Chapter 1072. Breakthrough in the draft


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Initially, this little thing was sold for 500 million, however, according to experts, it would have been bought anyway, no matter how much it cost. Many people looked at her, but no one even thought to buy, for this reason, the seller reduced the price to 300 million.

All the same, there were no buyers until after the afternoon of that day the Americans showed up – they thought to acquire a little thing, but they still had to consult with a mentor.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, after some time, three people of oriental appearance appeared in the same store that, without hesitation, they decided to buy this item.

The owner also had a hard time: on the one hand, three Asians were unequivocally disposed to buy the item and even already wanted to pay, and on the other, the representative of the Temple of Liberty also wanted to please!

Temple magicians have a very high position in society, not to mention the assistant elders!

“Since you say so …” said Hebn, about to break through the map of Yak.

– Aha! – Pan Lai said heavily, stopping the buying and selling process between Yak and the owner of the shop, with contempt in his eyes he said, “I would never have thought that the assistant elder would use his position to take something away!” I think your ancestors suffered enough because of you enough shame!

– Old hell! How dare you say that! – swore instantly reacted Yak.

Pan Lai’s gaze immediately flashed with fury, which was directed towards Yak.

At that moment, Yak involuntarily took a few steps back, his face turned pale, and a cold sweat ran down his face.

– Little bastard, watch your words! – Pan Lai said coldly and authoritatively.

It became difficult for Yak to breathe, and he could not believe that this was happening to him.

Disa, who was standing nearby, also changed her face, carefully examining Pan Lai.

“I’ll ask … the younger generation is poorly versed in things, are you also here for this? – asked Dis cautiously, trying not to show negative emotions.

“I’m not one of those people who flaunt their identities.” We were the first to decide to redeem this spirit, and here you started to breed conflict! – Pan Lai said unfriendly.

– What other conflict? And so it is clear that we were the first to notice this product.

– Have you already paid the amount due? Have you agreed with the owner that you are buying this item? If you did this, then the store owner would definitely not be going to sell it to us! Judging by the look of this maltz, he did not dare to buy it! Master, if you are going to dishonestly sell and sell this item to them only because of the position of this lady, then I will not put up with this either! – directly blurted out Lai Lai.

The owner of the shop, Hebn, was clearly confused: it was today of clearly high social status that the man and assistant to the elder of the Temple of Liberty appeared in his small shop ….

“Master, then you decide,” Disa said.

Heybn looked around and, deciding to act honestly, took the Pan Lai card.

The situation of these two clients was clearly not low, and Heybn decided to sell the item to Asians, and not to the Americans, who simply got into the process of the transaction.

“Not going to introduce yourself?” – Disa asked in a negative.

The apple of discord in this conflict is a very valuable thing, and Disa wanted to make sure that she had not lost it anyway!

“Pan Lai,” said Pan Lai, his expression still unchanged.

Having paid for the goods, Pan Lai, without thinking about discussing anything with Yak and Disa, left the shop, taking Mo Fan and Jiang Yu with him.

Disa remained standing in the same place, trying to recover.

Some time after their departure, the voice of a dead-ass Yak was heard: “Mentor, can you really let them go like this? Yes, these Asians literally trampled our Temple into the mud! ”

“The next time you talk to this person, watch your words.” This is not an ordinary person for you; you are too young to understand this right away, ”Disa said.

“And who is he, after all?”

“The chairman of the Imperial Palace of China, his abilities go beyond human capabilities, he is one of the three strongest call magicians in the world,” Disa answered.

Yak’s jaw dropped, and at that moment he heard something overturned behind him.

Yak and Disa turned and saw Hebn that, from fright, he had dropped all the magic stones on the table.

Khebn rose sharply, collecting objects, trying not to show his confused look.

True, he acted honestly, and the next time he should not doubt so!

Leaving the magic market, Jiang Yu walked behind Pan Lai, smiling: “Teacher, you just were so cool!” They were able to put it in its place without even being named, and only at the very end introduced themselves! ”

– People of the Temple of Freedom are always very arrogant, I have not liked them for a long time, and today I have only once again been convinced that I am right! – said Ban Lai.

Mo Fan inwardly, too, was glad that that little woman got it: she couldn’t use her position!

She didn’t even ask who Ban Lai was, as the chair of the Imperial Palace of China was booming as extensively as the glory of the Parthenon. All of them are top-level magicians, and if the battle between the magicians of the Freedom Temple and the imperial palace of China begins, the chances will be approximately equal.

Only Disa is still an assistant at the deputy level, while Ban Lai is the chairman. When he came to America, he was met by the head of the Temple of Liberty himself!

Well, there is nothing much to say about abilities, either: Ban Lai can easily put Disa into one of her secondary elements, who will use all her four elements!

– Thank you so much, Pan Lai! Only thanks to your help, everything was possible, sorry for spending your money! Said Mo Fan, bowing his obeisances to the chairman and trying to thank him at least verbally.

– Spent my money? You say that I helped you, and that woman, too, is worried about her boy. First, give me all the money that you have, and the remaining amount … you can pay off the debt by giving me one of the valuable gizmos that you will get in the resource tour! – said Ban Lai, putting everything in its place.

Ah, but in the series and stories, the elderly sages, anticipating impending events, make gorgeous gifts to young talents worth over a billion, why does Pan Lai behave so sparingly, bargaining for some three hundred million?

Mo Fan did not bicker with him and gave him all the money that he had left with 500 million, and also pledged to bring a prize from the resource tour.

– That’s all. If you do everything as I told you, then the probability of your success is about 80%. In addition, the bestial spirit that I helped buy you is really very good, and if Jiang Yu did not ask to help you and he didn’t suit him, I would sell this spirit to them … – Pan Lai specially noted.

– Mentor, but we bought him! – reminded Jiang Yu.

“Yes, but they wanted to take this purchase by force,” Pan Lai nodded, returning to his usual mood.

Mo Fan began to make a breakthrough exactly with what Pan Lai had ordered him to do.

Holding a galactic vein that cost him less, Mo Fan could hear his heart pounding nervously.

This was a key moment for him, because if he fails this attempt, then he will again have to look for a huge amount of money to buy a new one!

However, it was no longer possible to put off any longer, and Mo Fan entered his inner world, beginning to break down the barriers that were in his nebula of appeal.

Mo Fan could feel how the waves of energy emanating from the galactic vein reinforce him and help break down the barriers!

He concentrated as much as possible at that moment, accumulating all his strength … for a moment the barriers collapsed, and he saw that his nebula of invocation was turning into a galaxy!

The silver galaxy was just beautiful ….

* Howl

* Jin

The agile wolf and the little heterka gave a voice, as if I congratulate their master – Mo Fan’s breakthrough meant for them that now a source of more powerful magical energy was open for them!

“Wolf, come here, the first exit is yours!” “Mo Fan acted as Ban Lai said, sending the released energy into the wolf.

After finishing the process, Mo Fan calmly sat down, because he knew that he had done a good job.

After waiting for the galaxy to calm down, Mo Fan opened his eyes, and now his look has acquired a bright silver tint.

– Still, the mentor Jiang Yuya is simply magnificent! – admired Mo Fan.

Mo Fan doubted for some time, thinking that a galactic vein worth only 70 million would turn out to be second-rate, and its energy would not be enough to break through, because good veins cost from 100 to 200 million, but it turned out to be even cooler than what he could buy at tenders or auctions!

Pan Lai’s eye is really set, since he was able to instantly determine the quality of the goods! We should learn this from him, while there is an opportunity!

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