Chapter 1063. Underwater Funnel!


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– Listen carefully, paralyze that guy and that’s enough. Just do not overreact. You should not allow people to think that I am involved in this, ”Banpo whispered to a member of the Spanish national team named Fulan.

Despite the fact that Fulan grew up in a reigning house, he did not have a consanguineous relationship with the imperial family, he is just a foster. But Banpo and Fulan always considered each other brothers. Many knew that Fulan obediently obeyed the prince, and did all the dark deeds for him.

– Do not worry, I will not stand on ceremony with him! – Fulan was serious.

All participants were already in the preparatory zone and were waiting for a signal from the chief judge.

The stands for spectators in this arena were very specific. Separate platforms stood only on one thick column, and all were at different heights. Because of this, the voices of the audience seemed to fade away, then flare up again, like waves.

At first, everyone thought that such a relief of the arena would be very beneficial for the magicians of the element of the earth, because it was all filled with stone spikes. But just before the start of the competition, the organizers from Venice changed the relief of the arena, making it even more amazing !!

Ten magicians of the water element stood along the perimeter of the arena. They formed powerful waves of water magic directing them into the arena.

Ten huge seething waterfalls rushed into the arena from different directions. From such a magnificent sight, the audience took their breath away!

At first, nothing happened. But gradually the water level in the arena began to rise. A thick layer of water completely hid the stone peaks of several meters.

In just a few minutes, the entire arena turned into a large lake. Walking around the arena has become impossible. Here and there were only high stone peaks!

– It changes everything! – frowned Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was sure that they could defeat the Spanish national team in the land arena. After Spain, much stronger opponents were waiting for them, it was not worth spending all their strength now.

But such dramatic changes in the arena turned it into a continuous water-rocky space. It’s good that there are a couple of rocky islets on which he could turn around. If it were a continuous expanse of water, Mo Fan, who could not swim, would fall into a very difficult position.

– The arena has turned into a water battlefield. Mo Fan is not very strong in water battles. Ah, a completely unfavorable environment, ”said Jiang Yu.

– Yes, that there is an unfavorable environment, even his teammates are not located to him.

– That’s for sure. Zu Jimin and Nan Rongni are very angry with him. Let’s see how Nan Jue deals with this situation.

– Do not forget that there is still Zhao Man Yan. Although not in the arena, he managed to insert sticks into the wheels of Mo Fanu.


The head judge gave a sign to the participants to enter the arena.

Competitions in Venice are a collective form of competition. Confrontation of ten people.

This time, the Chinese team included Mo Fan, Nan Jue, Jiang Shaoxuy, Nan Rongni and Zu Jiming. As in the previous time, the team had one main striker and four auxiliary players.

Mo Fan did not understand the logic of the distribution of players, which Feng Li was guided by. Nan Jue and Jiang Shaoxu were not particularly powerful attacking magicians. And with Nan Rongni and Zu Jiming, all responsibility for the attack lies with Mo Fang!

Mo Fan felt that turning the arena into a lake was very beneficial for Spain. When the water level rose, they barely held back a smile.

– Spain is a coastal state. Most likely in their country there are many strong magicians of the element of water. And even if their team does not have magicians of the element of water, they probably well understand the tactics of fighting in the water. The forecasts are not very optimistic, said Nan Jue.

“We will do everything we can, okay,” said Jiang Shaoxuy.

“Mo Fan, do you see that player with blue curly hair?” – said Nan Jue.

“I see, so what?” – answered Mo Fan.

“This is Fulan, the most powerful mage in the reigning house.” He obeys Prince Banpo unquestioningly, so you should be careful with him.

– Good.

The head judge loudly announced the official start of the competition between the national teams of China and Spain.

The Spanish national team really knew a lot about the battle on the water. At least three people used water element magic. Turning the arena into a lake turned out to be just right for them.

Stone peaks sticking out of the water were the only hope for Mo Fan.

The Spaniards turned out to be very insidious, they knew that there were a few water magicians in the Chinese team, so they immediately began to catch a strong wind, raising waves on the lake and trying to destroy the remaining peaks sticking out over the water surface.

