Chapter 1090. The Most Valuable Treasure


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“Sphere, without this sphere you cannot imagine anything, Mu Ning Xue!” Hannah shouted angrily.

Hannah’s lightning left severe wounds on Mu Ning Xue’s body, but even so she couldn’t get the long-awaited victory.

The union of so many magicians was never able to defeat some sorceress – this fact was shamefully imprinted on Hannah.

A high-level sorceress who has a spontaneous sphere – in all of this, Hannah most of all hated the fact that she herself still could not take control of her own sphere.

If there was a sphere, they would not be in that state now!

“I can’t lose like that!” Hannah shouted, creating the lightning again, which she sent towards Mu Ning Xue.

Standing aside, Irene, having seen this, managed to react.

A water curtain appeared that separated Hannah and Mu Ning Xue.

After another movement of the sorceress’s hand, the water curtain took on the shape of a ball, in which only Hannah was now. Through the veil of water it was possible to see how the lightning of Hannah again returned to their mistress.

Hannah completely lost her mind. Her lightning can not harm her, but they can significantly spoil her appearance: now the girl stood with her hair disheveled by electric discharges and charred clothes, the look, I must say, is so-so.

Mu Ning Xue did not pay attention to this foolish one anymore, seeing that Mo Fan was heading in her direction, she smiled.

“Have we all been injured, will we leave space right away, or will we continue to participate in the resource tour?” – asked Mu Ning Xue.

They did not have a magician of healing, and it was not known when their wounds would heal on their own. When meeting with another team, they, of course, will make every effort to select what they found, but not without difficulty. If they now use scrolls, they will automatically lose the opportunity to get other trophies.

– It is necessary to count. Is it possible to say that the resources we got are enough? – said Mo Fan.

“There are still a lot of unexplored places in this space. If we leave now, there will definitely be other teams that will get more resources than ours,” Irene said.

In truth, Irene was also not very joyful: in this battle they lost most of their magical powers, and as a reward they received only one spiritual seed.

“Mu Ning Xue and I certainly cannot return like that.” Irene, if you want to leave, then we will give you your part, ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan’s body had many wounds, among which there were scratches from the claws of the undead, as well as traces from the blows of various elemental elements, in some places even blood clearly appeared.

He fought with six magicians, and yes, he won, but his body was now wounded, and in some wounds there was poison. If he does not receive the help of a doctor, then his life could be in danger!

“If we want to stay, then we need the help of the healing magician.” Who is the healer on your team? – Irene asked.

“Um, one of those four who threw us just recently,” said Mo Fan.

Irene laughed bitterly.

– What about your country? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– This person also does not deserve much trust. Okay, let’s do this: I use watchful eagles to see if there is a lone healing magician nearby, in exchange for our treatment, we can offer him something from the available resources, ”Irene said.

“Good point.” Mo Fan nodded.

– What next?

“We can no longer take resources from others, as they are all very wary,” said Mo Fan.

“A lot of resources are hidden in secret places, a person with a strong instinct is needed, which is well-oriented on the ground,” Irene said.

– Our team does not have such a search engine.

The word “search engine” refers to the terminology of hunters. When they hunt in unknown territories, they need an experienced person who is able to become their guide, he also needs one who is strong enough to fight magic animals, as well as someone who knows drugs or has the gift of healing, but more everyone else needs a search engine with a delicate sense, perception and experience that is specially trained to find such treasures that an ordinary person cannot find: sources, veins, crystals, natural seeds ….

A good search engine for a team of hunters is a real treasure, so even low combat effectiveness is forgiven him.

This time, in the resource tour of values, it was the league of hunters that hid the students’ abilities.

Mo Fan is completely a war mage, and even got his rank of a venerable hunter thanks to his incredible fighting efficiency, in contrast to the super-banged Lin Lin, which is for Mo Fan the best search engine and guide!

He firmly believed that if Lin Lin had been here, she would have found the most hidden values in a matter of minutes, because with her level of intellectual development, which is significantly higher than the level of development of an ordinary person, she is able to make accurate conclusions with only one clue!

