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At the edge of the foggy forest, at this time, a man and a woman came out, the male looks delicate and pretty, a pair of eyes deep like an endless stars, the woman’s appearance is beautiful, and the manners reveal a unique temperament.

The two walked like this slowly, just like a beautiful scene, which made people feel sigh.

“It’s finally out.” Chu Xingyun closed his eyes, took a deep breath.

Although the Beast Beast riots no longer occurred in the foggy forest, but after leaving the “Sky of the Sky”, the two were still attacked by Spirit Beast.

Fortunately, these Spirit Beast were not tough, and after spending some time, the two finally left safely.

Xue Qingwu stood beside Chu Xingyun and grinned. She looked back at the foggy forest and recalled what happened these days. It still felt incredible.

First, I first encountered the Spirit Beast riot, then entered the death region, discovered the Lei Family of the genocide, and also saw the extremely rare eternal fire and royal stone.

Now, she walked out of the foggy forest safely. All this is really mysterious. She almost never thought about it.

“Let’s go.” Chu Xingyun turned and said, pulling back the thoughts of the light dance, nodded, and the two walked side by side, even moving towards the imperial city.

When they came to the front of the city gate, Chu Xingyun was ready to step into the city, but found a thin figure outside the gate, standing there, the jewel-like eyes filled with worry.

This person, it’s a lot of people.

“Chu big brother!” Luo Yi saw Chu Xingyun and immediately ran over, his eyes had flowed two lines of tears, and directly rushed into the arms of Chu Xingyun.

“Luo, how are you here?” Chu Xingyun patted Luo’s back. Before he entered the foggy forest, he entrusted Luo Wei to Ye Huan and asked Ye Huan to take care of him. Why, Luo Yu will be at Outside the city gate.

Luo Yan wiped the tears away, and some choked: “Since the big brother of Chu, you have been blocked, the whole foggy forest has been blocked, I can’t go in, but I know you will come back, so I beg the leaf big brother, Let me wait for you here.”

The snow-light dance stood not far away, and saw that there was a lot of dust on Luo Wei, and the face was slightly moving. For seven days, the little girl was here to wait for Chu Xingyun to come back.

“It’s a silly girl.” Chu Xingyun took the dust from Luo’s body and felt a little hot.

“This is not a very beautiful big elder sister, Chu big brother, how can you be with her?” Luo Wei noticed the light dance of the snow, could not help but ask, she is still very impressed by the light dance .

“The whole thing is long, I will explain it to you when I have time.” Chu Xingyun said with a smile, what happened during this time is too complicated, and it is true that it is not clear in a few words.

Walking into the city gate, Chu Xingyun found that the Martial Artist in the city was missing many, and some Martial Artists were in a hurry, all moving towards the direction of Lingxiao Wufu.

“What happened?” Chu Xingyun asked with some doubts.

Snow fluttered for a moment and replied: “If I remember correctly, today should be the turmoil arena of Lingxiaowufu.”

“There is a custom in Lingwu Wufu. After seven days of entering the government, a three-day turmoil arena will be held. All the freshmen can be invited to others in the arena to learn from each other. From the time, today is exactly the first day. “”

As soon as I said this, a light flashed in the beautiful eyes of the snow dance, to Chu Xingyun said: “The turmoil arena is very grand, not only the elder and discile of the sacred martial arts will attend, but even the other martial arts will have many People watching, let’s go and tell them about Li Chen and Li Yi. I will testify for you and definitely let them be discredited.”

The last misunderstanding, Xue Liang dance has apologized, Chu Xingyun has also forgiven her, but for Li Chen and Li Yi and others, the snow light dance still has some anger.

Today, it is the day of the turmoil arena competition. Countless powerhouses are gathered in Lingxiaowufu. As long as these crimes are made public, Li Chen and Li Yi and others will be expelled from Lingxiaowufu, and they will be cast aside. !

However, Chu Xingyun shook his head, and the voice said indifferently: “Li Chen and Li Yi and others, not only swearing at me, but also almost let me die in the foggy forest, so hatred, just let them discredited, it is a bit Too kind.”

“even more how, in addition to them, Xiao Yu is also one of the black hands behind the scenes. For these people, I will not let go of them, it is necessary to make them pay a heavy price!”

Chu Xingyun is not a cruel man, not a killer.

But if someone offends him and wants to put him to death, then Chu Xingyun will never be merciful, and will definitely let the other party pay more than a hundred times. Even if the other party’s status is higher and the strength is stronger, Chu Xingyun will not be afraid, nor will it. Will retreat to compromise.

Snow dance can feel the coldness in Chu Xingyun’s words, and I agree with it, but Xiao Yu is the elder of Lingwu Wufu. The real Earth Spirit powerhouse, Chu Xingyun has to deal with him, it is too difficult.

The mouth is open, the snow dance just wants to discourage, but I hear Chu Xingyun faint with a smile: “I have a lot of things in this matter, you don’t have to dissuad, now what you have to do is to hide my identity, don’t let Anyone knows that I have returned to the Imperial City, and even Ye Huan and Yang Feng can’t tell, absolutely confidential.”

“This…” Snow was a bit embarrassing, but she saw the confidence in Chu Xingyun’s eyes. When she got to her lips, she swallowed and nodded. “Okay, I promise you.”

Although I don’t know what Chu Xingyun in the end is playing, but the snow dance is very clear, Chu Xingyun is definitely not a reckless generation, he must have his reason to do so.

“Right, I am not too familiar with the Imperial City. Can you take me to the Lingbing Pavilion?” Chu Xingyun suddenly remembered something, and some embarrassed scratched his head and asked for a light dance.

The snow fluttered and asked: “Do you want to buy a blade?”

Lingbing Pavilion is a major force in the Imperial City. It mainly sells military equipment, but it also operates various kinds of treasures. Even if you give a high enough price, Lingbingge will invite the forgemaster to tailor it for you. Soldier blade equipment.

“Just want to forge some bauble to prepare for nothing more.” Chu Xingyun shrugged and didn’t explain too much.

Upon hearing this, the snow dance immediately clear comprehension.

Also, relying on the current strength of Chu Xingyun, it is very difficult to avenge Li Yi and others. The best way is to use some Divine Armament sharp edge.

Within the Lingbing Pavilion, it is the best forging engineer in the Imperial City. It is reasonable and reasonable for Chu Xingyun to find the Lingbing Pavilion.

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