Chapter 1075. Space row


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Mo Fan specially went to Ban Lai to express his gratitude to him.

Jiang Yu knocked on the door to get permission to enter, but at that moment, the stern voice of Pan Lai was heard from within.

“The mentor may have his own affairs, we can sit in the yard, just as I can tell you about the resource tour,” said Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan looked at the tightly closed door, reproducing in his head the stern answer of Ban Lai. He thought that he did not have to rude them so rudely if he was really busy.

Mo Fan, without hesitation for a long time, began to discuss a resource tour with Jiang Yu. The resource tour was key for Mo Fan, and also was a good opportunity to prove himself to all team members.

In a closed room, Ban Lai was sitting on the litter and looking at the man whose face was a scar.

“Old man, save me.” Out of hopelessness, I came to you, – a man with a scar on his face asked for help.

“How can I help you if you have done such that people from the Holy Court were able to dig up irrefutable evidence on you?” You are so stupid, do not you understand that in this world there are no unattainable personalities? All of us, your friends, are already desperate about you! – Pan Lai said coldly.

“The evidence has not yet arrived at the Holy Court … please help me, only this time!” – asked a man with a scar on his face.

– Are you crazy? Isender, how could you get to that state? Until now, you have not even thought about how to change! You yourself know that until the end of your life you will regret this stupid decision! After the tragedy in the city of Bo, the Xi’an disaster, Salan will never let you go! Go with the confession, before it’s too late – for the sake of your family, children, for the sake of your own reputation. We old people can only protect you for a while. Where is your self-esteem? You are at an impasse! – Ban Lai strictly reported to Isender.

“Is this a crime?” I admit that I didn’t put on the person for whom I acted obscenely, but doesn’t this always happen? Even behind the faces of saints and noble people, rivers of shed blood flow! – said Isender.

– All that you have done, you can only call obscenity? Old man, you have already crossed the border, I can’t look at how you walk downhill! If you do not want to go with the confession, then I myself will personally drag you to the Holy Court! – in the eyes of Pan Lai, one could see the steadfastness of the decision.

Isender immediately rose from his seat, and the black aura emanating from his body immediately began to fill the room.

Ban Lai did not think that his friend was on guard all this time.

“Do you really think only of yourself?”

“I do not want to die, nor do I want to go to jail …” The black aura around Isender became even denser.

Pan Lai could not move, as the black aura as if a lot of black dragons enveloped his body, completely immobilizing. Ban Lai did not even have time to release the return magic.

He sighed, looking at Isander.

– There’s still a chance, surely there is ….

“I did not think that you would make one mistake after another.”

Sitting and vigorously discussing something, Mo Fan and Jiang Yu suddenly sensed a stream of black air. Goose bumps ran through the body of Mo Fan, who has one of the elements of darkness.

Mo Fan turned around, looking at the tightly closed room.

At that moment, the door of the room swung open, and a man with a scar appeared from there. He only glanced at Mo Fang with Jiang Yu, and hastened to retire.

Jiang Yu ofigel, seeing an aura of dark forces emanating from the room. The guy rose abruptly and headed there.

Mo Fan also looked there, seeing Ban Lai shrouded in black magic – he sat like a sculpture, unable to move.

Mo Fan again looked in the direction of a man with a scar, but that one had already caught a trace.

He did not evaporate, this man either went into a secluded place, or had already managed to overtake far, far.

The shadow magic of this man was as fast as instant movement, since Mo Fan never found him.

– Mentor, mentor, how are you? – ran into the room Jiang Yu.

After some time, the bonds of dark forces on Pan Lai’s body disappeared, after which he was able to take a breath – his eyes were helpless.

Seeing Pan Lai, Mo Fan was very surprised, internally inquiring who the man was, that even Pan Lai did not have time to retaliate with magic.

“Ah …” exhaled Ban Lai. Without explaining anything to Jiang Yu, he sat down in his seat.

