Chapter 1067. Fire sword against the enemy


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Guess Mo Fan turned out to be true – it was not the highest level magic, since the difference was too obvious.

However, its destructiveness is so enormous that not all high-level magicians are able to bear it. If this magic were twice as strong, then even Mo Fan could not have been saved.

Taking a deep breath, he was able to feel sharp pain piercing his muscles.

In such a situation, he could no longer maintain his usual mood, which, of course, affected the creation of a star cloud.

– Mo Fan, what is it? – heard the voice of Nan Jue from a distance of 40-50 meters from him.

Mo Fan turned around and saw Nan Jue with Nan Rongni. The girls held together for protection, which is why they were still participating in the duel. Jiang Shaosuy and Zu Jiming could not hold out any longer, without having had time to show everything that they are capable of.

“It could have been better,” said Mo Fan.

By this time, Nan Rongni had already finished making up a star cloud of healing magic, and a luminous healing vessel appeared around Mo Fang’s body.

Staying in this healing vessel, he himself could feel how his damaged bones were being restored, and although at first it was very unpleasant, then all the discomfort disappeared!

These were world competitions, so Nan Rongni had no reason not to heal Mo Fan – if they lose, then everything will be bad.

After this spell, Mo Fan really recovered, his bones and muscles were no longer felt by aching pain, and the signs of fatigue completely disappeared. Still, high-level healing magic can truly work wonders!

“There are only three of us left, we need to give all our best,” said Nan Jue.

Nan Jue also hoped that Mo Fan would push back her previous grievances and would do her best to defeat Spain. If their team loses, then their entire one-year internship can be considered a failure!

– I gained strength, now I can throw them out of the arena one at a time! – said Mo Fan.

Nan Rongni also decided not to relax, and began to release the magic of the element of blessing.

– Blessing: gain!

Sacred signs surrounded Mo Fan, forming a powerful seal that lay on his body.

Any magic that Mo Fan will release will now be markedly enhanced with this seal of blessing!

– Little getty, let’s ask them the heat! – Mo Fan was already impatient, his body was surrounded by fiery feathers.

First feathers circled at his feet, and then formed flaming wings behind him.

Flaring up like a fiery bird, Mo Fan went straight to the camp of the Spanish team, he looked like a meteorite!

– Control: stone hail!

In flight, a fiery silhouette of Mo Fan was surrounded by a silver glow. This glow then raised the stones that were at the bottom of the water source – these stones rose directly from the water, surrounded Mo Fan and now flew with him to the Spanish team!

The stones rushed into the Spaniards, of which only Palis managed to release the magic of water – the water curtain was able to protect all four magicians of their country.

The stones fell down, but Mo Fan did not care at all, now he himself was a powerful projectile that flew at opponents!

– Taste the hot!

– Fiery mountain!

Mo Fan let out a roar, after which a volcano formed, from which a stream of fire surged!

Flaming sparks and tongues surrounded the volcano, and even the water surface was now engulfed in fire!

Members of the Spanish national team began to scatter in different directions!

The flames from the fiery volcano poured in different directions, Mo Fan specifically aimed at the very magician who released magic similar to the magic of water of the highest level. This guy was in the distance, and he clearly needed the help of his partners to protect him.

“It seems that the magic of a distressed water roar is all he can do.” It is possible that he released all his magical energy in a single spell, and this is his natural talent, Mo Fan thought.

By the appearance of this Spanish magician Pinola, one could judge that he was energetically depleted. Such a type of exhaustion is beyond the power of even healing magic. Having released the most powerful magic, he lost almost all his strength, and now he needed time to recover!

In truth, Mo Fan was still afraid of this fellow, because only one spell of a disastrous water roar incapacitated several magicians of the Chinese team, they simply could not bear the second such strike!

“First you need to deal with him, you must not allow him to restore his magical energy,” Mo Fan thought to himself and aimed at the most weakened member of the Spanish national team – Pinola.

Only there were four rivals, so dealing with the first of them will not be easy.

“Mo Fan, first you need to get rid of their healing magician, and then grab the water magician!” – in the head of Mo Fan, the voice of Nan Jue rang.

Mo Fan was amazed at how this sound mage can penetrate his head?

If you think about it, Nan Jue was thinking in the same direction as Mo Fan: however that may be, the Chinese team simply cannot stand the second disastrous water roar, and this Pinol itself amazes with the fact of its existence in nature!

Nan Jue moved after Mo Fang. She released the magic of the element of sound, which literally pierced the heads of her rivals, giving them the feeling that their heads exploded from the inside!

These sonic tormenting waves were mainly aimed at the sorceress of the healing element, since, apparently, it was Palis who formed the core of their team, and she also controlled the battle forces.

It is very difficult to defend oneself from sound waves, even the spiritual protection of an element of spirit only weakens the effect of this magic. The worst thing is that painful sounds are heard in the victims’ heads. Several people from the Spanish national team clutched their ears, and Palis suffered the most severe attack – blood slowly poured from her ears.

“First, we’ll deal with their healing magician!” – shouted Mo Fan, trying to push the stone peak at the girl.

There were a lot of high stones around, besides the smoke from the fiery mountain of Mo Fan also had not settled yet, so it was difficult to observe the progress of the match.

Simply put, the healing magician in the enemy team is like a malignant tumor that constantly makes itself felt. In this case, it becomes difficult to inflict any significant harm on the enemy, therefore it is first necessary to exclude the healer. The Spaniards themselves were well aware that the Palis was their support in this battle, so they surrounded her on three sides, trying to protect.

– Do not think about me, I still have a magic item, protect Pinola! – shouted Palis.

The actions of the team members were inconsistent – they released all the defensive magic in the direction of the Palis, without even thinking.

– Amplification!

Far away, Nan Rongni once again released the magic of blessing, amplifying Mo Fang’s spells so that his flame would burn brighter.

The fire of Mo Fan was furious anyway, and now with the blessing of Nan Rongni he has become even more powerful!

Pinol really proved to be very strong. Sensing the approach of Mo Fan, he first activated his armor, protecting the body.

“Your battle tactics are not bad, but I’m also not one of those who give themselves to pieces!” – said Pinol with a cold grin.

“I don’t think you will sing like that after tasting my sword!” Fire sword! – Mo Fan joined his hands high, and a handle with a long fiery blade sparkled above his head. The sword reached a length of fifteen meters and, with the help of blessing magic, possessed an even more terrifying aura!

Mo Fan swung his sword.

Pinol bulged his eyes in surprise, he had not yet met such fire magicians. Judging by the magician’s level of control over the fire, Pinol was well aware that his armor would not withstand even one blow from this flaming weapon!

The fire sword is magic that is subject to only Mo Fan on the battlefield. Strengthened by blessing, the magic of the sword could destroy several magicians in a row!

The fiery blade rushed into Pinola, which is why he screamed loudly.

– Well! – Nan Jue rejoiced, seeing that Mo Fan actually pinned this water mage to the wall.

In addition to the healing magician in the Spanish team, this water magician Pinol was also considered a strongman. Without Pinola, Palis and Fulana, the Spanish national team is doomed to failure!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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