Chapter 1086. Lightning is also a major element!


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While in the air, Angelo wanted to call the wings of the wind to protect him, but after a lightning attack, collecting his thoughts and applying high-level magic proved impossible for him. All he could do was summon magical armor!

Lightning magic was the most effective magic against magic armor. Unless it was special armor from elemental magic, all protective equipment was ineffective against lightning!

A raging claw of lightning illuminated the low sky around. In the midst of the electrical element, Angelo was like a tiny ant. His magical armor has almost turned into debris!

The ashen claw of lightning reflected all the anger of Mo Fan. If Angelo abandoned his dirty plan in time, Mo Fan would not have tormented him for so long. But Angelo did not, and therefore Mo Fan was ruthless!

Yak, Shuzhuyfu, Miaosi, Pinol and the rest stood still. Light from lightning flashes illuminated their faces, on which fear was read. They did not believe what was happening!

Lightning element !!

How can he also have an element of lightning ???

And even more so, how can his lightning magic be so strong ?? Isn’t its main element fire ???

They heard Angelo screaming through the sky. When they saw that the power of the ashen claw of lightning had finally dissipated, the angry Mo Fan said only this:

– Kara tyrant!

Angelo began to fall down, but at this time a deadly ash-brown ray of lightning hit right in the head of Angelo !! The lightning punishment was so strong that when Angelo’s body collided with the ground, a pit a hundred meters deep formed !!!

Angelo lay at the bottom of a deep hole, it seemed that on his body there was not a single whole bone, and even his face had not survived. Convulsions passed through the whole body, one would think that electricity was still passing through it in waves.

The latest events of the battle were broadcast in detail by the observant eagle.

On the other side, viewers from around the world naturally watched, as well as the most respected magicians.

The whole magical arena, which was watching what was happening, remained silent, as if the peals of thunder and lightning had an effect on their ability to think too. All viewers were shocked and scared!

Even the honorary magicians of the highest level understood that the end of Mo Fan was near, Angelo’s insidious attack was fatal. No one expected Mo Fan to turn into a lightning tyrant in an instant and arrange such a massacre !!

“This … this … Master Conti, this is too much!” He is just a monster! – the first naturally reacted Prince Banpo. He most of all was waiting for the tragic death of Mo Fan!

Conti looked at the scene of the battle from the height of the observation eagle, she watched an uncontrolled participant surrounded by lightning. Only after a while she answered the prince:

– Really. He is truly a talent. Judging by my data, he has two main elements at once: the element of lightning and the element of fire …

Aluna, the mage from the temple of freedom, noticed that Disa was staring at her. The charming blond Aluna turned around and smiled and said:

“I told you that this guy from the Chinese team helped us catch the leader of the Red Caso Society.” Obviously you did not pay attention to him.

Of course, she did not pay attention to other students, all of Disa’s thoughts were focused on her student, Yaka. Only when the representative of the Temple of Liberty, magician Aluna mentioned this, Disa remembered that the Red society was defeated by the Chinese team. And Isender awarded this guy the shadow mantle …

Then everything is clear …

Stealing someone else’s prey with the mantle of shadow is easy !!


“I said that most of all we should be careful not with Mu Ning Xue, and not with Ai Jiang Tu, but with Mo Fan,” the voice of Wanyue Qianjun was heard in the places of the Japanese.

Tenfan Xinzi, Wanyue Mingjian and other Japanese representatives and students only grinned bitterly.

When they fought with the Chinese team, Mo Fan did not even enter the arena. Under such conditions, if they get the Chinese team in the final competition, they will have no chance!


– One beat six magicians, and even killed one of them! This guy is clearly not from this planet !!

– Oh my God! We were all wrong! Everyone thought that this guy had the most powerful element of fire. But his lightning element magic, enhanced by a first-class spiritual seed with an elemental sphere, is many times greater than the magic of fire !!

– Yes, how many elements he has !! How did he manage to develop them all ??

During the competition with the Spanish national team, everyone saw the incredible possibilities of Mo Fan in the magic of fire. Since then, the title of the most powerful fire mage in Venice fell on his shoulders. But his lightning magic is much stronger !!

