Chapter 1062. Money down the drain!


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This is not the first time that Banpo has been imposed. Using his high status, he obtained permission to be in the recreation area of the Chinese team. Mu Ning Xue periodically imagined how Mo Fan again throws this blockhead into the river. How he got it!

“Prince Banpo, you should return to your recreation area, it does not make sense to arrange provocations here,” Jiang Shaoxu said, losing her good disposition.

“I don’t participate in the competition, especially since I asked your mentor, and he allowed me to be here,” the prince answered busily.

– The teacher just showed courtesy and did not refuse you, and you had the audacity to come running here. You are a representative of Spain, and today our countries are opponents. Have you really come here to find out about our tactics? – Jiang Yu said displeasedly.

Jiang Yu considered Mo Fang to be his friend. Apparently Banpo is here only for Mu Ning Xue. Jiang Yu was not going to calmly watch his friend’s girlfriend being taken away.

In China, there has long been no reigning house, but if we talk about social status, the status of the national team players is in no way inferior to the status of this prince of Spain, or who he is. In addition to Mu Tinyin, who takes this idiot seriously, the rest of the participants did not attach any importance to it.

Honestly, listening to his endless chatter, Jiang Yu decided that Mo Fan acted quite rightly, throwing the prince into the river!

– Buddy, do you want to say something? Do you think our great country needs your tactics? Do not forget that at the last international competitions our country took the thirteenth place, and you left at the very beginning! – Banpo unceremoniously countered the attacks of Jiang Yu.

– Your mother, do not mention past competitions. You went home right away when you met with the American team, – Jiang Yu began to get angry.

– Jiang Yu, what’s up? Have you forgotten everything I taught you? What kind of behavior? – The chairman of the imperial palace, Pan Lai, looked displeased at Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu instantly died down, not daring to behave rudely with his mentor.

Hearing the teacher report back to Jiang Yu, Banpo was only delighted.

Being a member of the royal family, Banpo from childhood was surrounded by attention. And regardless of his mood, he never had to adapt to anyone.

“Prince Banpo, you need to get back to your place, right?” The match is about to begin, ”Chairman Ban Lai said.

“I’m waiting for that coward.” I already told you that arrogant rude student. Because of him, all the media wrote about me swimming in the river. It affected my reputation. I have to deal with him! – answered the prince.

“And how do you want to do this?” – at that moment, Mo Fan’s voice came from behind.

Banpo saw Mo Fan and laughed. Looking at him defiantly, he said:

“Finally you appeared, yet you retained the remnants of courage.” I warn you, I have already discussed everything with our team, and if you dare to enter the arena, you will pay dearly for it!

– Prince Banpo, are you threatening a member of our national team? – strictly said Pan Lai, frowning.

“I just warned, and you take it as you want!” – the prince’s arrogance has reached the limit, he did not even pay attention to the question of Pan Lai.

– You are so confident in your team, do you think she can beat us? – Feng Li asked coldly, he was tired of listening to these nonsense.

– We are not considered a super-strong team, but in the battle with you we have very good chances! – answered Banpo.

Prince Banpo was confident that the Spanish national team is much stronger than the Chinese team. He thought not only about the results of previous competitions, but also about the world reputation.

“Well … you are very self-confident,” the Spaniard even managed to offend Feng Li.

In fact, due to the delay of Mo Fan and his apparent disrespect for organizational discipline, Feng Li did not intend to let him out to moderate the ardor of Mo Fan and avoid his overconfidence.

But after listening to Prince Banpo, Feng Li decided that this time it was still worth releasing the hot-tempered Mo Fan into the arena.

“Mo Fan, since the prince urges all his people to get even with you, you will enter the arena and show them what you are worth,” said the mentor Feng Li.

Mo Fan smiled pretty. Did the prince really think that Mo Fan was scared?

– Do not worry, teacher, I will do everything in my power. We won’t lose, ”Mo Fan answered.

“Yes, yes, your efforts will be enough, we won’t blame you,” Feng Li unconsciously followed after seeing that Mo Fan had already changed his clothes.

– I want to give myself a little motivation. Well, have you already started betting? Help me bet 200 million, and we will definitely win, ”shouted Mo Fan Zhao Man Yan.

