Chapter 1060. Abundance of Demons


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“Mo Fan, brother, take me upstairs,” said Xin Xia.

“Good,” Mo Fan lifted the wheelchair along with Xin Xia and climbed to the top of the signal tower in an instant.

– This is just an assumption. If it doesn’t work out, we will immediately get out of here, ”Lil Ling persistently explained to Mo Fanyu and Xin Xia.

Mo Fan nodded silently.

……… ..

From the height of the signal tower, the entire territory of the quarantine zone was visible, which turned into a large dump. Crowds of people stood near the prohibitive fence and tried to ram it with their bodies.

The ban was very effective against ordinary people, even if there were a lot of them. But the power of the demon was already awakened in the bodies of sick people, and from this they became much more powerful!

Looking at this picture, Xin Xia involuntarily pursed her lips.

– Getting started. “I take out the pearl,” said Mo Fan.

Xin Xia nodded, arms folded across her chest, as if about to touch the deepest strings of soul to awaken spiritual powers.

From Xin Xia began to emit invisible waves of vibration. It seemed to Mo Fan that there were melodic flute sounds in his head, but when he listened carefully, he realized that there were no sounds at all.

Mo Fan felt that the waves of Xin Xia spiritual energy had already begun to spread around. It was as if a pair of gentle hands gently stroked the head of every rebellious patient.

Trying to calm people, Xin Xia was exposed to the strong influence of their negative energy. She felt cruelty and anger in their hearts.

They were tormented by illness, the government was helpless, international organizations did not respond to their disaster. They were abandoned by all, locked in one place, awaiting their death.

Carefully listening to the souls of sick people, vague memories began to emerge in Xin Xia’s head.

Left …

An abandoned mother … the people who left her alone in the cold city of Bo during the disaster …

Inexpressible bitterness and anger arose in the soul of Xin Xia. How can people be so ruthless? She was so kind to them. Why Guren blamed all the responsibility on her. Apparently she was not afraid of the epidemic alone and came to help people.

Xin Xia wanted to open her eyes, but suddenly realized that she could not wake up. She was surrounded by darkness and cold breath. Here … like in a freezer. From the very beginning, she wanted to escape from the cold prison of the crimson demon …

– Xin Xia!

Suddenly, a familiar voice came.

– Xin Xia! Xin Xia!

Mo Fan gently shook Xin Xia by the shoulders. He felt that she had contracted negative energy. Madness began to fill the soul of Xin Xia and generate anger and feelings about the past in it!

– Faster, come back! Do not succumb to evil power! – holding the cold and trembling hands of the girl, Mo Fan said seriously.

Xin Xia still did not recover, but she felt someone forcefully open the door of the freezer, and she ran out, feeling the warmth of Mo Fan on her shoulders and palms …

“Am I infected myself?” – Xin Xia gradually calmed down. Feeling that there was always a person next to her, invariably guarding her, she drove all the bad thoughts away. The black waves rising in Xin Xia’s soul gradually subsided.

Finally, Xin Xia woke up. Her eyes were more than ever full of purity and depth. They were so beautiful that people could not look away.

She looked peacefully at Mo Fan.

Her heart was calm, evil power could no longer prevail over her!

The mood of Xin Xia from pacification passed into unshakable determination. She concentrated, and a powerful spiritual wave sent all the negative energy straight to the pearl of Mo Fan!

* rumble

The sounds of the bell rang out over the restricted area, none of the people heard this, but their hearts responded. Sacred words were heard in the chest of each patient, and all the negative energy immediately dissipated.

One by one, the patients fell to the ground and fell into a deep sleep, as if after defeating a serious illness. The evil power supporting them spent all their life energy, they completely lost their strength!

– What happened? Did she put them to sleep? – raising his head, the commander looked at the tower.

– This is not dope. Rebel people are very difficult to put to sleep. She heals them, ”said a military man without a military coat of arms, who was standing nearby.

– Chief, no traces of the virus were found on the bodies of those who fell asleep. It seems they really were healed! – the running officer told Commander Dar.

