Chapter 1089. Deal with All in Order!


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– Old man, go help Mu Ning Xue! – Mo Fan, realizing that his white soaring wolf can fight well only in conditions of ice cold, sent him to the vicinity of Mu Ning Xue.

Now, when the peculiarity of the wolf’s powers became clear, he could go to Mu Ning Xue to help. Another noticeable plus was that the white soaring wolf himself noticed that it became much easier for him to fight on icy territory, and he could even fight enemies in a relaxed state.

Sending a white soaring wolf, Mo Fan looked at the fiery getter, which was not quite far from him.

The geterka continuously fought with Miaosa, who also noticeably strengthened her magic from the moment of their last meeting. The fiery getter in the battle with this girl still could not get the advantage, and Mo Fan could not just leave her!

– Incarnate! – said Mo Fan heterosexual.

A fiery heterka with a flame of fiery threat literally flew into Mo Fan’s chest, at the same moment his body was covered with two kinds of fire!

The fire spread to the ground, forming a fiery covering on it, a cloud of tyrannical lightning bubbled up from above, and the two natural elements seemed to merge together, striking the spectacle of people – the magicians who were next to Mo Fan involuntarily started backing away!

“First, I will destroy you, see how immortal your undead are!” – Mo Fan threw an angry look at Shizhuyfu.

The strength of Shizhuyf is undoubtedly the element of necromancy: he knows how to summon undead of different types, both gray and sword-like mummies, as well as mummies that swarm in the ground – these creatures gave Mo Fan a lot of problems. He even had to use his tyrannical lightning, because the attacks of this undead simply did not stop.

– Go to heaven!

Mo Fan released a flaming fist of terrible power, seeing that his opponent Shizhuifu was fleeing. Immediately, he went after him.

A flaming fist hit the ground, and now nine fiery pillars and fire dragons appeared from there, which literally covered the territory with a radius of one hundred meters with a hot cap. Flaming pillars literally soared into the sky, propping up the clouds!

Shizhuyf still hoped he could escape. He did not imagine that the flame of Mo Fan could be so comprehensive – as a result, he ended up in the very center of this Mofan brazier.

– Ah, there is still you! Still trying to save someone ?! – Mo Fan looked coldly at the magician with an element of spirit.

It’s good that the magic of the spirit of this enemy was more than mediocre, the spirit certainly was not the main element of this person. Although Mo Fang’s chances of success were very high, this sorceress constantly put sticks in his wheels.

Mo Fan is called the “magic cannon” because he can cast destructive spells one after another, these spells can even belong to different types of magic, so his fighting efficiency is equated with the power of an entire team, but from the very beginning he couldn’t tune in a full battle, the body of Mo Fan was already wounded, so also this spirit magician created interference.

Fortunately, there was Irene who issued spiritual protection for Mo Fan. If the magician releases the magic of the spirit, completely concentrating on it, then the magic is noticeably enhanced, so the enemy’s interference did not create any obstacles.

Incidentally, the sworn enemy of Mo Fan is a magician of the spirit element. If the magic of the spirit is cultivated at a very high level, then the destructive power of Mo Fan can fall into decay!

How nice that Irene was!

Without spiritual interference from the outside, Mo Fan could calmly incarnate with a hetero, and even use the Tirana’s spherical seed – well, would his opponents resist such a gift?

– Soul needles! – the spirit mage, seeing that Mo Fan is advancing, was also tensed up.

Under the influence of the tyrannical sphere, the magic of the enemy’s spirit also noticeably weakened, so the spiritual needles could get into Mo Fan’s head, but they couldn’t affect the magic he released!

“I’ll send you straight to the ground!” – Mo Fan was furious, he threw Shizhuif high, which is why he literally collapsed near that spirit magician.

Sorceress of the spirit * (the sex of the magician was not indicated by the author, but at the very beginning of the book it was said that the spirit element was awakened only by girls) literally burst into cold sweat, because Mo Fan was so furious as if he himself was a mad monster at the level of commander in chief!

– Ash Claw of Lightning!

Lightning appeared on Mo Fan’s body, as if with a hand fiercely caught the magician of the spirit, literally breaking her defense.

– Kara Tirana!

All tyrannical lightning literally merged into one lightning, hitting the spirit mage on the head!

Lightning pierced the magician completely, which is why the sorceress collapsed directly into the depression formed by lightning!

Of course, having dealt with a more or less powerful Yak and having strong spiritual protection, Mo Fan could now release his magic halfway!

His fiery mix of two kinds of flame with Tirana’s spherical seed simply extolled Mo Fan against the background of all the other students. What can I say, any magician with a more or less powerful spiritual seed in these competitions was already considered outstanding! But Shizhuyfu and this spirit sorceress, although not considered outstanding magicians, nevertheless began to attack Mo Fan at the same time, which is why they got what they deserved, falling under the influence of his sphere!

– Disgusting! – Miaosi changed her face when she saw that Mo Fan had already put three magicians!

Of all their gangs, only Yak with his scorpion-shaped monster could bear the influence of the tyrannical sphere of Mo Fan, but they were already on the bench.

“Miao … Miaos, we probably shouldn’t have annoyed him, huh ?!” – quietly said the magician, in front of whom was a white soaring wolf.

This magician had not yet managed to find himself in the territory covered by the cold of Mu Ning Xue, but the image of what happened to the scorpion-shaped monster Yak kept popping up in his head.

“There are so many of us, but we could not even destroy the three of them!” – persisted Miaosi.

However, now she was no longer so arrogant as at the very beginning. She herself perfectly understood that in conditions when ten people were defeated by three, there is no place for arrogance, because this is the same as saying: the whole team was destroyed by three, only three people!

She now did not know whether she should now just get the scroll to leave the space. How now will the people of Egypt look at her? They will consider her weak!

“You won … punish us however you want!” We don’t care! Miaosa said softly, bowing her head.

She understood that, even surpassing their opponents by several times, they could not defeat them! Could not destroy Mo Fan!

– Punish you ?! – Mo Fan looked around. He saw the vanquished Angelo, Yak, Shizhuyfa, the spirit sorceress whose body was completely black from the burning – we have already punished everyone we should, let your other people roll on all four sides.

Hearing these words, Miaosa angrily said: “Do you think that we can not take revenge ?!”

– Miaos, do not speak for everyone. Honestly, if you hadn’t decided to ambush me like this and get even with me, I would have left more strength and energy to get more resources. This resource tour is full of everything that I need so much, and now we all have to leave the resource space! – said Mo Fan.

“Is it not enough for you that you have already taken away?” Asked Miaosi.

Needless to say, Mo Fan really managed to score a lot before, but I got caught because of one seed!

“This is not enough for me.” Okay, I don’t want to talk and spend the rest of my strength anymore, get your scrolls yourself …. Hey, the undead recruiter, take this Italian with you, and every time I look at his evil face, I want to drop it again with lightning, ”said Mo Fan, referring to Shizhuyf.

Shizhuifu was completely exhausted, and his body was covered with burns.

“Idiots, why don’t you fight ?!” – heard the cry of Hannah from the Canadian national team.

The pinol from the Spanish national team stood in the same place, the magic of water was spinning in his hands, but he did not dare to let it out, as sharp claws and a cold wolf’s eye hung from him half a meter away!

Pinol was actually going to fight, because he is the trump card of the Spanish team, which means he has no right to defeat … however, at that moment a soaring white wolf appeared, from whose claws even water protection could not save!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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