– Two hundred million? Do you have so much? Okay, okay, this is a great way to motivate yourself! If you lose, you’ll lose two hundred million, but such a bet will definitely give strength! Ok, I will set for you! – answered Zhao Man Yan.

“Prince Banpo, I heard that your throne controls most of the maritime trade in the Mediterranean Sea and across the Atlantic Ocean.” Indeed, from great wealth to great arrogance. Well, do you really want to increase the remuneration of your team? – asked Mo Fan.

“Two hundred million, that’s a little … a little … OK, come on.” I will put 100 million and that’s all. I don’t have much money in my hands, hee hee hee! – on the prince’s face a blatant smile blurred.

In truth, one hundred million is a pretty big sum! Few high-level magicians dare to bet a hundred million. But Prince Banpo deliberately provoked Mo Fan, if he backslide, then all his words will be just window dressing!

Prince Banpo did not know anything about the origin of Mo Fan, but he knew Zhao Man Yan. The financial capabilities of the Zhao clan were in no way inferior to those of the royal house of Spain.

The prince was sorry for one hundred million, but in any case he would not lose them all. At international competitions among educational organizations, prize bets are allowed by law. Rates are calculated based on the amount of money pledged on both sides.

Banpo knew that this time the rate was 3 to 1. Simply put, if the Spanish national team wins, then a third of Mo Fan’s bet will go to those who bet on Spain, and he will get about 30 million from his bet.

But if the Chinese side wins, it will receive three times as much money!

This is very similar to sports betting. The sphere of educational institutions in itself is a huge concentration of financial resources and there is already a reasonable competition system in the world.

The distribution coefficient depends on the total amount of deposits and is very fair. Therefore, if the winner is the one who had the least chance of winning, the players who made such a bet will receive a big win, and those who pursued easy money will be at a loss!

Honestly, Mo Fan did not have a dime. The 800 million he has been collecting for so long has been completely taken away by Azalea! The fact that he shouted Zhao Man Yan was just a joke, the guy quickly realized and played along with him. They wanted to make the prince nervous.

Despite all his arrogance, the prince was not so stupid, he did not just let down 200 million!

– Well, then a hundred million. Apparently you have confidence in your team only in words. Do you need something else? Go back to your place and stop making my eyes peck, ”said Mo Fan.

The prince was visibly pale. In fact, he couldn’t make a bet of one hundred million in one fell swoop. In the end, the money of the reigning house is not raised from the earth.


Watching the retreating prince, Mo Fan grinned. Banpo is really a fool! He so easily believed that Mo Fan would bet 200 million and sent his man to the betting center before the start of the competition !!

“Mo Fan, you go too far.” Money is earned by hard work, you shouldn’t throw it so irresponsibly into the wind, – mentor Song Hye said without restraint.

– Teacher, I was joking! I don’t have that much money! – said Mo Fan.

“Ah, that was empty talk.” But why then did Zhao Man Yan run to the betting center? Asked Song Hye.

Mo Fan was dumbfounded for a second. Turning around, he saw that Zhao Man Yan and the trace had caught a cold!

Your mother !!

What the hell !!!

– We ask participants to fall into place.

As soon as Mo Fan was about to run to stop Zhao Man Yan, the voice of the head judge was heard throughout the arena.

As soon as the head judge signaled, all participants must enter the arena. Mo Fan wanted to chase Zhao Man Yan, but Feng Li sent him to the arena!

– Jiang Yu, urgently stop this fool! I have no money! – Mo Fan shouted almost crying.

– Fuck! What have you not said before? I thought you were crazy. Put so much money!

– Stop fussing! Run!

– It seems too late. Look at the bets. Someone put a large amount on our team, ”said Jiang Yu.

Raising his head, Mo Fan stared at the large bet monitor. Indeed, the betting coefficient has changed a lot!

Despite the fact that these were world competitions, the number of bets was simply amazing! But still, 200 million is a huge amount, significantly affecting the state of affairs.

Mo Fan’s heart could explode at any second.


Zhao Man Yan pig !!!

Mo Fan will give out debts until the end of his life! He did not expect this pig to dig such a hole for him !!

200 million !! It’s even scary to imagine what will happen if they lose.

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