Chapter 1071. Struggle for an artifact


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– First, buy a galactic vein and promote the element of appeal to a high level. I think you have a little left to cultivate before that, ”said Pan Lai.

– Oh good! – Mo Fan obeyed the mentor.

– After your own advancement in development, apply a galactic vein, and with its help the agile wolf will dramatically advance in development. The energy that was formed at the very beginning of the birth of our galaxy is the cleanest and most powerful. Having received such energy, the development of an agile wolf will be accelerated several times, ”continued Pan Lai.

Ban Lai explained in detail to Mo Fan all the stages of development. When it came to choosing an animal spirit, Ban Lai focused on this.

The choice of animal spirit is the key. Jiang Yu saw the bewildered look of Mo Fang when he listened to the flow of new terms, and turned to the teacher:

– Teacher, maybe you should help Mo Fan and go with him to an auction or a magic market? No one can compare with your education. Even if you explain everything in detail, we can still make a mistake. Help him out. During internships, he supported me many times.

Ban Lai was chairman of the Imperial Palace of China. Such a detailed explanation of all stages of the development of wolf-like creatures is already considered a great courtesy on his part. But even members of parliament hardly dared to ask for his personal escort on a magical!

Ban Lai hesitated for a while. It was evident that he loved Jiang Yu as his own son. After Jiang Yu’s personal request for Mo Fan, he finally sighed:

“He only knows what to use me.” OK OK. Mo Fan, come to the market with me and we will choose the bestial spirit for you.

Mo Fan rejoiced incredibly, realizing how lucky he was. He hastily thanked Jiang Yu and Pan Lai.

– Not worth it. International competitions are closely linked with the dignity of our country, and even more so with the distribution of resources over the next four years. You need to use all your strength and achieve a good result, ”said Pan Lai.


Following Ban Lae to the magic market, Mo Fan wondered:

“Chairman, why didn’t we go to the auction?” Is there not higher quality?

The magical market was undoubtedly very large, an incredible amount of magical items was evident. If in your free minute you decide to take a walk around the market, then you definitely want to buy some outlandish little thing.

But due to the huge uncontrolled flow of magic items, fakes are often found among them. Therefore, goods on the magic market were cheaper, but with a lack of experience, could turn into a waste of money.

– You have a lot of money? – turned around, asked Pan Lai.

“Not at all …” Mo Fan answered honestly.

“That’s exactly why.” There are good things at the auction, but there are many rich people. Prices for the things they need can be incredibly high. The magic market is also full of good things, but it all depends on your insight.

Clasping his hands behind his back, Pan Lai walked in front of Mo Fan and Jiang Yu and simultaneously recounted all the tricks of the magic market.

Ban Lai turned out to be very experienced in this matter. He snorted contemptuously at most incredibly beautiful things.

Jiang Yu whispered to Mo Fang:

– In my youth, my mentor was constantly spinning in the magic market and he managed to earn a lot of money. Then he had the nickname Golden Eye!

– So here it is! – Mo Fan sighed.

He himself very rarely visited such places. In fact, if you gain experience, you can save a lot of money. What a pity that in such matters he was still blind!

“This, pay,” Pan Lai pointed to the thing lying above the long table.

– Is it a galactic vein? – Mo Fan looked at the subject in amazement.

In truth, the galactic vein is the most commonly faked item. Mo Fan did not dare to buy her in the magic market. There are no cheap and good things at the same time. During development, even a barely noticeable difference plays a big role!

– Yes, buy it. Just 70 million is not expensive, ”said Ban Lai.

Mo Fan was dumbfounded. Standing next to Jiang Yu shoved him to the side so that he hurried with payment.

Inexperienced Mo Fan did not know what to say and silently held out his card.

The Venetian merchant of magic items did not begin to breed empty talk. Without even greeting them, he silently withdrew a large sum of money from Mo Fan’s card.

Having received the money, the man handed over the galactic vein to Mo Fan. Without a word, he continued to go about his business.

Having received a galactic vein, Mo Fan continued to follow Pan Lai towards spiritual entities, magic vessels and fighting spirits.