If one of the students participating in international competitions manages to develop the magic of any element to such a high level, then he is guaranteed to become a star of the competition! Mu Ning Xue, Ai Jiang Tu, Pinol and Shao Hegu were already among them. But the performance of Mo Fan shocked everyone! He fought with six opponents, and was attacked from all sides. His lightning-fast attack of the ashen claw of lightning, and then the punishment of Tirana, did not leave Angelo for a second to maneuver!

– With all the provocations of the enemy, he did not use the lightning element magic to the last. And having waited for the right moment, he struck him with one blow! How calmly and wayward! This is our representative of China !! He can make a conspiracy, compromise, fight fiercely and not leave his opponent a chance! – Chairman Shao Zheng slapped his foot, he was very excited at what was happening!

Pan Lai, Han Ji, Feng Li, Song He, and the rest were also impressed with Mo Fan’s behavior. He did not apply lightning magic to the last, even in a very difficult situation. He applied it only when the enemy left him no choice, and crushed him with one blow! Mentors incessantly praised the courage of Mo Fan!

“Han Ji, you were not mistaken in nominating this student,” the female mentor expressed approval.

– No no no. You misunderstood. He is not my student, this guy studied everything himself. By the way, he is the savior of our ancient capital, ”Han Ji replied.

– In what sense? The chairman asked right there.

“He and the current commander Zhang Hou entered the zombie abyss and stood directly in front of the bloody throne of the ancient undead emperor,” Han Ji did not mention the demonization incident when he spoke about this.

– Amazing! Just amazing! Turns out it was him!

– Disaster in the city of Bo, the epidemic in Hangzhou, the incident with the black church, have you heard about this? All this is his merit, Han Han continued.

The faces of the chairman and the leaders were surprised. Of course, they heard about such important events. But they did not think that all this was allowed by one person, especially a student!

“In short, there is nothing unusual in his strength and courage in a resource tournament,” said Chairman Shao Zheng.

“Wasn’t he overdoing it?” This is the international arena. It seems Mo Tribute does not know the measure. It is obvious that he could not use the end of the punishment of Tirana.

– Yes there is a bit. Young people are always more hot-tempered. I think he had his own reasons. After the tour we will find out everything, ”Step Zheng said conciliatoryly.



Mo Fan acted harshly, as Feng Li said. Of course, he could not use the punishment of Tirana, all the same, Angelo was already incapacitated.

But Mo Fan did not want to let him go!

If he had not done this, the rest would not have been so scared. After all, he was still surrounded by rivals!

– Bastard! This is a contest! You almost killed Angelo! – Yak yelled angrily when he saw the terrible state of Angelo.

“Wait when he wakes up, and ask what he did!” – firmly said Mo Fan. After these words, he went to Angelo, pulled an inconspicuous ring from his hand and quickly hid it.

Yak and the others did not understand this action, deciding that Mo Fan wants to insult the enemy once again.

“Apparently, you don’t understand anything at all.” Then do not reproach me! – angrily said Yak.

– If you have any other tricks, then it’s time to apply them. I love to crush people like you – self-confident only because of the numerical advantage! – Mo Fan started to get angry again.

One against six?

When Mo Fan first entered Ming Zhu University, he beat all freshmen and a whole faculty!

– The scorpion-shaped monster is the second incarnation! – Yak said coldly, standing in the distance.

After this order, a huge monster with a scorpion tail issued a piercing roar. Mo Fan saw the monster raise its huge poisonous tail, but did not direct it at Mo Fan, but raised it above its head and began to sting itself !!

Mo Fan clearly saw how the poison enters the body of the monster and spreads throughout the body!

His body was transformed and a poisonous carapace began to form on his skin! This poisonous carapace became thicker, the scales layered one after another!

The poisonous shell was not at all smooth and shiny. Long sharp spikes appeared on the legs, shoulders, back and tail !!

“That animal spirit would help my being reach the third incarnation, and then no one could resist me!” But the second will be enough for you to remember this day until the end of your life! – Yak suddenly jumped up, standing on the head of his monster.

There was a notch on the monster’s head. Standing in it, Yak himself put on a poisonous shell. it seemed as if he was driving a mechanized monster !!

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