Chapter 1057. The Little Crimson Demon


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“Don’t you think your judgments were wrong?” The local prisoners usually look, where is the sickly look of the infected? Your data analysis led to the wrong place! – Fenai could not stand it. <

They examined the prison and found that the infection situation here is not as neglected as in other parts of the city. The prisoners, seeing the attractive Xin Xia and looking like little Lolita Lin Lin, simply began to fight hysterically in their cells. <

“These people are kind of weird,” said Xin Xia. <

– What are you talking about? – asked Mo Fan. <

– Their psyche is incomprehensible to me. Usually, I can easily penetrate the depths of the human soul and see the deepest feelings and thoughts of people, but when I try to do this with prisoners, it seems as if I are covered in some kind of fog, ”said Xin Xia. <

She is a magician of the spirit element, which was noticeably strengthened during the cultivation of her healing element in the Parthenon. Xin Xia studies magic in the greatest temple of white magic – this also significantly affects her progress! <

With her current level of cultivation, she should easily penetrate the thoughts of these ordinary prisoners, but the result was unpredictable – something did not allow her to see their souls. <

“And it’s really strange.” An urgent need to inform the government so that they conduct an investigation here, I have to call, ”said Zhang Xiao Hou. <

“Here … there is no signal,” said the middle-aged prison warden. <

“Then I’ll go out,” Zhang Xiao Hou answered, heading for the exit. <

To get out of prison you have to go through many doors, so Zhang Xiao Hou took one of the overseers with him. There is practically nothing to breathe inside the prison building, and a breath of fresh air will not hurt him either. <

“Let’s go inside,” Lin Lin suggested. <

Following a warden named Morgan, the mages entered a sector where the most serious criminals were held. <

Having passed the metal bridge structure, a heavy iron door opened in front of Mo Fan, he said to the overseer: “Very powerful, even the magician cannot get through.” <

“Yes, this is in case there will be intruders who want to get inside,” said Overseer Morgan. <

They went further. <

Behind the next large door they were waiting for almost complete darkness and chilling cold. <

“Brother Mo Fan …” came the voice of Xin Xia. Mo Fan was thinking about prisoners at that time. <

Mo Fan turned his head, he was curious why Xin Xia used the voice of the spirit to call him when she walked very close. Maybe she wants to say something that should not be shared by prying ears? <

“I just examined the soul of this overseer, and it looks like the soul of a criminal … it seems to me …” Xin Xia addressed Mo Fan with her inner voice. <

Mo Fan, hearing this, involuntarily became thoughtful. <

“Overseer, please open the shutter, I want to talk to that guy,” Mo Fan said to the overseer. <

Morgan turned slowly and looked with his black eyes at first at Mo Fan, and then at Xin Xia. <

Suddenly Morgan laughed, and his appearance became even stranger. <

– Once here, you are now also my prisoners! – Morgan said ominously, smiling with his terrible mouth. <

“What do you mean by that?” Do you really want to shut us down here? Oh you … petty nasty overseer, do you even know who we are ?! – fenai puffed up. <

A dark red aura began to accumulate around Morgan, as if several demons were spinning around him. His black eyes, too, instantly took on a red sinister hue, and now he was staring at Fengai with a dead look … his mouth was opening wider and drooling! <

– It was immediately clear that something was wrong here! Even you overseers could not escape this. Admit who you are? Why did this epidemic appear? – strictly said Lin Lin. <

“Little lady, I will devour you, and then you will know nothing!” – laughed Morgan, the aura around him became even more severe. <

His skin began to crack, as if something inside the person was breaking out, a long antennae appeared on his head, similar to the scolopendra’s crests … gradually he took on a look that made goose bumps and hair all over his body! <

His legs turned into long rhizomes of a tree that sprouted to the floor. <
Strange shadows danced on the walls, one could see human silhouettes in them, as if they really were demons! <

– What … what is this ?! Shouted Fenai, starting to back away from fear back. <

Seeing such a transformation of the overseer, Xin Xia all turned pale, thinking about whether this was the cause of the epidemic …. <

Mo Fan noticed that his accumulative pearl sparkled even stronger next to this demon, clearly indicating that he was what she needed. <

Mo Fan himself was seriously surprised – why is the pearl interested in some kind of demon? <

Only now it’s definitely not the time to think about it …. <

But the strangest thing is that Mo Fanu, this whole situation seemed painfully familiar …. <

“I understand what you are!” Mo Mo Fan said suddenly. <

The warden demon approached him, staring at his little demonic eyes and grinning. <

“You have a very interesting little thing, give it to me, and I promise that your death will be quick and not too painful!” – came the bestial voice. <

“You have a master, right?” But I don’t know if he is here, ”Mo Fan blurted out. <

– Ha, and you understand this. Only here our master would not fit in such a small place … – said the demon overseer. <

“He is not here, die!” – Mo Fan waved his hand, and tyrannical lightning immediately flew into the demon. <

The demon warden from such an attack fell and rolled across the floor. <

He did not die, but slowly rose to his feet. Now his gaze was even more bloody, and an animal roar came from his throat! <

* Knock <

* Knock <

* Knock <

At that moment, the iron chambers opened, and the prisoners, dressed in a prison robe, burst out …. <

And although the transformation of the prisoners was not as dramatic as that of the overseer, horns appeared on their backs – it all looked terrifying! <

“Mo Fan, do you know what this is?” Asked Lin Lin, looking in surprise at the raging prisoners. <

– Yeah, I met something like that in Japan. The souls of these people are under control, nothing threatens their lives, but their bodies rot! – said Mo Fan. <

Mo Fan saw the same thing when the accumulating pearl was in the hands of Wanyue Qianxun after they left the eastern guard tower – then the girl also turned into something sinister. <

Mo Fan now understood why the pearl was so bright, and also why this overseer was so interested in her – because they were controlled by the same type of force. The strength that occurs after long months of bearing grievances, anger, hatred and pain. This power is so destructive that after some time it completely takes possession of the human soul, taking it under its control! <

Crimson Demon! <

And the prison in the eastern guard tower is the first source of this bloody crimson demon! <

The second source is Mo Fan’s accumulative pearl, which eventually became his energy reservoir! <

It was not for nothing that Mo Fan asked the demon warden about his master – this is the very first crimson demon! <

The hatred of the prison guard became so powerful that he could absorb his soul, and this led to an epidemic in the city. Mo Fan could not even think that all these are tricks of the crimson demon! <

According to the stories of Wanyue Mingjian, he had a friend who was able to grow such a purple demon in himself, not being in prison, and these demons can really create huge problems! According to Wanyue Mingjian, the power of the very first crimson demon is equal to the power of a creature at the level of a commander! <

And here even a small crimson demon actually became the source of the epidemic: spreading its sinister aura around, he began to destroy ordinary people! <

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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