Chapter 1087. Unshakable Mind!


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A six-time intensified thunder and lightning strike hit the scorpion-shaped monster directly. The electric arc, like a huge whip, continuously hit the monster’s body, but on its shell there were only barely visible prints.

Mo Fan tried to direct lightning directly into the monster’s forehead and attack Yak directly, but it turned out that this is the most protected place on the body of the creature and Yak hiding there did no harm.

Finding himself helpless in this situation, Mo Fan decided to attack the remaining opponents, and at the same time the undead that surrounded him.

In a battle with another adversary and undead, the storm of Tirana showed all its power! Before this, the murder of undead and mummies was given to Mo Fan with great difficulty, but the thunderstorm of a tyrant turned them into a mess. Under the pressure of the lightning sphere, the magician of the spirit element could not make any spiritual obstacles and was forced to attack Mo Fan with the magic of other elements.

Using the magic of mid-level space – time lag, Mo Dan managed to repel the attacks of opponents.

“You can’t defeat us!” Shouted Yak.

His monster brandished with all four paws. Suddenly, the spikes on his paws became even longer!

Entirely spiked paws fell with a roar to the ground, leaving many recesses. With such an attack, Mo Fan was practically nowhere to hide. Besides the fact that the spikes were very sharp, they were also poisonous. If the monster managed to hurt Mo Fan, then a long narrow cut immediately appeared on his skin, as if from a blow from a sword.

– Ha !!!

Mo Fan was spinning frantically between the four legs of a monster, when suddenly on one side the poisonous scorpion tail landed sharply.

The tail struck right in front of Mo Fan’s chest. The guy broke a cold sweat. A poisonous sting appeared right in front of him, but he did nothing to defend himself!

He had already used snake chain mail, the shield of darkness had long turned into debris, and there would not be enough time to form a spatial barrier. He could not even dodge, the monster’s paws blocked all the paths to retreat!

He could neither evade nor defend himself. Mo Fan already imagined how a huge sting would pierce his chest …

Yak fought the fight more fairly, he did not even think to try to pierce the heart of Mo Fan, he would be terribly upset by this!

Mo Fan shook with horror, to himself he was glad that this was just a contest. He has been close to death many times. There are no happy accidents in the life of magicians!

The magician cannot give up, he must go to the end! There is also space control!

The magic of entry-level space can be applied in an instant. In the next attack of the poisonous sting, he will be on the alert!

– Control!!

His eyes were filled with a silver glow. Mo Fan did not shy away, and did not defend himself. With wide eyes, he met the lightning-fast approach of a deadly poisonous sting.

Ai Jiang Tu could stop the attacks on almost the whole sky, so why can’t he stop the attack on which his life depends? He must focus all his thoughts and spiritual impulses. The magic of space to a greater extent does not depend on skills, and not on the presence of spiritual seeds, but on the magician’s own mental strength !!

With several elements, Mo Fan could defend himself in many ways. In such a critical situation, he was forced to test his magic of space. His space magic was like a small seedling, slowly growing under the protection of the rest of the elements, which did not experience gusts of strong wind or blows of rain and was not yet fully strengthened!

Using all his elements, he never won. So why should he not believe in his magic of space, not believe in his inner strength?

The silver glow became brighter and met with the cold brilliance of a poisonous sting …

When faced with danger, people instinctively try to hide and are horrified. Mo Fan went over himself, realizing that there was no point in trying to dodge. Now he most of all wanted to overcome the trembling that swept his body!

He needs absolute sobriety and concentration. He needs firm confidence that the mortal sting to stop in front of his chest !!

A silver glow enveloped the whole body of Mo Fan and wrapped around a poisonous sting.

The poisonous sting was already right in front of Mo Fan, but it did not stick into it, but met a powerful wave of resistance and broke off by a few inches! But the sting, like a diamond drill, continued to slowly move forward!

The sting had already passed through Mo Fan’s clothes and pierced the skin on his chest. It was just a small wound, but a wave of pain spread throughout the body. One can imagine what kind of torment there will be if the sting pierces entirely !!

