Chapter 1073. Premium spirit


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A successful breakthrough to a high level in the magic of summoning unspeakably pleased Mo Fan. The money spent was not wasted, because he was so worried that in case of failure he would have to look for money again, and this is an extra headache!

Strengthening the body and changing the blood essence of the agile wolf has already occurred, and only now Mo Fan could see that his wolf is more like an operated patient, which overcomes pain by clenching his teeth ….

A breakthrough is always accompanied by torment, and physical pain is associated only with a change in the blood essence and body, while a change in the animal spirit entails mental anguish, so the inviting beast must absolutely trust the owner.

As for Mo Fan, he was sure that his pet would be able to make a breakthrough: the wolf went through a lot with him, fighting in almost all battles. What can I say, the wolf’s track record is much richer than the track record of the fire hetero from the contract space.

Staying in absolute solitude in the recruiting space, the wolf was already starting to run wild. Summoning magic has its own rules, one of which says that the summoning beast should not fall into the contract space, and this rule can be violated only in one single case: if the summoning magician is strong enough to make this move and hold the summoning beast in the contractual space, in the opposite case, the summoning creature simply sucks back to the continent of desolation of the summoning space as soon as the magician’s strength is exhausted.

Mo Fan heard about the continent of desolation from Pan Lai: the recruiting space consists of seven large continents, each of which is inhabited by different types of recruiting creatures. The type of continent does not greatly affect the creature’s magical abilities, however, it has a noticeable effect on the strength of the soul’s connection of the magical creature with the magician’s inner world, as well as on the ability to fight for the sake of man.

The agile wolf comes from just the desolation continent, which is considered a place for the wild and carnivorous, therefore creatures from this type of space are distinguished by militancy and fighting efficiency.

Mo Fan remembers well the first time he used the recruiting space, when the agile wolf was still just a dark wolf. Then he saw a whole battlefield that was strewn with the bodies of animals, perhaps this explains the orphaned lifestyle of the wolf, as well as his exorbitant desire to become stronger – to win battles on the continent of desolation.

– Old man, are you sure you are well prepared internally? Asked Mo Fan, stroking the agile wolf on the head.


“Tsyk, tsyk,” the little fiery heterka, without realizing it herself, also supported the breakthrough procedure.

“What do you care?” – unkindly asked Mo Fan pet.

The little hetero was not as small as at the very beginning. Now she had a waist, long legs, her eyes sparkled – if clothes could have been put on her, then Mo Fan would have walked along the streets with no shame of conscience, and all the passers-by would have turned their heads!

– Tsyk! – two rings of fire appeared around the getter, she clearly made it clear with her whole appearance that she fully supported the elder wolf uncle.

“Got it, I got it, you’ve already turned into a support group,” said Mo Fan, holding on to his heterosexual.

The little hetero really tried hard. An appeal to the wolf was written on her little face: “Be patient, the level of commander in chief is waiting for you!”

– Alright, old man, I’m starting. I know that you were always preparing for this. The opportunity is always there! When I have money, I will buy you 7-8 excellent animal creatures of the level of commander in chief! – said Mo Fan.

The agile wolf shook his head, and his eyes read full concentration.

– Let’s start building up the spirit!

Mo Fan mentally focused on the agile wolf, directing the purchased animal spirit in his direction.

Each body of a creature already has its own soul, and when they try to introduce another soul into this body, the first one begins to resist it, and this can lead to the start of a struggle between two souls!

If we talk about the levels of souls, then the soul of the wolf was at the level of the leader of the pack, whereas the soul entered was related to the level of the commander in chief – the difference in strength is obvious, so if Mo Fan himself does not carefully monitor this process, the soul of the agile wolf will simply be destroyed!

In the process of creating the soul, the agile wolf was like a small child against an angry dog, while Mo Fan acted as a trainer that kept the dog.

It all depended on the level of control of the magic of Mo Fanem: if something goes wrong, then the magician risks the life of his draft pet!

It’s good that the level of cultivation of Mo Fan is very high, his inner galaxies are developing well, everything else he has six elements, except for demonization – then five.

The more elements – the stronger the soul of the magician, and this directly affects the degree of control. If at this moment there would have been a mage of one element in place of Mo Fan, then he would not only be unable to keep the angry dog, but would also cause serious problems.

– By the way, what is special in this bestial spirit that the woman from the Freedom Temple did not want to give up shopping so much? Why didn’t she go elsewhere for this? – Mo Fan asked questions, continuing to control the process.

This animal spirit seemed to be no different from other spirits of the level of commander in chief … if you think carefully, then Pan Lai himself chose this spirit and even paid with his own money!

– Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Suddenly, an agile wolf uttered a heart-rending howl that was filled with fear.

Mo Fan wondered how his pet could give up so quickly?

The magician began to examine this bestial spirit, realizing that he certainly did not belong to ordinary types of souls.

Throwing a look at this spirit, Mo Fan himself nearly suffocated: it was like the soul of a dead animal already, but it looked like a magical beast was still alive, these four limbs, eyes burning with fire, and even the body completely covered with a white battle shell …

Mo Fan himself did not know what type this beast belonged to, but it was definitely some kind of predator!

Now it’s clear why the agile wolf reacted to this! It was not just the soul of the commander-in-chief, even the sea dragon, whom Mo Fany had once met, was inferior in strength to this spirit!

– This Pan Lai, what kind of gift does he immediately have to identify the best quality products? – could not resist Mo Fan.

Only at this moment Mo Fan understood why Yak and Disa were so clinging to this spirit – its power clearly exceeded the power of the ordinary commander in chief!

– Agile wolf, calm down, you really have a wonderful spirit, and we can make you not just the commander in chief, but even pump your space! This beast is already dead, and you are alive – you can even reach the level of a commander, only for a start we must complete this process, I will protect you! – consoled Mo Fan.

This spirit turned out to be so strong that even Mo Fan had goose bumps. The stronger the spirit, the greater the risks.

As soon as the agile wolf makes a breakthrough, he will no longer have to roam the continent of desolation!

The representative of the top commanders, he will be able to constantly strengthen!


However, even the wolf himself was well aware that Mo Fan was constantly growing, progressing in his cultivation, the little heterka also constantly grew, and only he, an agile wolf, was stuck at the level of development of the leader.

Having opened its mouth, blood flowed from there – the result of the struggle of souls of different levels!

– Come on, come on, go ahead! – supported Mo Fan.

Tsyk, tsyk, tsyk, – the little hetero also tried to support them!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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