Going around all around, they never found the bestial spirit with which Ban Lai would be pleased. All merchants of magic items praised their goods, but Ban Lai did not even dignify them with his eyes and continued to move forward.

– The quality of fighting spirits in Venice is very bad. Nothing beats our imperial market. There you definitely will not meet second-rate goods, said Pan Lai.

“I gave you so much trouble,” Mo Fan said helplessly.

– BUT? Trivia … – Suddenly Pan Lai noticed something and abruptly stopped in front of a small inconspicuous shop. The mentor gazed steadily at the far wall inside the shop.



At the entrance to the store a man with long bright red hair bustled about. Preventing everyone from going through, he did not even feel awkward.

– Teacher, I can’t decide so quickly, so I specifically called on you to help me figure it out. In the end, it’s a lot of money, I don’t want to make a rash decision, ”the red-haired guy said.

“Judging by your description, this is a pretty good thing.” Therefore, you should not waste time. There are many perspicacious people on the market, they can buy it at any time, ”said an elderly woman near him.

The old lady’s hair was completely silver-ash, but her face was like that of a forty-year-old woman. She was very well-groomed and nobly dressed, but her look betrayed her an arrogant and complex person.

– Do not worry, this is a very inconspicuous store, few people come here. Moreover, I just left, – the guy answered.

He hastily turned and walked back to the store.

As soon as he was about to give a sign to the owner of the shop, he noticed three people out of the corner of his eye.

The fact that someone else came, of course, is okay. But these three looked precisely at his jewel, which he looked at himself! The yak changed dramatically in his face.

“Pay, this is what you need,” Pan Lai said confidently.

“Good, but … I don’t have the whole amount with me, could you please borrow me?” – Mo Fan did not doubt the choice, but the price was higher than he expected.

Ban Lai chose the bestial spirit of the commander in chief with a price of 300 million.

Having already bought bone meal and blood essence, Mo Fan spent 80 million. The galactic vein was worth 70 million. And he had only 500 million.

– Look at him, there is no money, and is not going to learn to recognize good things! – Pan Lai said displeasedly.

Having learned that most of Mo Fan was bought at auction, Ban Lai did not rebuke him. The mentor explained that if Mo Fan bought everything on the market, it would cost him 70 or even 80 percent cheaper!

In response to this, Mo Fan could only smile bitterly. He does not understand many elementary things, and buying artifacts in the market, he will lose from the last pants!

– Since there is no money, then I will buy! This is what I need. I’ll give you 300 million right now, ”Yak arrived in time and put a gold bank card on the counter.

“Oh, it’s you,” smiled merchant Hebn.

– Yes, yes, it’s me. I was the first to see this animal spirit. Sorry, I just went for the money, – instantly realizing Yak lied.

Hearing this, the seller was confused.

Ban Lai himself came out of the backyard of the imperial palace and was very experienced in such matters. Seeing the seller’s confusion, he immediately guessed that the stranger had lied.

– Who said that we have no money? I can’t afford to pay my students. I need this thing, and you are after. Do not be so rude to wedge yourself! – Ban Lai pulled out his bank card.

In the end, they had already agreed. The young magician said that he did not have enough money, but did not say that they would not buy.

– Dear, my student was the first to notice this thing. It’s just not acceptable to take a card from that person! The other day he is going to participate in a resource tour and this thing is very important for him. Take it, this is my business card, ”an elderly lady with silver hair held out a sparkling business card.

Having glanced at the business card, the seller Hebn gasped excitedly.

“You are an assistant to the elder of the Freedom Temple – Dis!” Sorry for the inattention! – not daring to pick up a business card for himself, Hebn hastily handed it back.

– Keep it for yourself. If you need anything, just contact me. But still, my student definitely came here earlier and noticed this product. I hope you explain this to your guests, ”said the assistant to the elder of the Temple of Liberty, Dis.

During her speech, Disa squinted at a valuable thing to make sure its quality. 300 million is even cheap.

This seems to be their best purchase, as Yak said.

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