Chapter 1080. Fan Xue Grouping


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Mo Fan owns an element of space, so finding a place to carry the loot was not difficult.

Hiding a heart of stone, Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue exchanged glances. This was the first time for her when she did this, so her behavior was a little unnatural.

“It’s okay, a few more things and you’ll get used to it,” Mo Fan decided to console her.

“Watching eagles can figure us out,” said Mu Ning Xue.

– It’s okay, everyone here is clearly not holy, the only difference is that from the very beginning we decided not to spill sweat, looking for objects, but to immediately pick them up by force. Let’s go, let’s go, the next prey is still waiting for us, ”said Mo Fan.

The first thing turned out to be even simpler than they imagined. They followed that group of people for some time, not finding the opportunity to attack, it’s good that the Italians decided to split up, and the profit itself went into the hands of Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue.

– What will we do next? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

This tour was not easy for her. From childhood, she was taught to adhere to certain moral rules – with such difficulty she managed to get into world competitions, and now she is forced to stoop to the like!

– Very simple – we will sniff out. This our method does not involve large physical costs, but we need information, moreover, accurate. It seems to me that everything will go even better with us if another person appears in our team! Said Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue looked at him in surprise: is he going to drag someone else into this?

– What kind of person do you want to attract? She asked.

“The magician of the element of spirit, we lack it … it would be great if we found Jiang Shaoxuy, she can help us,” said Mo Fan.

“How …” Mu Ning Xue wanted to ask again something, how rustling was heard nearby, and her icy eyes stared in that direction.

That man himself did not imagine that Mu Ning Xue’s flair was so subtle. After a little hesitation, he himself came out from behind the trees.

This person turned out to be a girl with curls up to her shoulders, her small face was very beautiful, and her golden eyes literally glowed.

“I apologize, I did not want to eavesdrop on you, but I did not know that it was you who dealt with the Italian!” – the girl smiled.

– Irene, it’s you! Just don’t tell me that there’s a whole English team behind you … you’re not going to raid us? – Mo Fan asked involuntarily.

“The team we formed recently broke up, now I’m on my own,” Irene approached. Glancing at Mu Ning Xue, she said: “Your cultivation is at a very high level, since you could smell me so easily, even my element of spirit did not have the proper effect on you.”

“Have you been following us?” – directly asked Mu Ning Xue.

“You could say that, but you can relax.” I’m not out of malice. You just discussed … I think that it will be difficult for you now to find your teammate. This space is small, but many places in it are compressed. And since you need a magician of the element of spirit, then I am at your service, ”Irene said politely, in her golden eyes there was not a drop of pretense.

“Do you know what we do, Irene?” – Mo Fan asked with a smile.

Even during their meeting at the state security office in Shanghai, Irene made an indelible impression on Mo Fan.

– Select someone else’s prey … I think that this method of yours is really very good. The organizers of the competitions understood the level of competition, throwing 160 participants into different locations of the same space, ”Irene said.

– Would you like to join? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yes, my main element is water, the secondary element is spirit. But now I don’t understand why you needed a spirit element magician? – Irene said.

“About this …” Mo Fan looked at Mu Ning Xue, trying to understand what she was thinking about this.

Jiang Shaoxuy was undoubtedly the best choice, however, as Irene said, finding her in these wilds will not be easy, and again she will have to waste time. It is also worth remembering that other teams can also take prey from others, and now time was the main resource.

Mu Ning Xue nodded her head, thinking that Irene was not cunning. If she could figure them out, then other teams would be able to do it soon.

“Well, you’ll be the commander of the Fan Xue group of robbers.” Only if you truly join us should you not break your promise. It is also worth noting that everything was conceived by the two of us, so we divide the loot in this way: the two of us are 40% each, and you are 20%. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the dangers, if anything, we will cover it, ”explained Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue, who was standing nearby, could not stand it and rolled her eyes.

Mo Fan also appropriated this idea to them, what else is the Fan Xue group?

– Coming! “Irene wasn’t picky.”

– Well. As I just said, regarding this our business …. As for our case, we need information. If we have information, we will know which of the participants has a valuable find with them. We need to know which of them moves alone …. We ourselves are few, so our forces are also limited, if the pursuit starts after us, you need to know how many people are chasing us. In short, if we choose the wrong target, then we will already be the target, ”explained Mo Fan.

– How to get this information? My spirit magic is not able to read people’s minds, ”Irene said.

“Why read minds?” Asked Mo Fan in reply.

– Where then to get this information? Will the three of us run and sniff out everything? – Irene asked.

Mu Ning Xue looked at Mo Fan, wondering how he was going to get information.

At that moment, he had already lifted his head and looked at the gray sky.

Soon, Irene and Mu Ning Xue realized that he was not looking at the sky, but was looking out for watchful eagles!

“You’re just a genius!” – laughed Irene. Now she understood what her spirit magic would come in handy for.

Mu Ning Xue’s eyes lit up in admiration for Mo Fan’s smartness.

These observant eagles fly with their eyes absolutely everywhere and are perfectly oriented in this space!

And it is these eagles that have the most complete information about who has what finds, where there are how many people and everything else!

The only one who can get into their heads is the magician of the spirit element!

According to the rules of world competitions, none of the participants has the right to touch or interfere with the activities of the eagles, but it is not written anywhere that their memories cannot be used!

Need to play on the edge!

Iren and Mu Ning Xue were very excited to hear Mo Fang’s plan. After they gain access to the watchful eagles, prey will flow into their hands!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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