Chapter 1082. The International Cord


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Even if Mo Fan fell into a trap, under the strict supervision of eagles, these magicians would not dare to brutally kill him. However, they will still try to take what he now has.

He could not believe that only a few people would deal with him – as expected, from a distance another 7-8 people had already fled to this side!

This water trap was not so strong, and Mo Fan could easily break through it, only on the outside he was already surrounded by a whole group of magicians who could easily grab him in this open space.

Now he understood why they had decided to set up camp right in the open – to prevent him from escaping!

“I will kill that moron!” – shouted Miaosa, that already with all legs rushed towards him.

The mage of the element of water Pinol stopped her, saying with a smile: “Mo Fan, you probably could not even think that you would fall into a trap. To lure you, we used a spiritual seed … giving it away, we will get everything you have! Together we can finish you well! ”

Pinol in appearance is a very cultured and well-mannered person who, unfortunately, does not forgive anything. After Mo Fan stole from them, the Spaniards, their precious prey, Pinol decided to take the lead role in this performance.

The Egyptian magicians Miaosa, Shizhuifu and Said have also been waiting for the opportunity to get even with him!

– You prepared this barrier especially for me, having spent a lot of energy – I will tell you that you spent these forces in vain! – Mo Fan did not back down either.

Pinol, seeing that he was not going to give them the loot, grinned: “Maybe you still have a good look around? Perhaps you will find more familiar faces. ”

– Ha ha ha! We really caught you! You thought we really didn’t know that you cooperated with this ice sorceress and took our prey? I just didn’t think that you would really risk stealing something from so many magicians! – A yak with a smile on his face was also at the scene.

– Eh, after you took away my heart of stone from me, my team turned away from me! Do you know how much I had to suffer? It was then that I decided that even if I won’t get anything on this resource tour, I must destroy you! Shouted an Italian magician named Angelo.

With Yak and Angelo, there was also the lightning sorceress Hannah, as well as five more magicians from Canada, England and France, two of whom also turned out to be robbed by Mo Fan!

All these magicians were now gathered together, and their joint fighting ability was simply huge!

Mo Fan himself did not expect these countries to form an alliance against him!

In the stands near the portal were people who closely watched what was happening.

As expected, what was happening in the lower reaches of the river in a short time became the main epicenter of general attention, and now the whole world was watching how Mo Fan was trapped in a trap.

Observing eagles covered what was happening from all sides, and, of course, everyone knew that Mo Fan and the girls had created their own group for the selection of prey. Spectators from many countries during this time managed to just hate the Chinese and constantly swear at them, while the organizers and high-ranking magicians only grinned: in fact, these three did not violate any competition rules, and almost everyone was engaged in robbery of the acquired money!

It’s good that Irene from the England team was in this group, since the responsibility for all this lay partly on them.

Everyone, of course, was struck by how beautiful and well-mannered Irene could get in touch with such a tramp and gouging like Mo Fan. Although many secretly rejoiced that she had fallen to this!

On the Chinese side, a full house was going on.

At the very beginning, when only Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue were in the group, they had great support from viewers from China. The Chinese were incredibly glad that the magicians of their team were boldly taking prey from other countries, even a whole league of fans of the Fan Xue group was created …

Ai Jiang Tu and the rest of the Chinese team also stood out on this tour, but their actions did not cause the same resonance!

After Mo Fan was trapped, Chinese viewers literally clutched at their hearts, swearing magicians from other countries!

“How was Mo Fan able to arouse the hatred of so many people?” It even got to the point that magicians from eight countries united against him! – exhaled Ban Lai.

Feng Li, Song He and Han Ji sat with other dignitaries, watching what was happening – there was a storm of unease within the three.

The Chinese team has never had any problems with this, and so, as soon as Mo Mo Fan, who crossed the road to magicians from other countries, appeared on the team, the problems immediately started!

– Ah, this Mo Fan! He himself learned everything and became an excellent fighter who from time to time can use roundabout ways … – Feng Li quietly explained the situation to high-ranking people. The situation took an unexpected and disastrous turn, so his voice was very, very quiet.

Who knew that Feng Li would not have time to finish his sentence when Chairman Shao Zheng interrupted him, whose words made everyone hear his eyes wide: “So he got caught, how will he get out now?”

– Yes, he chose the hard way, and, as expected, thundered into a trap.

Han Ji, Pan Lai, Song He, Feng Li and the rest were literally speechless, they could not even think that Chairman Shao Zheng himself and other high-ranking officials had bet on Mo Fan! They were all tense!

“And nothing happened to those two girls,” breathed another female leader.

“Mo Fan most likely told them to leave by radio … but look at those smart girls, where did they come from?” – Shao Zheng scratched his head, peering at what was happening.

On the shimmering canvas on which events from the space of the resource tour were projected, one could see Mo Fan, who was surrounded by opponents, the number of which was clearly more than ten. Another observing eagle now displayed a picture that showed Mu Ning Xue and Irene.

At first they hid, and now they fled to the side where Mo Fan was.

– Still, they are faithful to their friend, they do not want to leave their teammate!

– In this case, they can be considered completely defeated. They will not be able to get anything, so they will also endure difficulties. Well, nothing, next time it will be Mo Fanu a great lesson.

In the lower reaches of the Mo Fan River, when he saw that Mu Ning Xue and Iren were rushing to his aid, he sighed heavily. His heart was beating furiously, but at the same time he felt all the hopelessness of the situation.

His sacrifice was in vain – the two came running here, which means that all their prey will now be taken away for sure!

Even if we don’t talk about resources, it’s all the same, because this crowd will not let them go, just taking away all the values, this was especially evident from the faces of Hannah and Miaos that they were eager for revenge!

Yak and Angelo were also looking forward to when these girls get into the same cage with Mo Fan.

– Oh, how touching! Even in such a gang, such touching moments can occur! – Hannah did not miss the opportunity to pin up.

“Irene, how did you end up in their group too ?!” – Gibbert from the English team angrily looked at the girl.

“Gibbert, we will return what we have selected, but please, do not participate in it personally, okay?” – Irene said.

Gibbert fought with Mo Fan during an internship match at the state guard. He was annoyed by the fact that he lost to Mo Fan in some small arena in the Chinese state guard, and now he clearly also wanted revenge.

“Irene, I can’t do this!” This man is just awful and the British reputation is at stake! Gibber said angrily.

After these words, Gibbert turned to the others: “Irene is a member of my team, I think that she was drawn into this by threats and bribery, so do not touch her!”

“I don’t think she participated in this,” said a Canadian sorceress named Bassie.

Bassi is not a famous sorceress who has become famous at least for something, and her powers in the Canadian team are braided somewhere in the tail. Irene, on the contrary, has outstanding strength, a noble temperament and a beautiful appearance – all this always makes an indelible impression on people, and she undoubtedly overshadows Bassi, if they are put together.

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