Chapter 1077. The Symbiosis of Worms and Tree


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Mu Ning Xue continued to apply ice magic. Freezing was very effective against plant magic creatures.

Ice magic suppresses plant magic. This is the basic knowledge of nine-year compulsory magical education. Of course, fire magic would be even more effective in such a situation. Having made his way through the frozen black trees of Mu Ning Xue, in the middle of a small black lake, Mo Fan saw their commander in chief.

This commander in chief also looked very peculiar. Constantly dwelling in the lake, it was all covered with bubbles. It looked sickening!

In the middle of the commander’s body was a strange opening similar to a human mouth, only several times larger. Predatory twitching branches looked like clawed paws of a mountain monster. Approaching, Mo Fan noticed that this strange creature managed to capture a huge bear …

The body of the bear was 5-6 meters in size and completely shrouded in gray flame. At first glance it was clear that this was not just a servant-level being. He fell into the clutches of the commander in chief, as if he had opened a hornet’s nest. The whole body of the bear was in wounds, and blood poured down into the black lake, like water from a spring!

Bright red blood, falling into lake water, immediately turned black. Mo Fan sighed frantically.

He realized that there was not water in the lake, but altered blood !!

Such a big bloody lake … how many creatures were killed by the commander of the trees in this black forest ???

* roar

The commander of the black trees was very vigilant, he immediately found Mo Fania hiding near the lake. He issued a menacing roar towards the magician.

Even if Mo Fan had no eyes, the roar of the creature immediately felt his cruelty and wild hunger. It seemed that all life around was becoming his food. Fresh meat, painful cries, gradually flowing blood into his bloody lake …

“Calling your younger brothers?” – Mo Fan laughed, watching the commander-in-chief constantly roaring into space.

It became obvious that the leader of the black trees was blind, he did not see that all his brothers were turned into ice sculptures.

Without waiting for the rest, the creature decided to act on its own. Its long thick branches began to lengthen and, like huge whips, rushed toward Mo Fan!

– You are a tree! By creating such a terrible bloody lake, you dishonored all your ancestors! – Mo Fan cleverly dodged attacks.

Suddenly, Mo Fan disappeared, leaving only a shadow in the same place and allowed the tree to cut it out with its whips!

Mo Fan decided to sneak up on the other side, but as soon as he took a step, pitch darkness fell from heaven. The space around has sharply turned black, even though the eye is poked out!

Mo Fan has not used the power of night for a long time. The thick dark breath of these places markedly enhanced his shadow magic.

The commander of the black trees did not have eyes, but he realized that his goals also did not need eye contact. In the realm of night power, Mo Fan’s movements were so elusive as if he himself were a demon. Although the creature could easily locate Mo Fan, its long branches could not catch him!

“Those spikes … ah, no.” I don’t have to grab it! “Mo Fan was about to apply the shadow spikes, but then slapped himself on the forehead.

Obviously, this creature cannot move! Why else apply shadow spikes!

– Ash Claw of Lightning!

Mo Fan did not intend to stand on ceremony with this monster and immediately applied the crushing power of lightning.

Ash-black electric discharge tore the impenetrable darkness of the sky. Several blinding and fierce electrical discharges formed a lightning claw of devilish force that struck directly into the crown of an ebony!

The rumble of electric discharges spread across the sky.

It was a surprise to Mo Fan that from such a powerful attack the monster did not receive any serious damage at all!

“It seems time to use fire!”

Realizing that lightning magic was not effective against the commander of ebony trees, Mo Fan quickly switched to the magic of fire.

– Fists of the heavenly flame!

Gathering the constellation of the element of fire, Mo Fan, using his own power of control, turned the heavenly fire like raindrops into fiery fists.

This technique he spied on the mage of fire from the Spanish national team. But, unfortunately, the use of such a transformation requires a long training time. And if the Spaniard, we can say, it was raining, then Mo Fan it was more like a drizzle.

A raging flame descended from heaven, but it looked very fragmented and the power was not much higher than that of a Burial with a heavenly flame. A little more training and Mo Fan will master the advanced level of Burial with a heavenly flame!

The use of fire really gave a good result in the fight against this monster. A layer of heavenly fire covered the entire surface of the bloody lake. Fiery fists in continuous succession fell upon the commander of the black trees, burning huge holes in his body!