Nan Jue began to worry, realizing the Spaniards plan to destroy the remaining peaks.

The main player in their team was Mo Fan, and if not a single peak remains in the arena, then the battle can be considered lost.

– Stop them! Do not let them destroy the dragon’s stone fangs! – Nan Jue said loudly.

– How to stop them if they attack not us, but stones. If we stop them … ”said Zu Jimin.

– You are a fool! If there are no places left for fighting, I will not be nice to you! – angry Mo Fan.

Now, Mo Fan has a debt of 200 million !! Bitterness and anger warmed his fighting spirit. Watching the Spaniards destroy stones, Mo Fan rapidly formed star systems …

Well, if they attack the stones, then he himself attacks them !!

– Burial with a heavenly flame!

Mo Fan started the battle in an instant. Thick clouds of fire rose high into the sky and immediately turned into a fiery rain falling on the Spaniards.

Flaming rain, falling to the surface of the water, flared up even more, turning everything into a sea of fire.

In such an environment, the Spaniards did not dare to continue to attack the stones. Water waves and strong winds extinguished the flames.

– It seems they are missing one person? – said Jiang Shaoxuy.

Mo Fan looked around the arena and saw that there were only four Spaniards who entered the battle.

He had no doubt that the fifth participant was a magician of the element of water and was now in the depths of the lake. It is possible that he had already managed to quietly get to them.

Nan Jue lowered her head slightly, listening carefully.

Suddenly she changed her face:

– A hidden wave is approaching from below, get ready for defense!

Shortly afterwards, water currents came into a strange movement.

First, the deep layers of water came into motion, gradually spreading towards the water surface. A huge water funnel appeared on the lake, it seemed that there was a large sea monster in the water, sleeping directly beneath them. And now it has opened its giant jaws!

The waves became stronger and some more fragile stone peaks began to collapse. Surrounded by water currents, Mo Fan peered down. Amid the whirlpool, he managed to examine the human silhouette. Waving with both hands, he spun streams of water.

It was a difficult funnel, it absorbed and dragged to the bottom everything that came in its way. The middle of the whirlpool slowly rose up, trying to devour the five magicians!

– Apparently they want to separate us. Will not work! – said Jiang Shaoxuy.

“You need to come up with a way out; my magic is useless here,” said Zu Jiming.

Nan Jue stood with her eyes closed, her short hair chaotically developing in gusts of wind.


A powerful sound wave leaked into the water. Sound magic was accompanied by spatial vibrations. When the wave crashed into the water, strong curvatures went over the entire surface of the funnel!

Following this, an impressive whirlpool dissipated, waves of spray rose to a ten-meter height.

Sound vibrations not only destroyed the funnel, but also reached the Spanish water magician who took refuge in the depths. Sound waves surrounded him, making his ears ring and even ring in his eyes!

Unable to withstand the sound attack of Nan Jue, the magician fled, ending his attacks.

But Nan Jue was not going to let him go. The girl snapped her fingers, and a powerful sound, like a bullet, cut through the water and rushed after the enemy.

A long trail appeared in the water. Nan Jue clicked with both hands, and they saw how the sonic bowstring crashed into the water.

Water splashed everywhere, sonic arrows attacking the Spanish diver one by one. The Spaniard could not even think that among the opponents would be a mage of sound. Water did not constitute the slightest obstacle to sound attacks. Arrows hit right on target.

After ten beats of sound arrows, the Spaniard’s magical armor fell into disrepair.

– It turns out they have a mage element of sound! – Squinting, Fulan examined Nan Jue.

In Europe, magicians of the element of sound were quite rare. And in other countries too. In addition to the magician with whom Banpo wanted to get even, Fulan now wanted to fight with this girl.

“Keep on in the water, but don’t attack so rashly.” Wait until we give you the right moment. ”Fulan turned to the diver.

“I don’t want to be in the water until you figure out the mage of the sound element,” he answered helplessly.

– Do not worry, she is here for a short while! – Fulan smiled. In total, his people knew about his outstanding abilities.

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