Chapter 1085. Not worth asking for!


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Angelo was wrapped in a muddy, dirty wind. Gusts of wind rushed to Mo Fan from different directions, leaving muddy wind shadows, as if Angelo himself stood there.

The wind shadows scattered one after another, but the blades of wind remained in their places. One or two wind shadows are not terrible, but the blades of wind formed by ten wind shadows did not leave Mo Fan a chance to hide !!

Mo Fan wanted to use the puppet shadow technique and escape from the area of wind shadows, but a scorpion-shaped monster appeared in front of him! Behind came the dead, called Shizhuyfu, and on the left side, the Canadian set a trap for plant magic. Only the right side remained free, but breaking through the blades of the wind would be even more terrible than just staying in place!

Mo Fan activated snake chain mail, this was his only defense. Now he could only hold out until the hetero and the wolf came to his aid.

From the blows of the wind blades, damage remained on the chain mail. She perfectly defended against mid-level magic. But Mo Fan did not strengthen her and did not strengthen her, therefore, to resist the attacks of several high-level magicians at once turned out to be an impossible task for her.

– Damn, I definitely need to do the cultivation of the magic of space and reach the level of Ai Jiang Tu. This magic is universal! Mo Fan thought gloomily, under the attack of the blades of the wind.

Using the magic of space, Ai Jiang Tu could attack, he could defend himself, he could control and destroy, as well as instantly move. With one element he could defeat the magicians of several elements. Mo Fan certainly has a lot of elements, but if he develops the magic of space to a good level, it will definitely come in handy.

Thinking about this, Mo Fan did not want to put up with the fact that they would have to give everything that they managed to take away!

All of their findings were selected. Mo Fan did not even think that everyone from whom they had taken something could unite together!

– See? Now he doesn’t have such a strong fire, ”said Angelo unexpectedly.

Many watched the match between China and Spain. Yak and Angelo had heard about the unprecedented power of Mo Fan. They remembered very well that uncontrollable raging fire emanating from the body of Mo Fan, who was approaching a higher level in strength!

But before their eyes, Mo Fan was in a difficult situation and his strength was running out. It seems he cannot use fire now!

– This is his contract animal, it is a very rare elemental incarnation and is now engaged in a struggle with Maos. Of course he cannot use fire! – answered Yak.

The call was the main element of Yak, and he carefully found out about this from his mentor Disa. Therefore, he carefully monitored so that Mo Fan did not have to apply the embodiment of the hetero …

– Its main element is fire, the call is secondary, and there is also an element of space. But then how does he use shadow magic? – asked Angelo.

“He has two elements from birth, one more than all the others …” said Shujuyfu, simultaneously controlling the dead.

Now Mo Fan was like a driven beast. Opponents constantly attacked him, it remains only to wait until the chain mail ceases to protect him. He will never again commit outrage!

“Then it is clear why it always seemed that his skills were inexhaustible,” realized Yak and Angelo. They then thought that Mo Fan uses various magical objects and vessels to use the magic of various elements.

The two elements were nothing special. Even if he were a top-level mage in four different elements, then they six in all had ten elements! Wouldn’t they handle this guy?

“His chain mail is about to disappear.” Still, she is very good, since she was able to hold out for so long! Now I will finish with it! – Italian Angelo could not wait to take revenge.

A stone heart worth 500 million was mined with the help of a large number of participants. And the Italians, despite the discontent of others, appropriated it to themselves. But Mo Fan took away the jewel from him, setting up the whole Italian team against Angelo, not to mention the participants from other countries!

He had wanted to take revenge on him for so long!

The enemy was completely devoid of defenses. While all the attention of Mo Fan was occupied by the mummies, Angelo appeared behind him with the speed of the wind.

Streams of wind formed a long wind spike. Angelo hid silently in the murky wind.

The mummies clung to both legs of Mo Fan with force and he could not move. With great difficulty, he formed a spatial barrier to protect himself from the attacks of other elements.

The forces of Mo Fan were running out, so the magic of space was also very weak and could not withstand the attacks of several elements at once. As soon as Yak hit, Mo Fan completely lost all protection.

