Chapter 1054. Tricks of the Senior Superior


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– You forgot that, being a mother, my recommendation also has its weight. Do not look at the experience of previous years, it does not matter. You girls have become very impulsive! I decided to make her a candidate so that she could study harder, learn – that she would work harder, I have no idea to make a fairy of the temple out of her! I have already made a decision, and there is no point in starting these conversations again. Ye Xin Xia, from next month you can attend classes on a par with other candidates, ”said mother. <

Mother departed, and the eyes of the servants and abbesses were still riveted to Xin Xia, their conversations echoing through the temple. <

“Hey, you also build innocence out of yourself, don’t you really appreciate the opportunity to study here?” – a heavy nasal voice was heard. It was an old servant named Guren, who was in charge of the trainee servant. <

Since the appearance of Xin Xia in the temple, she has been repairing all sorts of troubles for her, so now she has completely gone mad. <

– Ye Xin Xia, did you hear mother’s words? Asked the senior abbess of Mirol, coming up. The abbess arrogantly looked at the girl. <

Xin Xia was calm as always, expressing her respect. Abbess Mirola said: “I do not want people to say that I do not reckon with the disabled. Even if your position changes next month, you are still a servant. “An epidemic is raging in Croatia, going there, perhaps this will also significantly affect your reputation, so you can avoid empty talk.” <

After these words of the abbess of Mirol, one could see a malevolent expression on the faces of the other servants and abbesses. <

An attendant named Fenai, who appeared in the temple at the same time as Xin Xia, stood next to her, and her face was not joyful. With a bit of anger in her voice, she said: “Senior abbess, the epidemic in Croatia is type A, so at least one abbess should go there, why is Xin Xia coming …”. <

“My mother didn’t just say that Xin Xia should learn more.” After she managed to cope with the creature from the contract space of darkness, the Croatian Type A epidemic will not become something complicated. Depart early tomorrow morning. If this case is not settled, punishment will follow! – said Mirola. <

The unwavering senior abbess decided to restrain this E Xin Xia! <

“This … this is too unfair …” Fenai said, she could not even think that the senior abbess would create such problems for Xin Xia. <

The epidemic in Croatia has been raging for some time, and in the last period has been rapidly expanding. Prior to this, one servant was already returning with a report that this epidemic was very dangerous and could not be done without the help of the abbess, since that servant herself was infected and could not act freely. <

It is clear that without an experienced representative of the temple there is nothing to do there. Even if the abbess goes there, it is not a fact that the situation will be resolved. Everything is compounded by the fact that, in contact with the infected, it is very easy to get sick! <

Fenai kept trying to stand up for Xin Xia, but the girl knew that there was no point in going against the words of the senior abbess, so Fengai stopped: “I will do my best.” <

“Yeah, I’m trying to help you too.” Having become a candidate, you do not have enough experience. You can become famous for this business, and given the business of the city of Pusini, none of the people will dare to condemn you! – said the senior abbess of Mirol. <

The wheelchair slowly rolled down the crystal floor to where the outraged Fengai was. <

– That’s just terrible! They also say that the senior abbess clearly distinguishes between good and evil, is an unselfish person, and also says that she is trying to help you gain experience. She wants to make it difficult for you to take away your opportunity to become the chosen one. Let’s talk about this mother, ”Fenai said. <

“Why suddenly such a sudden reward?” I don’t understand one thing, why did my mother put me on the list of selected candidates? – thought Xin Xia. <

Experience, origin, abilities – she is inferior in all respects to the other girls in the temple, and as a result, she received public praise from her mother herself. <

Xin Xia could not have imagined that in such a short period of time spent in the Parthenon, she could reach this point. From her point of view, this award had no connection with her efforts. <

“Didn’t your mother say she hopes to see you as the temple’s future assistant?” It is clear that mother appreciated you. You can become a fairy or her assistant, and for this it is necessary to be a person of high mental and moral qualities. Tomorrow we will go to Croatia, frankly, I do not want to go there. You must not know how terrible this epidemic is – even from photos alone, the hairs on my head stand on end, ”Fenai said. <

“We will do our best, we will do our best for people,” said Xin Xia. <
– Come on! Are you really going to go there ?! <

“Yeah, I’ve been watching this situation for some time,” said Xin Xia. <

– You are crazy! This is a disastrous business, but you still want to go there! <

Fairy Temple South Courtyard <

This place is located on a cliff. This courtyard also has a balcony from which you can admire the starry sky, as well as look from the heights of the Acropolis of Athens! <

Elder abbess Mirola, leaning on a white stone fence, plunged into her thoughts. <

– Disgusting! Mother doesn’t want to let you in here, but she wants to choose some dumb girl! – with anger in her voice said Mirola. <

“Senior abbess, why be so angry?” The competition between the darlings is like a surge of surging waves, and this brand new E Xin Xia is just a small pebble. Even if she meekly does everything Mother says, this will not help her. In addition, you have already dealt with everything by sending her to Croatia, ”said the chosen candidate Ender. <

“Mother presses us and, at her discretion, singled out this new one, causing a storm of indignation,” added the old servant Guren. <

“It was easy to guess,” Ender said calmly. <

– guess? Asked the senior abbess of Mirol in surprise. <

– Most of the temple’s servants have already managed to split into several camps, on the side of which there are different chosen ones. I am on this side, Panisa is on that side, so this situation was expected. Mother should control the situation in the temple, and least of all she hopes for our unification, so she chose a brand new girl, one that is not tied to any of the camps. Choosing her, mother made her her pawn, which she can safely use at her discretion, confusing us. Some servants and abbesses in the temple will go over to Xin Xia’s side, believing that she really likes her mother, and mother herself will immediately figure out who is trying to play the hypocrite, fawning on two fronts, ”said Ender. <

“And you are really perspicacious, since you were immediately able to discern the mother’s plan,” Guren said. <

After the words of Ender, Mirol also seemed to dawn. <

Having made a phoenix from a sparrow, mother is trying to deal with the situation in the temple, and this E Xin Xia was really just lucky to become the chosen one. <

– Since she’s a mother’s pawn, is it worth it to cancel her mission on the epidemic in Croatia? Asked Mirol. <

“Not worth it, this abscess needs to be cut out as soon as possible,” said Ender. <

“But if mother finds out about this, she can punish us.” A mentor should go to Croatia, and if you hesitate in deciding the epidemic, it can negatively affect the reputation of the entire church, ”said Guren. <

– Calm down, I’ve already come up with everything. When mother asks, I will say that E Xin Xia went there to examine the situation before the arrival of the abbess. As a servant, she is required to do such a job. Ye Xin Xia will not last in Croatia for several days, but we just need to wait until she calls us for help. When she does this, she can easily be labeled mediocrity, and the abbess will go there, so we will deal with the epidemic and this girl, ”said the senior abbess of Mirol. <

“Yeah, while we deal with this, how many Croatian people will suffer,” Ender said in his voice. <

– It’s okay, they have always been infinitely grateful to us and will definitely support you, fairy Ender! – Guren did not miss the opportunity to fawn. <

“You shouldn’t call me that before time, I don’t want anyone’s condemnation!” – said Ender. <

They all spent so many years waiting for the fairies to be re-elected! <

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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