Chapter 1076. Elemental Black Forest Crystal


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– Spatial scrolls? Damn, it’s really how serious they got to the organization! Many of the students here cannot afford this! – admired Zhao Man Yan.

“Is this thing so expensive?” – asked Mo Fan.

– There is even a question not in the cost of these scrolls, but in the process of their manufacture. All over the world, there are only a few space magicians who can create them, so there are also very few who can use them freely, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“We all here would simply kill each other.” It’s good that the tour was so divided into different locations, otherwise when meeting with magicians from other teams you can lose your mind trying to share the find, ”said Jiang Yu.

All team members take part in the resource tour: these are 10 people in each of the 16 teams, a total of 160 magicians.

After clarifying the rules, students began to gradually pass through the magical spatial series.

The students passed randomly, but the most interesting thing is that Mo Fan climbed there very first, as the Chinese team moved ahead.

Mo Fan was also very interested in experiencing this experience. The magical spatial series directed each to a separate location in Italy, which was a very correct decision: in the most severe conditions of the struggle for precious resources, the unity of the team can be forgotten!

Mages should be able to survive in the surroundings, where they mostly have to deal with magical creatures: now the relationship between the guys in the team played no role in this tour, everything was based on only one thing – is the mage combat-ready enough to fight magic creatures?

As soon as Mo Fan passed the magic row, he felt that he was in a portal in which the vibrations of space were clearly felt.

It’s good that Mo Fan has already flown an airplane many times before: he tightly closed his eyes to avoid the effects of turbulence on his eyes.


The next second, Mo Fan disappeared from the general visibility of the crowd, literally melting into the portal.

As a magician of the element of space, he understood that from the impact of this portal, the body can become numb and lose sensitivity for some time.

The magic of space acts instantly. Finally opening his eyes, Mo Fan no longer saw in front of him either the arena, or the beautiful Venetian sky, or the large public.

After a while, a strange territory appeared before him, which was covered with various hills; a black forest could be seen ahead, and chilling sounds came from all directions.

Mo Fan looked around, not understanding where he was.

Although there was sky and mountains in this place, only a really stupid artist could take him for a natural place, since the difference with a real natural location is simply huge!

– This is a separate space! – Mo Fan in this situation was well-versed.

When you descend into the zombie abyss, from the scenery there the hairs on the whole body stand on end. This space also looked somehow unbalanced, but it is still very far from the level of the zombie abyss.

Mo Fan covers fear every time he recalls those piles of corpses in the abyss!

A separate space always has an end, and if you climb a mountain, you can see the edge of space. The organizers of world competitions would not throw students in a resource tour into some unlimited dangerous space, because then they would not be able to control the process and guarantee the safety of participants.

Over the head of the magician sounded hawkish sounds. Raising his head, Mo Fan saw a hawk eye at a height of one hundred meters.

“Is this something like a wireless surveillance camcorder?” – Mo Fan laughed.

The hawk eye is a magical item that is widely used among the military, a kind of bronze mirror that was in Xi’an. This eye transforms and conveys all the images of the glow of magic that he manages to capture.

In the context of world competitions, the organizers would never think that the participants were left alone with the space without external observation. Thanks to this, the rest of the public can also watch them.

The hawk eye will not only broadcast the actions of the participant, but also guarantee safety in this way.

Then Mo Fan noticed that there were many hawkish eyes – is it worth giving a name to a resource tour, something like “run, magician, run!”?

Being a competitive space, there must definitely be a competitive direction, something like signposts. In this space, of course, there should be a lot of creatures, but only a few of those that can really threaten the life of the magician.

Mo Fan looked around, but did not find the given direction.

As the mentors said, after getting into the resource space you need to find other members of your team as soon as possible – the only way you can grab more resources. However, the resources here were clearly not lying on the ground ….

Unfortunately, Mo Fan himself did not know which side his teammates might be on. All that was left for him was to move on, guided by the situation.

“Dark talisman, you’re an expert in good magic things!” Help daddy today, ”Mo Fan said to his pendant on his chest.

The mascot did not light up, as if to say that there was nothing of value nearby.

After the talisman swallowed the eternal lotus, he did not react to anything else.

In short, you can’t really hope for a talisman, Mo Fan was left to look for himself.

Suddenly he headed towards the black forest, asking the fire hetero: “Are you sure your youngest mom is here?”

– Jin, Jin! – according to the naughty little naughty girl.

Heterosexia recognized Xin Xia from the very beginning, and Mu Ning Xue became the youngest mother.

Unfortunately, the icy aura that comes from Mu Ning Xue does not particularly please the heterosexual, therefore she cannot approach her herself, however, the pet can smell her energy from a distance.

If the hetero said that Mu Ning Xue is here, then most likely it is.

Finding Mu Ning Xue, Mo Fanyu will be much easier!

– It’s strange, this forest is not so big, why, having entered it, it seems that it does not end? – surprised Mo Fan.

Around were old trees, leaves, and the dense breath of dark magic.

Mo Fan was sure that he had not gone too far, but the dark aura was very dense.

This meant that the forest was a compressed space – that is why from a distance it seems small, and getting inside it is not so easy to get out of it.


At that moment, a stream of cold wind swept, and there was not even a need for confirmation of the heterosexual: it was a sign of Mu Ning Xue, which was in front.

Mo Fan turned into a shadow and quickly rushed through the forest.

“Xuesue, how did you find yourself blocked among the trees?” – asked Mo Fan, being on top of a tree.

Mu Ning Xue was surrounded by trees that were covered with icy cold, they formed a kind of cage in which the girl was imprisoned.

– Caution, these trees can move! – warned Mu Ning Xue.

He had not yet managed to understand what was happening, as two wooden branches had already flown into him!

Mo Fan then jumped sharply, other tree claws already rushing towards him!


Crashed to the ground, the mage still swept some distance – his body was incredibly sick.

He is still a magician, since the body of an ordinary person would have cracked broken bones.

– Your mother! – Mo Fan turned his head and saw how the trees were already attacking him!

“I will burn them all down!” – said Mo Fan.

“There are too many of them, do not be impulsive, this can lead to even more dire consequences,” said Mu Ning Xue.

– And then what to do? I can’t jump between them like a ping-pong ball … – Mo Fan was indignant.

– There must be a main tree, in the hollow of which there is an elemental crystal. And you need to move in that direction, – said the girl.

– Elemental Crystal! This is the thing! – the eyes of the magician immediately sparkled.

The elemental crystal that Mo Fan obtained in the gorge costs about 300 million.

“Do you need my help, or can you handle everything yourself?” – asked Mo Fan.

“Come on together, we must speed up, otherwise the rest of the magicians will share everything,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“You use your ice magic, and I’ll look for that main tree.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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