– Attack it with magic of spirit! – Yak noticed that Angelo was ready to deliver a mortal blow, – well, a talent with two elements?

Irene was already far from Mo Fan and could not protect him. No matter how she wanted, it was impossible to create a spiritual barrier for Mo Fan. Opponents already destroyed the entire defense of Mo Fan and were determined to cripple him, while Yak also wanted to break his spirit!

In a spiritual attack, the magician cannot use any magic, the body becomes very weak. Therefore, the degree of injury to Mo Fan depended only on Angelo himself and on the degree of his hatred. If he wants to kill him – it is in his power! Before him stood a miserable man, how else a talent? What is the trump card of the Chinese team? His fate is in the wrong hands!


Angelo in an instant turned out to be half a meter away from Mo Fan. A ruthless smile played on his face.

“I can leave your miserable life, but the career of a magician will be over !!!” Said Angelo, bringing in a long thorn of wind, around which a subtle blue glow was visible.

A blue glow indicates spirit magic. Angelo’s reception was not only from pure wind magic, he used an attacking magic item!

It attacks the human spirit, and can create incurable mental injuries. Such a grand attack by Angelo was just a theater. Using the thorn of the wind, he could not harm the body of Mo Fan, but his soul …

An observation eagle soared right above them. Angelo calculated everything in advance, his attack would look like a simple attack of a wind element. His actions and the actions of others are not prohibited. When the international community asks him about what happened, he will shrug and say that he used only wind magic. They will not be able to find out who in such a mess attacked Mo Fan with spirit magic !!

* whistle – Mo Fan could not concentrate, peering into the murky currents of wind.

He turned around, sensing the approach of a thorn of wind and waves of hatred coming from Angelo.

Mo Fan created a spatial barrier by the power of thought, it turned out to be very weak, but still could give him a little time …

“I took your finds, you can take mine.” This is just a contest. Do you have to do so outrageous? – Mo Fan looked menacingly at Angelo.

The shadow spike almost destroyed the barrier and could break through at any second.

– What are you saying? I just want to teach you a lesson! – calmly answered Angelo. He looked quite natural, but his eyes betrayed him!

Mo Fan watched the spiritual death ray within the spike of the wind grow closer. His face without a shadow of anger in an instant became resolute and cold …

There were many wounds on his body. Even with the best healing magic, he will spend several months in the hospital, and the worst thing is that he will not be able to participate in competitions. Mo Fan realized that he could anger Angelo by taking his things from him. But seeing such intense hatred, Mo Fan involuntarily grinned.

Such respectable people as Angelo probably do a lot of terrible things, such as this one, hiding them from the whole world … That is why he was so calm, and demonstrating the corresponding experience, he thought through everything to the end …

– At first I also wanted to teach you a lesson, but the situation took a serious turn! Rumbled Mo Fan.

Angelo hesitated, he was sure that the enemy was in a hopeless situation, but why then did he feel the threat in Mo Fan’s voice, and why did he feel that his strength had increased dramatically ??

However, Angelo did not pull his hand; he always brings the matter to the end and makes the enemies pay what they deserve. Oh, how many of them there were, these gifts, which he destroyed! The number was close to ten!

“Your main mistake is that you brought me upon you, Angelo !!” – Angelo brought a spiritual ray. He did not flinch or hesitate.

“You shouldn’t have asked for it either !!” – Mo Fan threw indifferently, – Ash! Claw! Lightning !!

Electric lightning lit up the sky when the least expected of it. A tyrant thunderstorm sphere appeared right in the ice sphere of Mu Ning Xue. Deadly lightning energy seethed in black clouds !!

An electric lightning cut through the sky, Mo Fan sent her directly to the place where Angelo stood by the power of thought!

Angelo did not have time to do anything. He was completely absorbed in his actions and his eyes were fixed on the neck of Mo Fan. He did not even feel the danger approaching!

Angelo took off several tens of meters up, ready for the last attack, at that time an ash-black electric lightning showed in the sky and hit Angelo right in the air !!!

The deadly claw of lightning, reinforced by the storm of Tirana, as if appeared from the underworld!

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