– It’s true!!! – Commander Daru was very inspired, not believing what was happening, he did not take his eyes off the girl in a wheelchair on top of the tower.

“How … how did she do this ?? – Dumbfounded Guren. Even the abbess was helpless before this plague, and Xin Xia only became a servant!

“Apparently, it was not for nothing that she became a candidate,” said the commander without a military coat of arms.

More and more patients were falling into deep sleep. Several healing magicians boldly entered the restricted area. They found that despite their weaknesses, the lives of patients were no longer in danger.

The disease has disappeared and this is the most important thing. It seems that the girl from the Parthenon still managed to find a solution, and she saved them from this disaster!

In the vast territory of the restricted area, there were a large number of people. Now they all lay chaotically, covering the whole earth.

The disease receded and their faces became serene. They went through terrible trials and the healing song Xin Xia cleansed their souls and plunged into a serene sleep!

“Certainly there is no damage?”

– Yes! They just sleep and will soon come to their senses. Commander, the disease has disappeared! This is just a miracle!!

– We conducted research for many days, but could not find a cure for this disease. The Parthenon is worthy of its glory, worthy of the title of sacred place of healing !! – several healing magicians sighed aloud.

Zhang Hou, joyfully looking at Lin Lin, said:

– Awesome! You are incomparable! You were able to eliminate the epidemic!

– Sister Xin Xia often uses the voice of the spirit to communicate with me. I just made conclusions based on her spiritual knowledge. I think if other healers were in its place, it would not help the case, ”Lin Lin said.

Healing magicians owed much to Xin Xia. Her spiritual strength exceeded all expectations!

Not a single magician healer can cope with the movement of negative energy. The slightest negligence, and the wave of anger of thousands of sick people will pour over your soul! Knowing the method is useless if your soul lacks firmness and purity!

– Ha ha! If we are together, then we will solve any problem! – cheered Zhang Hou.

Laughing, Zhang Hou realized the inconsistency. Only after a while he remembered that he came here on vacation!



At the top of the signal tower, Mo Fan saw that Xin Xia was completely worn out. She did not even have the strength to say anything; she silently looked with her beautiful eyes at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan began to worry. There were so many patients. To draw negative energy from everyone’s soul is tremendous work! The spiritual strength of Xin Xia was extremely exhausted.

“Brother Mo Fan, this … this pearl …” the girl said weakly.

– Do not worry. This is not the first time I’m dealing with her. For the first time, there was much more negative energy in it. She will not be able to harm me. ”Mo Fan wrapped the pearl in silver paper. He specifically sent Zhang Hou for her. So an energy leak is even more unlikely.

“Well,” Xin Xia leaned back in her wheelchair, unable to hold on any longer.

Mo Fan raised his sister in his arms. Let the commander deal with the rest. Xin Xia need a rest.

With such losses of mental energy, her healing magic will be useless. Infected people will oversleep for a long time, and the cured Xin Xia will sleep even longer.

Having arranged Xin Xia to rest, Mo Fan looked anxiously at her pale face.

He only today realized that Xin Xia, like Mo Fan, Zhang Hou and many other people, hides some things deep down after the incident in Bo. She needs care to deal with them.


– What? The evil spirits disappeared ?? – walking next to Xin Xia, Mo Fan decided to check the pearl and found that the negative energy was becoming weaker and weaker.

Overcome with doubts, Mo Fan mentally looked into the pearl and found that it was all filled with energy !!

What a pleasant surprise! If a funded pearl is full of energy, that means he can use demonization !!

– Is it possible that, while purifying this pearl, old Bao added the ability to filter energy ?? All aggression of negative energy has disappeared, turning it into the pure energy of demonization !! – Mo Fan said excitedly.

Mo Fan realized that he could no longer call her an accumulative pearl. Now she has become his trump card – the pearl of demonization !!

Who would have thought! He came here to help Xin Xia save people and at the same time received such a big reward!

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