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This flame presents a fascinating purple-red color. If you look closely, you can see countless beasts in the heart of the flames, and scream in the sky, and the fierceness is rolling.

“Wan Xingyun!” Chu Xingyun’s gaze was slightly condensed, and the voice of his voice made the snow dancing on the side look strange. He asked, “Do you recognize this weird flame?”

Chu Xingyun nodded and said: “In this piece of Between Heaven and Earth, there are some strange flames, or pregnant in the extremely cold places, or hidden in the depths of thousands of years of volcanoes, these strange flames, not only With extremely powerful strength, it is of great help to refine the medicine pill or exercise the sword. However, these flames are extremely violent and difficult to find, even if they are fortunate enough to see it, it is difficult to use it for their own use.”

“In the face of this situation, some Martial Artists have a whimsy, using some Martial Study secrets to simulate the environment of the strange flame, so that artificially create a flame, this is the fire of the beasts in front of you. “”

Chu Xingyun is not only the Martial Emperor powerhouse of 叱咤turmoil, but also the eighth-level level in the Pill Refining, just one step away from the legendary Level 9 Pill Refining Master.

In the past, he had found a lot of ancient books in order to conquer a strange flame, and he also had a deep understanding of this artificial flame.

“The so-called beast fire is to put the flame heart somewhere, using a certain method to attract Spirit Beast continuously. With the body of flame burning Spirit Beast, the spiritual core of Spirit Beast will be integrated into flame. Makes flame a violent temper of Spirit Beast.”

Chu Xingyun stares at the fire of the beast in front of her eyes, her eyes are solidified.

The condensed way of the beast fire is extremely cruel and requires the endless Spirit Beast to burn.

Often, as long as it is the place of the beastfire existence, it will become a ruin. Not only does Spirit Beast survive, but even Human will be affected by this flame, becoming mad and mad.

“Not only will the Lei Family be slaughtered, but also the fire of the beasts in the Lei Family House. Who is in the end, and has such a deep hatred with Lei Family, so do you want to kill it?” Rao is a temperament like Chu Xingyun, thinking of such means, I feel a little scared.

“If you want to consolidate the beastfire, you must burn countless Spirit Beasts. Then you said that the Spirit Beast riot in the foggy forest will be given by the beasts of the beasts?” Snow dancing is not stupid. On the contrary, she is extremely intelligent.

Every once in a while, the Spirit Beast riots occur in the foggy forest, and this sacred fire is precisely the spirit of the Burning Spirit Beast.

Combining the two together, it is not difficult to think of the connection.

“It should be.”

Chu Xingyun rarely showed a hint of appreciation, saying: “As for you said that the Spirit Beast riots have been unusual, it is estimated that this 10,000-year-old beast has finally concisely succeeded, thus escaping the violent anger, leading to the Spirit Beast riot in advance. “”

Having said that, Chu Xingyun has a footstep and is at the front of the scarlet-red Dading.

His arms slowly extended, while using the spiritual force to resist the hot breath, while on the other side, he was groping in the scarlet-red dading, the dark, deep eyes, and the bright glow.

“Found it!” Chu Xingyun’s face was a joy, the body jerked back and returned to its original position. On the palm of his hand, there was a slap-sized jade stone, which was filled with a touch of sweetness.

“What is this again?” Snow whispered again, she had read the classics since childhood, and she knew everything about it, but at this moment, she found that the knowledge of own was so small.

“This thing is called Yuyinshi. It is quite rare. Only in the land of cloud evil can we find traces. If we infuse the spirit on the yin stone, it will emit a weak cloud evil force. Attract some Spirit Beast of Earth Spirit level.”

Chu Xingyun reveals the clear comprehension laugh, no wonder he always feels a weird guiding force, constantly attracting him.

It seems that this guiding force is mostly the power of the cloudy evil from Yuyinshi.

The reason why the beastfire can be concise and successful depends on this yin stone, which continuously attracts some powerful Spirit Beast to reach the ultimate goal of melting the core.

“You just said that this beastfire has been concisely successful, can you conquer it?” Snow light dance suddenly thought of this, and some curious questions to Chu Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun also stared at the snow and danced, and for a moment, said: “Can.”

“Well, I am going out to help you Dharma Protector. You are wholeheartedly charging this eternal fire.” Snow swayed toward Chu Xingyun faintly smiled and turned away from the hall.

Chu Xingyun squatted, and some surprisedly said: “Why did you give me the fire of the beast?”

The beastfire is a man-made flame, but the power is not to be underestimated. As Chu Xingyun knows, under the full power of the beast, you can even burn the Earth Spirit powerhouse.

More importantly, the excitement of this fire has great help for Pill Refining and forging. The value is huge, no less than the Heaven Rank Martial Study, extremely precious.

But the snow danced, but said that Chu Xingyun charged, there is no meaning for himself, which makes Chu Xingyun somewhat unexpected.

Snow whispered and turned and smiled and said: “I have Martian Spirit Spirit, Innate and flame. If you force it, I am afraid that it will damage the body. More importantly, you know so much about the beastfire. In your hands, it is more suitable than me.”

After that, the snow dance did not wait for Chu Xingyun to answer, and went straight out of the hall.

Chu Xingyun looked at the back of the snow and danced, and smiled helplessly. This snow danced, it really didn’t take the usual path. Even such reasons can be imagined.

“Forget it, don’t want to do so much, put the beasts in the fire and say it.” Chu Xingyun took a deep breath, discarding the distracting thoughts in his heart, his eyes closed, and he sat in front of the beast fire.

I saw him sneak out his hands and did not directly catch the fire of the beasts. Instead, he spread the spiritual power, just like a gentle wave of water, completely covering the fire of the beast.

You should know that this singular beast has a myriad of Spirit Beast’s nucleus, which is violently anomalous. With the current strength of Chu Xingyun, it is almost the same as courting death.

What he is doing now is to use the power of own, slowly blending into this beast.

As long as the spiritual power is incorporated into it, Chu Xingyun can control the fire of the beasts and even bring them into the sea of spirits.

This process is very difficult and at the same time full of danger. If it is slightly careless, it is very likely to be burned to ashes by the beasts of the beasts, but Chu Xingyun has tried again and again, and has not given up.

Those who can become Martial Emperor have all the temperamental temperament of a rock, and they can enjoy such a beautiful scenery with the hardship of a hundred times of ordinary people.

Chu Xingyun ranks among the top ten Martial Emperors, and the temperament is even more determined.

In his eyes, this tens of thousands of beasts are dangerous, but they are a challenge.

As long as you can step through, whether it is for his strength, or cultivate, there will be tremendous help!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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