenge in this way, I only want you to be more tolerant of this man without using any tools, and all the more not to resort to means of royal influence,” Conti said. <

“Teacher Conti, I definitely can’t get down to this, you can relax,” the prince answered, scrolling completely different in his head. In order not to be exposed to Conti, he decided to abruptly change the topic of conversation: “What brought teacher Conti to Venice? The decision to watch the competition? ” <

“And for that reason, too.” They say that the Mediterranean Sea is restless, there are traces of creatures that should not be, and since I am a representative of the coastal coalition, it is natural that I arrived here with an inspection, ”said Conti. <

– Really some sea monsters screwed up? Asked Banpo. <

Spain is also a coastal state, and the sea creatures are also constantly worried about the inhabitants there. <
“It would be nice if they were sea creatures.” I’m afraid it’s something older, ”Conti said. <

“If this is so, then why should this concern Conti’s teacher?” Oh, by the way, haven’t seen Azalea for a long time, how is she? Banpo asked, and his eyes involuntarily flashed, as if a thrill of lust ran through his body every time he recalled the image of sexual Azalea in his memory. <

She is even more beautiful even than that ice sorceress from the Chinese team. <

– She still continues her cultivation. I just wanted to meet her. Your Highness, would you like to go there with me? Asked Conti. <

“Good … though, okay.” Some other time, I’m going to have tea with Azalea, ”Banpo’s face expressed joy, but remembering what he looked like now, the prince decided not to rush to meet such a beautiful woman. <

Acropolis of Athens Greece <

The holy mountain of the Parthenon is surrounded by a beautiful purple lake, not to mention the Acropolis of Athens, which is also surrounded by a similar dazzling brilliance. <

People living in the Acropolis of Athens rarely get sick, since the Parthenon temple is located here, which is world famous for the most powerful healing magic. <

At the very top of the holy mountain is the temple of the revered fairies. This temple is completely built from exquisite crystals, it has a long history and looks even more magnificent when immersed in the radiance of moonlight. <

In the center of the temple there is a beautiful dome. All this looks so beautiful that people’s hearts unwittingly become serene from one view of the temple. <

The floor of the central hall is made of dark-colored crystals – the work is so complete that you cannot find even the slightest gap. <

In this room you can see graceful female silhouettes in white-milk robes. All the servants of the Fairy Temple are obliged to wear these robes that are belted around the waist, so when Xin Xia looks at the floor, she involuntarily starts laughing: when she told Mo Fanyu about this place, he immediately decided that in the mirror image on the floor look out for beautiful female legs and underwear. In reality, the floor more closely resembles a starry sky, which in no case can be overshadowed by an inappropriate reflection. <

Of course, another important aspect of the temple is that men are strictly forbidden to enter it, even the main guard knight has no right to enter the temple, and all the guards only serve outside. <

– You do not need all these ceremonies, this is not necessary. I heard that in the Egyptian city of Pusini you saved a lot of soldiers and received the love and reverence of the locals, and besides, you personally participated in the destruction of the mirage of the pyramid, ”said mother Felina. <

“It is, mother,” Xin Xia dutifully bowed her head, the expression on her face was somehow unnatural. <

She does not know how to lie, because in fact the decisive battle with the rider from the contract space of darkness was completed by Mo Fan, who transferred all the laurels to her. <

Parthenon’s servants need recognition and support from people, because this is the only way to achieve the title of prioress, to join the secret magic of healing. The hero in the case was Mo Fan, but he attributed all the achievements to her, and now it was very difficult for Xin Xia to talk about it. <

– Yeah, you are erudite enough to be able to send the military to victory in the fight against the undead at a crucial moment. After completing this internship, you will become a real servant, a representative of the Parthenon. For the sake of the glory that you can bring to us, I think I can make a one-of-a-kind exception by including you as a candidate. Due to the fact that you are a foreign student and do not come from the Parthenon, you will have to intensively learn etiquette, order, and art, and only after all this you can become a fairy helper, – my mother smiled, looking at Xin Xia with a pleased look. <

These words shocked not only Xin Xia herself, but also several girls who had already become servants. <

The views of all the servants and abbesses, who worked hard for many years for such achievements, were now riveted to Xin Xia. Envy began to overwhelm them all! <

– Mother, this is not entirely appropriate. Ye Xin Xia is just a foreign Parthenon intern student, so even just being able to get here is already a great mercy for her. How can one just stand out among all the others? All candidates must meet three requirements. First, origin, consanguinity – it has nothing to do with us; secondly, she has no more than seven recommendations from the abbesses, well, and in conclusion, her abilities did not reach the level of other candidates … – at this moment, the senior abbess Mirola joined the conversation, which was categorically against the decision of mother. <

“The senior abbot of the law is that enrolling a girl immediately among the candidates may be misunderstood,” said the other abbesses. <

The servants did not have the right to vote, but it was clear from their faces that they also strongly disagreed. They all spent so many years in the Parthenon, not even having a small job, and now this new E Xin Xia is immediately included in the list of candidates! She does not even meet the three requirements that the abbess spoke of! <

Can an ordinary sparrow instantly turn into a phoenix ?! <

Yes, she made a great contribution to the victory of the city of Pusini, but is it not too much a reward ?! <

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