Chapter 1078. Conquered!


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Nature is so diverse that you will not meet. But such an unusual symbiosis is very frightening, especially for hunters who are often in natural conditions. If someone with insufficiently developed skills enters the territory of such a black forest, then he will not have a chance of survival.

Many so-called humanists sharply criticize the resource tour due to the frequent occurrence of dangerous situations. They believe competition should remain competition. Dangerous situations should be excluded, and moreover, you should not allow the entire planet to watch the scenes of the death of the contestants. But their outrage was quickly suppressed by the League of Hunters.

Hunters always walk on a knife blade. Every year, countless hunters die. If the magician decided to become a hunter, and, failing to complete the task, he died in the jaws of the monster, thus spending a decent amount of resources received from the funds of the whole society.

There is always the danger of death in the claws of a monster. The League of Hunters has always believed that the world is full of dangers and even without leaving the city you can become a victim of ruthless reprisal. In fact, magicians are never completely safe. And international competitions are no exception.

These altered spaces are monster territories. Horrible monsters and monsters devouring people, in all details are transmitted to the audience.

……… ..

When Mo Fan went to the black forest, the observing eagle did not have time for the speed of his movements and arrived only when Mo Fan already destroyed the commander of the black trees. An eagle circled in the sky, broadcasting a terrible scene of a bloody lake full of dead worms. Due to the fact that not all viewers can withstand such a terrible scene, the organizers interrupted the broadcast with Mo Fan and switched to other eagles.

Mo Fan was not enthusiastic about constantly watching him. In the end, he is a magician of several elements, and he did not want to publicly reveal all his skills.

“Have you taken the crystal?” – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– Picked up, take it to yourself. The last time we dealt with the curse of the drowned man, you gave me all your reward, ”Mo Fan handed over the crystal to Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue without further ado took the crystal to herself. Now, like Mo Fanu, she really lacked resources. If she sells this crystal, she will be able to buy even more ice crystals.

She will be able to use crystals of the elements of ice to fuel ice fragments. Still, she still did not advance well in cultivation and the killer icy onion sucked all her strength out of her.

Until she becomes top-level magicians, Mu Ning Xue cannot confidently control the deadly ice bow. Ice crystals can replenish the energy of fragments. If Mu Ning Xue manages to replenish the energy of at least one fragment, its cultivation immediately progresses by several steps. Therefore, ice crystals are very important to her!

– Are you going to leave? No matter how! – a mocking voice was heard nearby.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue turned around and saw a guy with long red hair, surrounded by four comrades, appear between the black trees.

Mu Ning Xue looked at their clothes and noticed the state symbols of America and Canada.

– And it’s you. By the way! – seeing the guy Mo Fan grinned and greeted him as an old friend.

– You also smile. I didn’t pay you off for a case in the magic market. This time we will take away what we liked. I look, you worked hard. Give us half the crystal, and we are calculated! – imperiously said Yak.

Last time, Pan Lai helped this kid. And now they are on the battlefield and have four friends with him. Yak decided to take the chance to teach this upstart lesson. Because of him, he missed such a good animal spirit!

“Xue Xue, were they the first to see him?” – asked Mo Fan.

– They just came! – answered the girl.

“Yak, what kind of mage are you doing robbery this time?” – said Mo Fan.

The corners of the American’s lips twitched. He said coldly:

– I changed my mind. I need the whole crystal. And you better disappear from here!

In the body of Mu Ning Xue, ice energy has already begun to thicken. The girl, with all her appearance, showed that if necessary, she would fight. This is a resource tour, participants certainly compete with each other, but they should not take away from each other what they found. However, the rules do not say that you cannot take away treasures from players from other countries!

“Don’t worry,” Mo Fan Mu Ning Xue said softly, then turned around and looked around at Yak and his comrades.

“Oh, isn’t that Mu Ning Xue?” Recently, everyone is just talking about her. In my opinion, nothing special! – ironically stated the girl standing behind Yak.

One word – girls. Mu Ning Xue brilliantly performed in the last competitions and went around many girl magicians, having won a certain fame. Naturally, those who did not like it appeared.

– Well, since you are more, then the advantage is on your side. Take it to yourself! Just one crystal, it is not worth fighting for death because of it – Mo Fan leaned a little forward, holding the crystal in his palm.