“I wondered how long you could last!” Shouted Yak from above. It seems the actions of the monster were synchronized with his thoughts. Yak completely controlled the actions of the monster and very slowly directed the poisonous sting.

The sting has advanced a little more, another half an inch and the poison will spread throughout Mo Fan!

– Fuck you !!! – also moaned loudly Mo Fan. His stubbornness strengthened the magic of space and he firmly took control of the poisonous sting.

Yak realized that he could no longer advance the sting by an inch and angrily shouted towards the magician of the spirit element:

– Well, what are you standing ???

In fact, the magician has already launched a spiritual attack, but they are not always effective. If a person’s spirit and mind are fully focused and unshakable, and the magician’s spiritual strength exceeds the strength of a spiritual attack, such a one will be useless. This is the same as creating light ripples on the surface of a large lake.

Yak did not expect Mo Fan to be able to block his attack with the magic of space. He annoyed with a hand, deciding to join the battle personally.

– Ahhhhhhhh !!

At that moment, a snow-white wolf commander-in-chief appeared, surrounded by a breath of ice. Its claws turned into moon ice blades and pierced the body of a scorpion-shaped monster!

Twelve long cuts appeared on the monster’s body, poisonous blood flowing down his body.

As soon as he fell, the monster backed away.

– Wolf! Well done! – Mo Fan smiled, rejoicing that this terrible critical moment was over.

The soaring white wolf was very fast and ferocious. But his attacks were not as rude and destructive as other monsters, but had a serial character. Having finished the attack of the twelve lunar ice blades, the silhouette of the wolf flashed and appeared already on the expensive side of the enemy.

Four wolf paws fell to the ground and the power of an ice monster rushed into the enemy.

The powers of the ice monster were shining rays. They continuously crashed into the enemy, breaking through his armor and piercing the flesh.

The scorpion-shaped monster stepped back even further. Taking a stable position, Yak looked at the soaring white wolf and grinned:

“You used the beautiful beast spirit to develop such a low-level magic wolf.” Even becoming the commander in chief, he is still very bad!

Despite numerous injuries, the fighting efficiency and strength of the scorpion-shaped monster did not decrease at all. The white wolf immediately became his target. Aggressive attack, spikes and a poisonous sting caused the wolf to evade.

“Such a creature does not deserve the bestial spirit from the South Pole!” – I am watching the wolf, Yak felt insult, – the rest while attacking Mo Fan, and I will finish this lower wolf!

The wizard who fought with the wolf attacked Mo Fan along with the undead Shizhuif.

Mo Fan wanted to attack Yak with his monster along with the wolf, but was again surrounded. The suppression of the tyrant’s thunderstorm only affected mages.

“By killing you, I can regain the bestial spirit.” The rule does not say that you cannot kill draft creatures! Said Yak.

This is what Yak really wanted. To use such a unique spirit in a lower class being is simply a scribble for the spirit! His scorpion-like monster fits much more. He will be able to advance him to the third level!

Die !! Die !!!

Yak himself used magic, attacking with his monster. The wolf could not stand such an onslaught and could only try to escape as far as possible.

However, the Yak turned out to be trickier. Seeing that the wolf was running away, he turned and headed for Mo Fan, who at that moment was already fighting with three magicians. When Yak and his monster join, the position of Mo Fan will become much more dangerous. The wolf will not run away, but will definitely want to stop them!

The scorpion-shaped monster was stronger than the soaring white wolf, and its fighting ability was probably even higher than that of the fire hetero. Along with this, Yak used the magic of two elements, forcing the wolf to resist.

Soon, the snow-white coat of the wolf was irrigated with blood. Spike wounds were all over his body, and poisonous suppuration spread throughout his skin.

– Awww !!!

The ox howled earnestly.

This was his first battle after development, so even if he became commander in chief, he could not defeat all opponents of Mo Fan. What then is the meaning of its existence?

True, he is a lower class wolf. He was a servant, but this does not mean that his heart is as cowardly as that of a servant!

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