Chapter 1059. Epidemiological Chaos


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The body of the little crimson demon reunited again, although one could clearly see that every time Mo Fan sucked part of his body into an accumulating pearl, his body was becoming weaker and weaker. However, the demon, realizing that this pearl was changed, became angry and began to run away. <

Mo Fan could not catch up with him like that, so first released the magic of night power, and then paralyzed the enemy with shadow spikes! <

After this trick, things went much faster. <

Sucking in parts of the demon inside his accumulative pearl, Mo Fan soon saw that nothing was left of him. <

The magician looked at the pearl, glad that she had received a boost of energy. <

– Fan-ge, (* -ge, appeal to the elder brother) what is happening ?! Asked Zhang Xiao Hou, who had run in at that moment. <

– Eliminated the source of the epidemic. I did not even think that this crap could be connected with dark energy and even possess brains! Okay, for a long time to tell everything. Contacted the administration? – Mo Fan asked. <

“A riot has begun in the epidemiological isolation ward; those infected cannot be controlled,” said Zhang Xiao Hou. <

– Has the situation really changed? <

– You could say that there are too many infected. <

Mo Fan thought about it. Although the source of the epidemic was already found and destroyed, the disease was still inside people …. <

– Lin Lin, did you find how to eliminate the epidemic? – asked Mo Fan. <

When the last time they dealt with the curse of the drowned man, they removed antibodies from the larva from which the vaccine was obtained. Inhabitants of coastal towns have been vaccinated so that they will no longer be subjected to this curse. <

In this epidemic, apparently, everything was about the same. Antibodies needed to be found, and Mo Fan hoped that Ling Ling had already dug up something about this. <

– The larva is a living creature, therefore, the presence of antibodies in it is also natural. However, the creature that you just fought with is just a bunch of energy that even ordinary magic can’t influence, so you can forget about antibodies, ”said Lin Lin. <

– If this is an energy substance, then how could it lead to the appearance of a contagious disease? – exclaimed Fenai. <

– Before, I was also interested in why this epidemic is resistant to measures taken against it, and the situation is only getting worse. Now it’s clear that the disease does not come from physiological disturbances, but from human souls, so to speak – infection of the spirit. Every person inside has negative emotions that, under the influence of this demon, begin to grow. This is a mental illness of every person! – said Lin Lin. <

– In this world there are also such epidemics? – Zhang Xiao Hou did not believe his ears. <

– This phenomenon does not have absolute immunity to magic. As soon as the degree of perversity reaches a certain limit, the magic of the spirit element will already be useless, besides, the magic of the spirit is not a destructive type, said Lin Lin. <

“Why discuss all this already, riot has already begun in the isolated sector – we have completely failed the task, and the senior abbess will punish us,” said Fengai. <

– No need to inflate an elephant from a fly, they themselves are to blame for everything. They said that you need to send a man of a higher level, and you both came, – Mo Fan was clearly dissatisfied with the attitude to the whole Parthenon. <

“If it is an element of spirit, then I can try to calm these people,” said Xin Xia. <

Ling Ling shook her head in a negative tone: “The crimson demon was able to touch the souls of too many people. If you were a top-level mage, then you could still try. Your own soul may fall apart from this. The best method is by no means offensive, but displacement. We must move this negative energy to a suitable place, otherwise the crimson demon will appear again soon, but now it will have an even more sinister incarnation! <
Having said this, Lin Lin looked at the funded pearl on Mo Fan’s neck. She noticed some kind of stirring inside her, telling him: “This subject of yours is perfect for this.” <

“Yeah, of course you can, but it seems to me that then the degree of negative energy inside it will increase markedly,” said Mo Fan. <

Old Bao made an energy reservoir from this pearl, which can no longer clouding people’s consciousness, only after the crimson demon is inside the pearl, it has become somehow dark. A pearl can hold this demon inside, but it is not so easy for her. <

“Xin Xia, you cannot use your spirit magic to resist the enormous negative energy, but you can induce these negative emotions to enter the pearl of Mo Fan. As soon as all the negative energy is locked up there, the epidemic will begin to recede, ”Lin Lin suggested. <

– Good. We need to hurry, go to an isolated block, ”said Xin Xia. <

On the way to this block, Mo Fan called old Bao, as he was worried that a pearl with a demon inside might throw some kind of trick …. <

Chaos reigned in the isolation block. The most powerful magicians of the city locked those infected in the block with their magical inhibitions, and no one knew what this could lead to. <

War mages were outside. <

– Where did you run? You willfully desert! I will report about this mother, she will punish you! – the old servant Guren screamed angrily when she saw Xin Xia and Fenai. <

Guren came here to control the situation, but did not even suspect that the epidemic would lead to a riot of this magnitude. <

“Ah, you Parthenon girls!” Fine! If you do not want to help Croatian people, then do not make a compassionate appearance. We do not need your pity. How could we trust you !!! Cried the epidemiological commander, Daru. <

“Ender could figure it all out; this Chinese female candidate did the wrong thing!” – Guren is now blaming everything on Xin Xia. <

– Candidate? She is?! – Commander Dara glanced at young Xin Xia. <

Although the candidates in the Parthenon were not selected according to the age principle, the age of this girl was too young, and she looked more like a student studying magic. <

“My mother recently made her a candidate, our elder superior was not too lazy and sent these girls here,” Guren continued to say. <

Parthenon was responsible for the epidemic in Croatia by the senior abbess Mirola. She could not put such responsibility on Ender’s shoulders so as not to tarnish her reputation, so she had to find another servant. <

“Mo Fan, Xin Xia, look at that commander,” Zhang Xiao Hou said quietly. <

– What is there? – asked Mo Fan. <

“There is no military coat of arms on his body, although he wears military clothing.” This usually means that the military did nothing outstanding, ”Zhang Xiao Hou replied. <

Mo Fan looked at Commander Dara. <

“You want to say that if you do not take control of the situation, they will get it …” “Mo Fan himself was afraid to continue his thought. <

Epidemics and other infectious diseases should not go beyond the city limits … those who are infected have already literally gone crazy, not giving in to control …. Soon all the barriers will collapse, and the case will be in the hands of a military man without a military coat of arms! <

Xin Xia quickly realized what Zhang Xiao Hou meant. <

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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