Mo Fan did not understand what had happened, and Ban Lai himself was unlikely to tell about this.

On the day of the ceremony of starting the resource tour, the whole world was shocked by terrible news.

An internationally renowned magician of the dark forces Isender was found guilty of a crime, which is why the Holy Court sentenced him to seize him and immediately kill him without re-examining the case!

Mo Fan only arrived at the general meeting place when he heard that absolutely everyone around was discussing the latest news.

Isender even surpasses Pan Lai in the level of development of magic, being an incomparable magician of dark forces.

However, Mo Fana was even more struck by the fact that the mantle of shadow was presented to him by Isender as an encouragement!

To some extent, Mo Fan heard about this man, whose position in society was equated with the position of political leaders – it was even harder to believe that in one night this person turned into an accused of serious crimes against humanity!

“This means that the Holy Court does have irrefutable evidence once an unequivocal sentence has been passed without the possibility of re-examining and conducting trials,” said Jiang Yu.

“Did your mentor know about this …” said Mo Fan.

Hearing this news, Mo Fan only then found out that it was Isender who then immobilized Pan Lai with his dark magic. What then could they discuss?

“By the way, is this Isander really so strong that even your mentor cannot resist him?” Can a holy court catch him if he is the most venerable wizard of dark magic? It seems to me that all over the world there won’t even be a few people who can grab him, ”Mo Fan asked questions one after another.

Mo Fan himself cultivates dark magic, so he knows firsthand how useful it can be to a magician who wants to hide. If we take into account the level of cultivation of this Isender, then it is not possible to catch it at all.

“Who knows … one cannot even believe that a person of such a level could be involved in such a thing.” They say that this is connected with some person … what kind of person is this …

– The resource tour will not be canceled because of this?

– I can’t say for sure, because Isender’s case is really too large.

This case really influenced the course of the competition. In order not to overshadow the ceremony of the beginning of the resource tour, it was postponed for two days.

Simply put, in a couple of days, people’s emotions should have calmed down.

Mo Fan did not react to such an event of an international scale, he was only interested in a resource tour.

16 countries have already been eliminated from the competition, so the remaining 16 teams should continue the battle in the resource round.

This time, the arena of the beginning of the resource tour was different from the previous one by the presence of a large number of magic stones with silver glow.

They were arranged in a certain order, and Mo Fan could feel how the energy of the magic of space accumulates inside each.

– Magical spatial row. It seems that I was attracted to the magic of space! – said Ai Jiang Tu.

“Where can it throw us with such a powerful magical structure?” – the eyes of Zhao Man Yan burned.

The magic of space was indeed clearly visible, and it was not clear which way it was moving.

The magic row of space was divided into two parts: the first was for instant conduction, and the second was a spatial gate that could move people to the appointed place ….

All this was constantly monitored by the magicians of the element of space. Each big city in the world has a similar magical series of spaces that allows people to travel to distant places within a few seconds, although this concept has not yet been properly tested. The longer the movement takes place, the greater the energy costs are required: in a world with limited resources, one “tourist” needs to spend as much resources as it needs to train, develop and maintain one outstanding military officer.

Therefore, it was decided to use these magical spatial rows only during world student competitions, so that participants could move in space through arenas.

“I will tell you about the rules,” the head judge rose from his seat, reading out the list using the international language, “160 participants from 16 countries will fall into the resource space.” Space can throw you all in different places. Due to the fact that all these places are very dangerous and teeming with magical animals, you should be extremely careful in the search for valuable resources that we have located inside space. Also inside the space we will have assistants that will help us track the progress of the tour, there will also be some devices that will guarantee your safety. I hope that until the end you will be able to maintain sanity and promptly call for help without chasing resources at the cost of your own life.

– Now, this is a spatial scroll. As soon as you feel the threat, you must use it, after four seconds it will start moving, and through the formed portal you can return here. You must always remember the value of your life! Do not make rash actions!

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