The three magicians set off on, not daring to linger any longer in the lower reaches of the river; who knows, maybe someone else is hiding there.

Finding a more or less safe place, Mo Fan sat down at the bottom of the cliff and began to heal his wounds.

The drugs that he had were very expensive. Xin Xia gave him a special medication that heals wounds well. However, Mo Fan’s body was literally strewn with such wounds, and this drug was not enough. Not only is it expensive, it also acts relatively slowly.

“The wound is still dangerous, yours …, in which case I will not be able to use this hand,” Mo Fan cursed.

Scorpio Yaka left many wounds on the body of Mo Fan, which, in addition, were still infected with his poison. This poison has already spread to the whole hand of the magician, and if you do not find the healing magician soon, then the hand will be impossible to save.

Mu Ning Xue and Iren went to swim in the water ….

After they returned to where Mo Fan was sitting, Mu Ning Xue drew attention to the fact that he was very pale, and a cold sweat flowed from his face: “Your wounds are too serious, can you still leave?”

Irene noticed that his hand was almost completely blackened, and she hastened to roll up his sleeve.

Having rolled up their sleeves, the girls saw that the poison had already spread to the forearm, which was also beginning to darken.

“Not found a healing mage yet?” – asked Mo Fan.

“They found something, only this magician is a little unusual,” Irene said.

Irene all this time controlled the observant eagles, collecting information.

“What is so special about him?” Asked Mo Fan again.

“He doesn’t fight at all, he just sits in a prominent place and is engaged in extortion,” Irene answered.

– Doing treatment for a fee?

“I’m afraid so.”

– What kind of eccentrics you just won’t meet. And he is very smart, because he perfectly understands that there will be wounded in numerous battles, and the healing magic is very necessary in this case …, – with a heavy grin, Mo Fan nodded his head.

If the wound is not healed as soon as possible, then this will adversely affect the mage’s fighting ability, and in the face of such competition no one will want to lose strength, and, of course, most of them will pay the healing mage … here’s an opportunity for doing business! It is not clear which country this healing magician is from, but he can get rich in his resource abilities on his abilities!

– Idiot, even we do not rob so maliciously as you!

“Mo Fan, calm down, you better pay this price, the poison has already spread so much over your body, an ordinary healing magician will not be able to help you,” Irene reassured Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was really angry.

One hundred million in one healing!

Hundred million!

– Friend, calm down. You pay one hundred million to save your own life. You are very strong, and for you to find values of 100 million in this space is a mere trifle. Why are you arguing with me? I’m just trying to run my own business here, but you yourself understand that healing magicians is also not easy for me — the Swedish healing magician spoke many languages well, and the Chinese language literally poured from his lips!

“And where is it hard for you?” I pay a maximum of ten million, and let’s heal me faster, otherwise I’ll quickly close your shop! – Mo Fan said impatiently.

– Comrade Mo Fan, I respect you very much, because I saw your battle with the Spaniards. I also know how strong you are. If you are so impulsive in these competitions, then this will not turn out to be anything good for you. In a matter of seconds, I can get a scroll and get out of here, but you will remain with your wounds, and you may not even have time to use your scroll, here it’s not for life, but death! Said the Swedish healing magician named Tony.

It’s not that Mo Fan didn’t want to give money, he just saw how this fat magician sits in his place and earns as much for several uses of his magic as Mo Fan and all their gang have to earn with blood and sweat! This is dishonest!

– I do not care about you, death – so death, I have already earned enough – Mo Fan was adamant.

Yes, if you take 100 million for one healing, then Mo Fan can pick up Xin Xia from the Parthenon and spend her whole life wandering around with her!

– Do not bargain, we all came from the strongest countries … so, I can heal you for free, – said the Swede.

“Only without any but,” Mo Fan answered coldly.

The fat man laughed: “BUT! I’ll be with you, I’ve thought about this subject from the very beginning, I think it will certainly interest you … ”

– You probably know that the league of hunters hid the most valuable prize in the resource space, which immediately pays for all other values … this treasure will go to the one who can find it …

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