Chapter 1066. Poor Water Roar


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This attack by Mo Fan was amazing, even the magician of healing Palis did not expect this.

Mo Fan prepared for this in advance, having seen how the healing butterfly circled around Fulan, he immediately realized that if something happened, his rival could be healed right in the arena!

First, Fulan was attacked by the fire dragon Mo Fan, and then captured by spatial claws, now he was hanging above the water, unable to escape.

The judges, seeing the situation, involuntarily began to hesitate.

– Do not touch him! He’s all right, he can still fight! Cried the Prince Banpo suddenly.

These are international competitions, therefore, increased attention is paid to the safety of participants. Everyone here is a high-level mage, and if someone begins to face mortal danger, the judges should immediately intervene.

If the judges interfere in the course of the match, this will mean a loss.

The participant will be removed from the arena even if he is already exhausted, and the healing magician cannot help him.

However, at that moment, the voice of Prince Banpo sounded, who never wanted to believe that a participant in their country would be expelled – he had not yet had time to take revenge on that upstart!

“Mo Fan, that diver is close to Fulan, he wants to save him!” Came the voice of Nan Jue.

If you look closely at the water, then you really could see the waves emanating from the magician diver hiding there.

“Still want to be saved?” – Mo Fan laughed. He grabbed Fulan that was already in the water, the guy was unconscious.

If only that little diver-mage could save Fulan: all he had to do was drag him to his team, where he could quickly recover and recover.

– Judges, a truce! – said Mo Fan, making it clear that there is no hatred between him and Fulan. In this form, he transferred the enemy to the Spanish side, which ultimately knocked Prince Banpo out of himself.

Of course, the judges could not see everything, but if Mo Fan with his claws pressed a little harder, then Fulan’s life would certainly have been in the balance of death.

Two assistant judges immediately appeared in the arena, lowering Fulan down.

After that, there was a sound announcing the elimination of one of the participants. Fulan can be called more or less famous magicians within Europe, a big bet was made on him, so his exclusion from the match was a huge emotional blow for the fans of the Spanish team.

– Eh, it was better to prepare before the fight. According to my records, this guy named Mo Fan is one of the strongest magicians of the Chinese team, ”Conti breathed.

– Is he?! This uncouth savage ?! – stunned Prince Banpo. In fact, it turned out that Fulan cannot compete with him.

– By the way, their team is very strong. They have a powerful magician of the element of space, a sorceress of ice, which literally defeated the Japanese, and today this fire magician also appeared – they are really very dangerous! – said one of the more or less adequate representatives of the royal Spanish family.

“Why be so pessimistic?” Fulan was eliminated, but this does not mean that we lost. Do not forget that now in the arena some of the best magicians in our country. Did not notice that Pinol was silent all this time? I think that Fulan specially won time for him! – said the head of the Spanish team.


A rumble rumbled throughout the arena, the water in the lake was in waves, as if an earthquake had happened under the water, even the stone peaks were tilted in different directions.

– Poor water roar!

Now a young guy joined the battle, who had not really been sticking out all this time. After his loud voice, water began to roll in waves, rushing into the sky!

Spectators who were sitting in the upper part of the rostrum could see how the waves of water rise very high like wild animals. The audience abruptly pushed back from fear, and even seeing that the magic barrier pushed water away, the feeling of fear did not leave them.

– Poor water roar! My God! Isn’t that top-level magic? Shouted Zu Jimin.

– How can a top-level magician be in the Spanish national team ?!

– We are doomed!

The water rose so high that from one glance at this sight was breathtaking.

Mo Fan all this time stood on a stone peak, watching the raging water approaching him!

– Can not be! This guy can’t be a top level mage !!! – all the inside of Mo Fan was compressed from these thoughts.

During the Xi’an disaster, Mo Fanu saw a real disastrous water roar that literally washed away a thousand dead. That magic was different from the magic of water that happened here in the arena, however, judging by the properties of magic, it really was the highest level!


Only now Mo Fan noticed the difference.

The real power of water magic of the highest level would have simply torn Mo Fan to shreds, but he continued to stand in his former place, as if nothing had happened.

Mo Fan could not believe that among the students participating in world competitions, a top-level magician could appear. There is some catch or secret in the fact that the guy releases magic similar to the highest level.

The noise of a water roar bubbled throughout the arena, eroding the already weak stones, rolling them in waves.

The water blew half the arena, the Chinese magicians also did not risk joining the battle – the waves rolled one after another, without even thinking to stop!

Only water was visible throughout the arena, the space itself was more like a sea surface without a hint of land.

Chinese magicians disappeared to no one knows where, as their silhouettes were not visible anywhere.

After a while, the water slowly subsided, and the total water level in the arena rose to ten meters.

“How … how is this possible?” – stunned Zhao Man Yan.

The Spanish national team has a mage of the highest level!

In the framework of university competitions, a high level of magic is considered the strongest, in the history of competitions it is not known what about a certain magician of a higher level, even high-level magicians of the second or third levels were also not observed.

“This mage is not a top level mage.” Although its magic in characteristics and execution is similar to the magic of the highest level, real magic of the highest level would destroy the entire arena along with its barriers, and what we just saw cannot compare with the highest level! – confidently said Feng Li, who was at the bottom of the arena.

“But how could he release magic similar to a higher level if he himself is not a magician of a higher level?” Asked the rest.

It is impossible to believe that a high-level mage can release higher magic.

While all attention was riveted on Fulan, this Pinol quietly stood aside and prepared to attack!

Is this really the trump card of the Spanish national team?

– This is more like his natural talent. After he released the magic, his body became soft and his face turned pale – it was not so easy for him! – Feng Li’s eye was clearly focused on such tricks.

– Yes, we have no equal to such talent!

In the arena, Chinese magicians did not know where to go. Some of them washed away in huge waves.

– Chinese participant Jiang Shaosuy retires from the fight!

– Chinese participant Zu Jimin is out of the fight!

The voice of two judges sounded, who removed Jiang Shaoxuy and Zu Jimin from the arena, who immediately began to provide first aid.

They both fainted in the water.

– This is bad. We lost two members from our side!

– What about the rest?

In the recreation area of the Chinese team, a commotion began, none of them expected such a turn of events ….

* Scream

A man got wet through the water.

A man jumping out of the water landed clearly on one of the stones, his body seemed very stable.

The body began to ignite, which caused the magician to be surrounded by a layer of steam, and then all the water completely evaporated.

Mo Fan was almost completely dry, however, after the last spell from the opponents, his chest, elbows and lower back were noticeably damaged … by the fact that he survived, he owed the demonization properties!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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