Chapter 1088. The manifestation of the animal spirit of the elements of ice!


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The scorpion-shaped monster literally demolished everything in its path, chopping it into small pieces.

A soaring white wolf, seeing a monster approaching him, bounced back and disappeared behind a small icy hill.

This ice hill was released by Mu Ning Xue, and, trying to hide from the attack, the white wolf, without suspecting it, was influenced by its ice space.

Mu Ning Xue also shone with her magic, it was obvious that as a sorceress she became much stronger, because now she fought with such competition stars as Pinol with water magic, Hannah with her lightning bolts. For a long time, Mu Ning Xue steadfastly continued the battle with them, and this already says something.

Mo Fan and his two animals fought alone against six.

Part of the territory has already turned into icy ground, even a river nearby and it was covered with ice, it seemed that everything had turned into one big glacier.

The white soaring wolf that fell on this part of the territory suddenly felt very lightly, as if his wounds had suddenly begun to heal.

A strong piercing wind swayed his snow-white coat, as if having an even stronger healing effect on his body ….

The poison in the wounds froze, they dragged on … the soaring white wolf on the icy territory Mu Ning Xue felt at home, as if it were his territory, he could clearly feel how the forces accumulated in his body that penetrated his limbs …

His claws relaxedly released, becoming even longer, and this icy breath like a fire kindled the desire to beat in him!

* Auuuuuuuuuu!

The wolf jumped sharply, and at that moment ice crystals in the air began to form ice claw-arrows, which now flew into a scorpion!

The scorpion-shaped monster was also furious, he rushed towards the white wolf, bumping right into the ice attack!

– Heck! Shouted Yak.

The body of the monster was now completely studded with the tips of ice arrows.

The scorpion-shaped monster was falling, its speed was noticeably reduced, its forces were leaving it, and now it was more like a small insect against the background of a white soaring wolf ….

* Roar

The wolf was also not condescending – with all his strength he sank down!

The growl that spread throughout the district literally forced all who watched to open their mouths in surprise.

Now the wolf looked like an ice cliff with an unsurpassed warlike appearance!


* Auuuuuuu

The white wolf on the hill jumped sharply, its limbs were very strong, firmly holding a huge wolf body on an icy surface, and the speed of its movements became even faster.

As if in flight, the wolf rushed towards the scorpion-shaped monster.

– There is no hope! – Yak ordered his scorpion to prepare a poisonous tail.

A poisonous sting flew towards the wolf ….

* Auuuuuu

The wolf roared into the air with a roar, and under it as if an ice bridge had specially arisen ….

The white soaring wolf once again jumped up, as if pushing from this ice bridge, gaining even more speed, and its silhouette from this became completely ghostly!


The wolf’s growl has become even more piercing, rolling now even in the most remote corners of the terrain!


Changes were heard in the wolf’s voice: countless icy mounds appeared after him, appearing as if from nowhere, the wolf himself continued to soar in the air, as if descended from heaven!

If you look closely, you could see that the peaks of the ice hills were very sharp, they pierced the carcass of a scorpion through, preventing it from leaving ….

It was at that moment that Yak was simply speechless!

These sharp icy peaks seemed to pierce his soul too.

Being connected with his beast, Yak could feel all the torment experienced by his scorpion …. The monster was pierced through, and blood was pouring from its wounds ….

Having lost a lot of blood, the scorpion-shaped monster assumed its original appearance, now on its body there was no powerful armor, sharp stings, and from now on Yak completely lost protection.

Yak tried to release magic in order to return his pet to the contract space, but at that moment he felt the attention of two wolf eyes. Sensing the approaching danger, he could not even compose a stellar elemental system, which abruptly terminated.

Growls and icy breathing gradually approached him, the guy’s hands shook more and more, the fear was so strong that even Yak himself could not believe that he was in a similar situation.

After all, just recently, a scorpion tore the skin from this wolf like an old dog, why did he suddenly become so strong? He seemed to have turned into a completely different creature, which, moreover, can control the elements of ice! This is simply unimaginable!

How could this come out of some low-born wolf ?!

“The bestial spirit of the elements of ice made everyone shudder, they got goosebumps,” said Ban Lai, who was sitting on the podium, watching the reincarnation of a white soaring wolf. Honestly, even Ban Lai himself caught his breath from what he saw.

Previously, he had already encountered such beasts, behind a simple and harmless shell of which the huge forces of the animal spirit of the elements of ice are hidden. This spirit nourishes the body of the beast with unimaginable power as soon as it enters a space where there is snow and ice, however, even Ban Lai himself did not expect that this power of the white soaring wolf would be so destructive.

The scorpion-shaped monster belongs to the commanders-in-chief, and by no means a weak commander-in-chief, but he could not resist the power of the white soaring wolf!

To everything else, the stronger the ice space or sphere, the more outstanding will be the manifestation of the animal spirit of ice.

Under the influence of ice magic Mu Ning Xue, the white soaring wolf doubled, and even Yak, a high-level magician with his scorpion, could not defeat him!

“This … I wonder, this Mo Fan, what, after all, is his main element?” Where did he get the call element? – questions raced through the crowd of observers.

The white soaring wolf turned out to be very strong, even if a strong high-level mage lost to him.

We can say that his power is equal to the strength of the animals of the level of the commander in chief of the middle level!

If Mo Fan has such a powerful call-up beast, for everything else he still has a fiery little heterka … – yes, with such support, this magician can fight one whole team!

That is why such questions were asked among the observers and the public about which element of Mo Fan is the main one, because he showed them the magic of his three elements, each of which simply amazed with its power!

The audience simply rejoiced at what they saw, and Mo Fan himself was shaking with fear!

He himself could not imagine that his white soaring wolf would be so strong!

Mo Fan, of course, expected from his pet power comparable to that of a beast of the level of commander in chief, he also thought that the wolf should have been able to fight one of the magicians, but …

The white soaring wolf literally exceeded all expectations! He was able to deal with the monster of such a prominent magician as Yak – now Mo Fan himself could not believe that it was his inviting beast!

– Does he really have such power only among ice and snow? – Mo Fan finally dawned.

The white soaring wolf was able to prove itself only by being in close proximity to Mu Ning Xue. To fight such an adversary on the territory covered by the magic of Mu Ning Xue was unrealistic even to Mo Fan himself, because his magic suffered from icy breathing noticeably, but a wolf! That’s who really showed himself in all its glory, having hit the icy territory!

In truth, even the white wolf himself found out about his capabilities, barely getting into the icy territory, he realized that he could use the ice and cold around him for his own benefit!


The white soaring wolf literally soared into the air, revealing its bestial nature, which now evoked only admiration and terrifying awe.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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