Chapter 1065. Burial with Flaming Fists


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Fulan waved his blue wings again to fly up to the highest stone peak.

Mo Fan also did not back down, climbing one of the stones.

“Didn’t Prince Banpo tell you to finish me well and disgrace myself in front of people?” Why, then, are you acting so cowardly now? – asked Mo Fan.

Fulan only flashed a cold look: “Do not be arrogant! “You may have a magical gift, but it is nothing compared to my talent!”

– Yeah, come on, let’s show your natural talent, otherwise I have very few worthy rivals, do not disappoint me! – Mo Fan laughed.

“Don’t be so self-confident!” – with anger in his voice said Fulan.

– How so? First I have to put your prince in his place!

Mo Fan sent a blazing fist straight to the stone!

Fulan’s body was covered with a blue flame, which now also accumulated in a blazing fist.

The power of Fulan was reinforced by his blue fiery wings, so the spell was stronger than the magic of Mo Fan.

As soon as the blue flaming fist flew into the air, Mo Fan jumped onto another stone peak.

Turning his head, he saw a shattered stone behind, and this really surprised him.

“Aren’t you sure of yourself?” Next time you dare not behave like that! – Fulan’s body began to be covered with a strange glow, and the energy of burial with a heavenly flame gathered around him.

Fulan did not cast this spell in the form of fire rain, but only accumulated all the power in his right hand.

Seeing the burial with a heavenly flame, which Fulan clenched in a fist, Mo Fan was not at all embarrassed.

– Burial with a heavenly flame! Cried Fulan, concentrating the fire.

The fire rose into the air, and then split into many flaming fists, which in a burning dance flew towards Mo Fan!

The talent of Fulan, which allowed him to interbreed in a single outburst of magic spells of a blazing fist and burial with a heavenly flame, simply struck the public. The eyes of people literally crawled out of their orbits, and they themselves could hardly breathe.

Mo Fan raised his head and realized that he was surrounded by numerous flaming fists – he could not escape.

– Is it really his talent to mix different spells? – surprised Mo Fan.

To mix spells of burial with a heavenly flame and a burning fist is far from every magician can do. In this case, the connection between the stellar systems should be simply breathtaking, and the control of magic absolute!

This magic turned out to be so strong that there was only a roar around, and the arena ended up riddled!

Each of the crumbling flaming fists had a powerful energy!

Mo Fan could not even release the return magic, because he was in the grip of the enemy’s strongest fire breath!


The lake below has already turned into a boiling pot, stone peaks have been destroyed, and Fulan with his flame covered almost the entire territory of the arena – people simply could not believe their eyes!

– Oh, and it’s unpleasant to get such a blow! – laughed Prince Banpo, overflowing with a sense of accomplishment.

Conti thought deeply about what she saw.

“Teacher Conti, now you don’t think that Fulan will not be able to defeat this upstart?” The prince specifically asked.

– The fiery spirit can give the magician an inexhaustible source of destructive magic, as well as good resistance to high temperatures. I think that soon this magician will decide to retaliate, ”said Conti.

“Resist again.” Such a fire cannot be drowned out even by two to three simultaneously released water curtains, ”said Prince Banpo.

Conti wanted to say something, and her gaze involuntarily fell on the territory covered by the burial of the heavenly flame, where there was the only surviving stone peak.

The whole arena was paired.

Burial with a heavenly flame was so powerful that it could be compared with the strength of an entire team.

This magician stood in the same place with the appearance that he received only minor injuries!

“His fiery resilience …” Conti expressed surprise at his face.

Even such a powerful attack did no great harm to him!

“Has he not even activated the armor ?!”

“Is he poured out of the fire?” Why didn’t anything happen to him?

The smiles on the faces of Prince Banpo and Fulan gradually faded away, and Fulan was especially annoyed. He knew the power of his magic like no other: even the best armor could not protect!

– Is this all you are capable of? – said Mo Fan expectantly. More recently, the extinct flame began to flare up again, becoming stronger!

The body of Mo Fan is very different from the body of other people. The demonization element tempered him well with his harmful effects, forcing the magician to stay on the verge of life and death several times.

Attacking a mage with a flame with the elemental creature of fire is like waving an ax at the gate, even high-level fire magic cannot shake the little fire goddess!

The little fire goddess helped her daddy survive this attack, because Mo Fan was just too lazy to hide.

“You used your attempt, and now try my fire dragons!” – said Mo Fan.

He waved with his right hand, and fire broke out in most of the arena!

A fiery dragon whistled through the air.

Fire rushed towards Fulan.

If there weren’t any armor on him, his body would have already burned for a long time!

The upper layer of Fulan’s armor caught fire, and heat seeped toward his body. He, like a fire mage, also had resistance, only now it was not as powerful as Mo Fan.

The fiery dragon rose to a height of one hundred meters, from where it crashed down with fire shells!

– Faster, save him! Otherwise, he will leave the competition! Someone shouted from the Spanish side.

Palis, seeing the severity of the situation, began to release high-level healing magic ….

Radiance appeared around the body of Fulan, and it grew stronger in time with the creation of the Palis star cloud.

High-level healing magic creates a shell on the body of the wounded, as if plunging it into a vessel that is stored on it and at the same time heals the wounds.

Serious injuries require a long time to heal. It is also difficult to treat injuries associated with bones, internal organs and blood arteries. However, it is the healing vessel that can cure all this in a short period of time!

– Do not let her cure him! Shouted Nan Jue.

With such difficulty, Mo Fan managed to gain an advantage in battle, and if the enemy is healed, all efforts will be in vain!

– I’ll take it! – Jiang Shaosuy focused her eyes on the healing wizard of the Spanish team.

Her streams of magic of spirit began to penetrate into the girl’s soul like electric discharges.

The star cloud of healing was already ready for 2/3, so Jiang Shaoxu was right on time – she should stop her from releasing high-level magic!

– Soul protection!

When Jiang Shaoxuy was about to interfere with the girl, the guy from the Spanish team rushed to the rescue, releasing emotional protection, blocking the teammate from the influence of the Chinese sorceress.

– Damn, they also have a spirit mage! – Jiang Shaoxu changed dramatically in the face.

The magic of healing has already created a wrapper around Fulan, while protecting him.

The eyes of Mo Fan from this situation began to sparkle with a silver light!

– Still want to be healed? I’ll deal with him now!

Mo Fan, using spatial claws, seized Fulan, being at a distance of one hundred meters from him.

At that moment, when the healing magic was supposed to work, Mo Fan pulled Fulan out of his shell.

As soon as a person disappears from a healing vessel, the healing magic can no longer protect him!

Mo Fan has a healing mister sister, how can he not know about the chips of this magic?

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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