Chapter 1064. Fire Against Fire!


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Sapphire-colored feathers swung open and flew into the air.

These feathers did not crumble into the arena, on the contrary, they clearly kept their shape, forming wings, which literally struck the audience with their appearance!

With wings behind him, Fulan as if a shell soared into the air, and only at a height of one hundred meters above the site, all the audience could see its impressive appearance.

The magician flew even higher, hitting all who came. Numerous girls literally squealed with delight, staring at Fulan.

Rising high-high, Fulan hawked sharply downward, aiming at the girl with an element of sound Nan Jue.

As he approached the earth, the air around him ignited, and the magician himself now looked like a sapphire meteorite.

“He also has an element of fire!” – Mo Fan carefully looked at Fulan.

This meteorite was getting closer, and with its approach the audience could see how huge and impressive it was!

– Leave it to me! – Mo Fan knew that it was his opponent.

– The fire!

Mo Fan shouted the word, and at the same moment the flame of a fiery rose and the brown glow of a fiery threat flared up simultaneously, connecting into a fiery column.

– If I enter the battle, then you can assume that you lost! – sharply said Mo Fan.

A veil of fire appeared that began to crumble into many blazing feathers, which now formed wings of fire behind the mage!

– Go ahead!

Simply put, these wings are not used to fly – the magician can only rise into the air due to the power of each feather of fire!

However, with the destructive power of this spell, Mo Fan became like a burning rocket ….

Mo Fan’s body was also completely covered with fire, and before the collision with the sapphire meteorite now remained about thirty meters!

The flames of the fiery rose and the threat were in no way inferior to the fire with a sapphire-colored glow released by Fulan.

Two magicians literally swept the sky over the arena with their flame ….

– This is a confrontation!

Numerous magicians sitting in the stands, now looked at the sky, mouths gaping.

Few of them have ever encountered the magic of such power.

– Only being absolutely confident in your own magic can you so eagerly rush into battle!

– This fire of various types only confuses, it is not clear what is happening there ….

– It seems a man is flying!

Surrounded by a cloud of blue fire, Fulan, apparently, could no longer resist the pressure of Mo Fan, and now he flew like a stone into the lake in the arena.

Mo Fan also rushed down, only he did not fly so sharply.

“Thousands of feathers of the fiery phoenix!”

At some point, the wings behind Mo Fan began to crumble into particles. These feathers chased after Fulan, forming the silhouette of a fiery phoenix in the air!

Fulan simply went nuts, seeing that a fiery bird was rushing after him, without hesitation for a long time, he hastened to activate the shield.


The fiery feathers literally turned the water into boiling water, due to which Fulan had no choice but to quickly move to the stone peak, but even there Mo Mo’s fire overtook him.

It’s good that his shield was not easy, so he was able to protect the owner from a large number of glowing feathers.

– This is the magician of the element of fire! – exclaimed Ban Lai.

Ban Lai first saw Mo Fan in a similar battle, when he uses the double magic of fire, he did not even think that such shots could be found in the national team.

Mo Fan and Fulan fought desperately, but in this battle it was the latter who was lagging behind!

People from the Spanish side, who had particular hopes for Fulan, changed dramatically in their faces.

– Fulan is one of the brightest representatives of the Spanish fire magicians, how could he be dipped into the water? – some fans could not stand the heat of passion.

The girls who were sighing about him, too, could not have imagined such a turn of events!

One bright butterfly fluttered above the water. When Fulan got out of the water, she flew up and sat on his wound, exerting her healing effect.

Fulan looked at a team member named Palis, and his face expressed embarrassment.

This girl very much liked Fulan, and also part-time was a magician of the healing element in their team. Indeed, Fulan did not want to appear before her in this form.

“Fulan, don’t underestimate him,” said Palis.

He only nodded his head, fixing his mortal gaze towards Mo Fan.

Fulan was very angry, and this whole situation was still reinforced by his inner insecurity.

He possessed a spiritual seed of sapphire flame, which, although it did not have a spherical effect, was even superior to spiritual seed in its power, how could he find himself in such a situation ?!

Can the flame also be masked?

Of course, Fulan did not even suspect that such a fierce fire of Mo Fan was provided not by the presence of some special seed, but by the presence of a hetero that makes his daddy simply unimaginably strong!

“Prince Banpo, and you turned out to be a strong rival,” came Conti’s voice.

“This is just the first round, Fulan is not as weak as you might think, teacher Conti, he has not yet managed to show his true power,” answered the prince.

Banpo knew exactly what Fulan was capable of. The element of fire is not his chip, so all that remained was to wait for the show to continue.

“Recently, I have been showing interest in students from national teams, and I just received information about this Chinese magician – he is the owner of natural talent,” Conti said with a smile.

“He has not only one natural talent, our Fulan has an even more powerful gift …” said the girl sitting next to her.

This girl was the sister of Prince Banpo, who behaved similarly – an arrogant expression did not leave her face.

“Teacher Conti …” the prince only wanted to say something, as a sharp sound came.

At this moment, the Chinese magician kindled all the particles of his flame, which is why the water in the lake simply evaporated, and the water level was rapidly falling!

“He has a very powerful fiery spirit, so he can easily compete with Fulan,” Conti was very wise, so she immediately noticed the peculiarity of Mo Fan.

“Ha, he can’t win!” – Prince Banpo answered coldly.

Mo Fan did not hide his abilities, as he intended to end this fight.

Just using high-level magic alone, you will not be able to achieve an impressive result, but the embodiment of a fiery geter can significantly accelerate all processes!

The fiery spirit already markedly gave it magic power, what can we say about the fiery goddess? Almost all magicians of the element of fire can simply be envious!

Mo Fan used a fiery getter with the help of summoning magic, which could extend the effect of his daddy’s fire magic – not a single spiritual seed is capable of this!

Even at this level of development of the Mo Fan element of fire, there are only a few fire magicians around the world who can compare with it, so its magic created a huge resonance in the arena!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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