* roar

The monster finally went berserk, the bloody lake began to boom menacingly. Mo Fan managed to think about what other methods his opponent could have left, as long roots resembling huge eels appeared from a bloody lake !!

The root system was very dense and filled the entire lake. The roots wriggled madly, stretching further and further. From such a scene, the heart went to heels!

– your mother! What kind of creature is this ?? And not afraid of fire? – cursed Mo Fan.

The roots spread everywhere where Mo Fan was still blazing, but this did no harm to them. The roots inextricably pursued the magician.

Mo Fan frantically rushed back and forth, activating his bloody boots. But the roots stretched further and further, it seemed that they were endless! Twisting with each other, they tried to grab the guy.

The whole lake was completely filled with roots. Mo Fan never saw plants with such a powerful root system.

Pursued by a thousand roots, Mo Fan realized that he was getting closer and closer to them. Therefore, right on the run, he began to bring down fists of fire back.

The fiery dragon took off, bursting into the thick of the roots, and soon melted away, under the pressure of these terrible bloody processes.

One of the roots burst forward, almost touching Mo Fan’s ankle. The magician wanted to use a shadow puppet and quietly change direction, but it turned out that the roots had a good instinct. Without waiting for the magician to disappear into the shadows, one of the roots tightly wrapped around his right leg and dragged him back to the lake!

The remaining roots rushed towards him. Mo Fan already managed to imagine how they would completely entourage him and bury him at the bottom of the lake!

-Fire getter, save daddy! Shouted Mo Fan.

The fiery heterka reacted at the same second, filling Mo Fan’s entire body with hot fire.

A huge fiery explosion, like an atomic mushroom, burst into the sky, destroying the thick root plexus. Torn pieces of roots writhed on the ground, like creatures struggling for life from the last forces …

Watching carefully, Mo Fan began to panic.

What kind of roots are these ?? They look like monstrous worms feeding on alien blood!

It is clear why, although they did not have eyes, they nevertheless inseparably followed Mo Fang! Although in the power of the night, he knew how to hide his breath.

– your mother! What is it? There is a tree above the water, and the roots are like worms! “Mo Fan never heard of anything like this.” If he knew that it would be so difficult, then he would go to fight with small black trees, and Mu Ning Xue would deal with this nightmare.

– I will chop you up!

Mo Fan seriously got angry and called for a fiery sword.

But he did not order him to chop down the roots right away, but using the power of control transferred to him by a small hetero, he himself took the fire sword in his hands!

Each swing of the sword was accompanied by powerful fiery waves. Mo Fan chopped the roots into small pieces.

With a fiery sword and the power of a fiery hetero, he destroyed the evil roots. If not for the incarnation of the fiery geter, Mo Fan, having only a fiery rose, would not have been able to cope with a creature of the level of commander in chief!


The bloody lake began to boil again.

The roots of the ebony again launched an attack, but this time there were many times more …

Seeing this, Mo Fan realized that trying to chop roots by hand makes no sense. He needs to destroy the tree itself!

– Fire wings!

The fire around Mo Fan began to turn into fiery feathers, and they in turn formed beautiful fiery wings behind the mage.

The sharp appearance of the fiery wings pushed Mo Fan forward. Having regained his balance, Mo Fan raised a fire sword and pointed its point directly at the monster in the middle of the lake.

– Die !!

The sword of fire began to increase, and its length reached fifteen meters. The point of the sword towered high above the head of Mo Fan. Vicious punishing sword!

The raging fire had deadly power against this creature. The fiery sword cut the body of the monster from the top of the crown to the very roots! Raging fire spread throughout the tree, swallowing the whole monster!

Brown flashes of flame illuminated everything around, the blood in the lake also became a fiery brown color.

* screech

Bloody roots completely floated to the surface of the images of a dense layer.

Deprived of the main body, they, like blood vessels, died one after another, floating to the surface!

The bloody lake was full of remains. At this moment, Mu Ning Xue arrived in time. Seeing this picture, she shuddered.

The bloody lake as a source of nutrients, worm roots as a performing force, and the main body as a source of energy – this is how the black forest was created!

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