Chapter 1074. Soaring White Monster


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Yunlan Magical Community of High-Level Ethnic Chinese Mages in Venice

Jiang Yu also constantly returned thoughts to the incident, not understanding what could have happened in this bestial spirit, since the conflict led to the assistant of the Freedom Temple elder: “Mentor, the spirit that was bought for Mo Fan – is he really so good? ”

– Honestly, even I myself was surprised to see such a thing in the Venetian magic market. There is nothing special in this spirit, and a shrewd person certainly will not pay three hundred million for him, even at the auction the red price is two hundred million … – Pan Lai tried to take a sip of coffee, but immediately spat it out.

“Mentor, drink better tea,” said Jiang Yu, handing him tea, “so why did you spend 300 million?” To annoy that woman who decided to take advantage of her position?

– Annoy? “Pan Lai frowned,” I said that this bestial spirit is exactly right for Mo Fan, since it can be very useful for him, which is why I bought it. I’ll also give you a present for your graduation, it’s only a pity that such an animal spirit will be useless for your draft animals, because one of them is literally carved from stone, and the second is too sensitive ….

“That means a really good spirit.” But you kind of said that this is the usual spirit of the level of commander in chief … – said Jiang Yu.

– In the eyes of other specialists, it may be ordinary, but the eye of your mentor is set. If I had not reached the outskirts of the South Pole in due time, I would also have passed by this spirit, ”Pan Lai took a sip of tea. He continued to sip the drink, thinking that there is still nothing more beautiful than Chinese tea, and all foreign varieties are just slag!

– Outskirts of the South Pole? – On the face of Jiang Yuya flickered surprise.

– Yes, a place forbidden to humans. It does not have clear boundaries, the cold reaches its maximum values, however, there are still magical creatures that live there. Then we advanced one hundred kilometers to the South Pole, risking our lives. Although all of us were already then magicians of the highest level, and my current cultivation has progressed markedly, if they offer me to go there again, I will definitely refuse! – said Ban Lai, rubbing a cup of tea in his hands.

– So, in the world there are still places where you do not dare to go? – surprised Jiang Yu.

Very little is known about the South Pole, since that area belongs to the black zone.

The habitats of animals are governed by their own laws, arise arbitrarily, although at the South Pole it is not so easy to meet a magical creature.

However, if you are not lucky and you can meet one or two magical creatures there, then everything, we can assume that there is no chance of returning home.

Pan Lai, also considered to be a magical talent, is a master of top-level magic. Once he went with a crowd of the same crazy magicians to the South Pole, after which he was able to get to the imperial palace, where he continued to stubbornly cultivate, educating his students, never daring to return to the edges of eternal ice.

Even with his current level of cultivation, as soon as he hears the name of the South Pole, his facial expression changes dramatically, becoming sullen.

– We will not talk about the past. Do you want to know why I highly appreciated this bestial spirit? – Ban Lai returned to the original topic of conversation.

– Is this spirit related to the South Pole?

– That’s right. As soon as I touched it, I immediately realized that this animal spirit came from the South Pole – only such icy spirits could arise there. This is the spirit of a soaring white monster, the power of which is slightly inferior to the power of the commander-in-chief in the usual sense, but, being an icy spirit, he can infinitely strengthen an animal in conditions of ice cold, ”said Pan Lai.

– Has an aura of ice?

“Um … I’m unlikely to be able to explain this to you, but if that guy successfully makes a breakthrough with his pet, then I think you yourself can see everything in the arena.”

“So that’s how it still happens.” Really very unusual.

At the individual training site, there was such a roar from which water in several nearby canals began to fluctuate.

People nearby who heard the roar also looked at the site.

– Ha ha ha, it worked out! Pan Lai is a great man! – Mo Fang’s laughter was also heard on the court.

Following all the instructions of Pan Lai, Mo Fan was able to help the agile wolf make a breakthrough.

Now he looked at his agile wolf, wanting to see firsthand the changes that had happened to him.

The wolf stood freely on its four legs, its body noticeably strengthened: its muscles increased in size and now beautifully protruded throughout the body, giving the beast an even more majestic and warlike appearance.

His hair fluttered in the wind, its color also changed noticeably – it turned white, like cold snow, and there was a frosty aura around the wolf!

Mo Fan, wishing to strengthen her pet, was not at all surprised by his frosty appearance, only now the glow of the pupils of the wolf now made danger!

It seemed as if an ice spirit was raging in the wolf now!

The body of the agile wolf from the front to the hind limbs, including the back, was completely covered with protection!

“Is this … is it an ice aura?” – surprised Mo Fan.

Changes occurred in the aura of the animal: before that, the agile wolf had a wind aura, it was very weak.

However, Mo Fan did not rejoice at the change in the aura, since this ice aura was also not strong – the air around did not even cool down!

It was more like if an initial level ice mage had ventilated.

– Is it basically only external changes have occurred? It’s even a shame, Mo Fan thought to himself.

– Jin, Jin! – the voice of the hetero has expressed that she also watched everything and was incredibly glad for the wolf.

– Well, it didn’t work for him to inherit the power of spirit, let it be so, gain in level is already enough. Ha ha ha wolf, you became all white! – Mo Fan rejoiced.

Having spent a total of five hundred million, Mo Fan promoted the agile wolf to the level of commander in chief – and this is already a great success.

If you consider that one beast of the level of the commander in chief can fight immediately with 6-7 high-level magicians, then the money spent on an agile wolf can not be compared with the costs of even one high-level magician!

In short, the agile wolf did not intensify to the extent that Mo Fan expected, but he did not disappoint his master. Having at your disposal a summoning beast of the level of commander in chief, you can already fight with a whole team of high-level magicians!

“You’re really cool now!” Like the king of wolves in China! Then you will even be able to conquer your own territories inside the recruiting space! – stroked Mo Fan his pet on the head.

– Auuuuuuuuu! – the agile wolf, too, rejoiced at his success. A roar from his throat now carried through the streets of Venice!

– In the resource tour we can return all the money spent! – said Mo Fan.

– Auuuuuuuuuuu!

The white wolf still retained its wolf essence. Rejoicing at the breakthrough to the level of the commander in chief, now you can show your increased power!

The little heterka also squealed with pleasure that her dad and wolf uncle were already making such plans!

Mo Fan talked about the successful breakthrough of the beast Jiang Yuyu, who in turn told him where this beast spirit came from. He was only going to tell him everything that the mentor had told him about it, but Mo Fan did not even understand this, and we can say that he missed everything.

“The soaring white monster … is coming, so now I will call it that!” – Mo Fan gave the pet a new nickname.

A soaring white monster can calmly take off onto the eaves of structures and walk along the walls – this description now perfectly suits the white wolf.

“Have you tested his fighting ability?” The mentor says that it should be just frightening, ”Jiang Yu asked.

– Not yet, I sent him to the recruiting space to acquire my own possessions. It seems that it can almost be compared with most animals at the level of the commander in chief, ”said Mo Fan.

– Okay, look at it yourself. My mentor definitely could not deceive about this: if he says that the beast is strong, it means that he definitely has the strongest sides, ”said Jiang Yu.

“C’mon, I’m already incredibly glad that he got on the level of commanders in chief!”

– That’s for sure. Of course, your cultivation of the call lags behind mine, but this element is your third in a row! – added Jiang Yu.

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