– Are you too high of an opinion about yourself? Fight to the death? Do not think that if you once defeated the scum from Spain, it means that you are worth something! I alone can destroy your entire team! “The yak was extremely arrogant.”

– Yes, yes, yes, you’re cool. So let’s not waste time, take the crystal and do not cause trouble for me and my friend, ”Mo Fan handed the crystal to Yaku.

Looking at Mo Fan, Yak answered:

– What a rag you are. I wanted to teach you a lesson, but now I don’t even know what to do.

“Yes, a difficult choice,” Mo Fan grinned.

Suddenly, everything darkened and the long swords of shadow began to fall from the sky, like arrows. One by one they pierced the surface of the earth. On each sword of the shadow was the seal of the ban. Together, they created a powerful forbidden barrier!

It was in this place that Mo Fan used the power of night before. Taking advantage of the fact that the power of the night had not yet dissipated to the end, he prepared such a dark trap. Yak and three others were instantly trapped. The girl who ridiculed Mu Ning Xue stood a little behind and remained at large.

– Mu Ning Xue, remove the freeze! – said Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue froze a huge amount of black trees. Now is the time to use them! Freed from freezing, all black trees instantly rushed in their direction. It seemed that the whole forest was moving!

There were more and more black trees. Seeing that their commander-in-chief was chopped up and turned into firewood, they simply went wild! They will erase these people into powder !!

“Let’s go from here, the ban will not last long,” Mo Fan hid the crystal and pulled Mu Ning Xue.

Her wind wings were ready.

Her graceful silhouette soared into the sky, picked up by gusts of wind, away from ugly black trees.

And Mo Fan threw on the mantle of shadow and completely merged with the blackness of the forest, as if he were invisible.

Stuck in a forbidden barrier, Yak roared with anger. But as soon as they escaped from the trap, they were surrounded by hordes of ebony trees.

Black trees possessed a powerful body and there were so many that even Mu Ning Xue could not destroy them all, but only immobilize them with freezing. Yak and his friends will need a lot of time to get rid of them.

In addition, no one knew how many of these creatures were here. After spreading the news of the death of the commander in chief, it seemed the whole forest had set in motion!

– Do not try to run!

Hannah, the only one who did not fall into the trap of Mo Fan, noticed how Mu Ning Xue ascended into the sky. Angry, she immediately called on her magical wings.

Flapping wings, Hannah quickly pursued Mu Ning Xue from her at a distance of 200 meters. An eagle circled in the sky above them. His keen eyes with a built-in video camera recorded everything that was happening. Noticing this, Hannah was delighted.

You can take advantage of Mu Ning Xue and become famous. Since she is being discussed so often, then if she breaks it, then everyone will definitely remember the name of Hannah!

– Deadly silent lightning!

Hannah used the lightning element magic and the sky above a dark forest was cut by bright electric beams, rushing into Mu Ning Xue soaring nearby.

Mu Ning Xue felt a huge accumulation of lightning energy behind her and deftly sank lower, dodging a deadly beam of lightning.

– Lightning strike!

The abilities of Hannah did not end there. She cried softly and the rays of deadly quiet lightning exploded right next to Mu Ning Xue! A blinding flash illuminated the sky, a thunder and lightning strike seemed to shake even the clouds!

Mu Ning Xue managed to react. Her wind wings began to deform, leaned in front and wrapped her body, like angel wings protecting their master!

This is a trick of the second level wind wings: wind wings are protection. Streams of wind forming wings envelop the body turning into a defense. They can withstand even powerful attacks.

The wings of the wind protected Mu Ning Xue and she inertia planned on the ground. The girl looked at Hannah pursuing her, who soared high in the sky …

– Do not run away, fight! Cried Hannah angrily.

On earth, Mo Fan has already reunited with Mu Ning Xue. This mad girl got him crazy! He yelled angrily:

– Die the pockmark ugly! Do you think we’re playing games here ?? Enjoy the warm welcome of ebony trees!

After tearing this off, Mo Fan again hid in the mantle of shadow, taking Mu Ning Xue with him and leaving no opportunity for Hannah to find their trace.

Hannah was so angry that she lost her temper and nearly fell to the ground.

There really were a lot of pockmarks on her face. She was very angry when someone mentioned this. Mo Fan specifically touched her vulnerability, trying to infuriate. They heard her angry cry and ten sparkling lightning lit up the sky!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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