Chapter 1091. Poison Lake


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Mo Fan looked at Mu Ning Xue, Mu Ning Xue looked at Iren. The Duchess thought for a while, and then slowly said:

“Of course I heard about it, but we cannot know for sure.”

– Haha, you seem to be one of those students who follow the rules in everything. In fact, even before the start of the resource tour, many students found information about treasures. You do not need to know much to wait for an opportunity. After the start of the resource tour, many participants do not even pay attention to other things, but I think only about this military treasure, ”said a full participant from Sweden named Tony.

– Is it really possible to repulse all the participants with this thing? Said Mo Fan, rolling his eyes.

– Of course! – laughed Tony. From time to time, he cast a thirsty look at Mu Ning Xue or Irene.

“So you know where this battle treasure is?” – Mo Fan asked immediately.

“I only know what I managed to eavesdrop on when healed.” They did not know that I possess the magic of sound, ”Tony smiled.

Mo Fan looked at the fat man. All Swiss had a noble appearance and excellent manners, but Tony was not at all like that: fat, and thinking only about profit. Yes, and he wants to break his own team!

“Then tell me …” Mo Fan began.

– Who will refuse a good thing! Here you need to work around. I thought, if you want to join me and get first-class military treasures, I can go to meet you. We will become teammates, and of course I will heal you, ”Tony smiled.

“And how do you want to divide the booty?” – Mo Fan was most interested in this issue.

“I’ll take half.” Share as you like, ”Tony replied.

“Well then, we are coming back together,” a flame caught fire in Mo Fan’s hand, tongues of fire danced right in front of Tony.

– Well, what kind of person are you, just what, you just need to incinerate everyone! Slightly dissatisfied and immediately the fire … – Naturally, Tony did not want Mo Fan to force him to use the spatial scroll, he himself had not found anything yet.

– You join our team, in the end we are four. If we get the treasure, then divide equally! – strictly said Mo Fan.

– Mo Fan, brother! Well, don’t you understand that information is the most valuable … Okay, okay !! As you say. But you have to give all your best! The League of Hunters has established the biggest award, only by joint efforts it is possible to get this treasure, especially since we have a lot of opponents who also united. In short, it will be a deadly battle! – said fat Tony.

“Well, it would be right at once, and we would not have spent so much time here,” Mo Fan lowered his fist and looked at Irene, “sign a spiritual contract with him so that he does not cheat.”

Irene nodded. It is possible that Tony had his own plans, so it is better for them to make a spiritual agreement.

The spiritual contract is very simple. It is only necessary that the spirit mage pour spiritual magic into the body of another mage with his consent. This magic will be awakened only when the magician breaks his communication. Irene could carry out this contract because she was a magician of the ancient magical community of Britain. Not every spirit mage has this skill.

“If you deceive us, or do something contrary to our contract, your spirit will always be completely open to my mind, so wherever you hide, we will find you,” Irene warned Tony.

– Do not judge by appearance. I sincerely suggest you get rich! I support team morale and in no case will break anything! – Tony said with a serious look.


With the advent of Tony, the danger situation of the trinity has improved markedly.

Fat Tony did not inspire much confidence, but his healing magic was at its best! Under Tony’s supervision, Mo Fang’s injured arm quickly recovered.

The wounds of Mu Ning Xue and Iren also healed. Not much time passed before the three of them recovered to a more or less healthy state. Only now only time could restore magical powers.

The main element of Tony was healing, the magic of sound was second, and the magic of poison auxiliary. Therefore, he was able to find out valuable information from the people he healed, including about the military treasure.

– They said that the treasure is in the valley of the lake. Unfortunately, I have never been to many places, so I don’t know where it is, ”Tony said.

– Irene, can you find this place? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

“It will take me some time.” You can still cultivate and restore your strength. I’ll look for this place for now, ”Irene said.

This time, Irene did not dig into the data of the observant eagle, but applied total control, making all the observant eagles her own eyes! She directed them in different directions, observing the expanses from a bird’s eye view.

Mo Fan saw Iran’s eyes move feverishly, as if pictures were changing in front of them at fast speed, as if she was flipping through slides depicting landscapes …

Mo Fan first saw someone use spirit magic in this way. He was forced to admit that this is a very effective way to collect information about the lands and locations of monsters.

Irene could control only twelve eagles at a time. The birds non-stop explored the territory, and this required the complete concentration of Irene. She studied in detail everything that the birds showed her!

After a while, Mo Fan felt that his strength had recovered by about half. At this time, Irene’s voice was heard. Rubbing his eyes, sleepy Tony asked:

“Duchess Irene, have you found that valley?”

– I examined a large number of places, but only one seems to be what we need. At the very end of the ridge there is one place, there is a valley, there is a gorge, but there is not a drop of water. This place has nothing to do with the lake, but it is a large, deep valley from which black poisonous fumes come out. When I directed one of the eagles down to learn more about these fumes, he immediately died … I don’t know if this is what we are looking for, ”Irene said.

– ABOUT! I remembered those people still said that you need to find a safe entrance. They said that this thing is protected by a natural poisonous barrier … it seems it is !! – Tony said hastily.

– Are you sure? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yes Yes. Then I was also very surprised, because the description did not at all look like a lake. The lake is water, but they did not even discuss the issue of water, but were completely focused on the poisonous barrier. Then I thought that this barrier was preventing them from going into the valley of the lake. But it turns out that this barrier covers the entire valley. It is definitely there! Tony said confidently.

“It takes some time to get to there, so we should not linger here for a long time.” Better hurry, ”Irene said.


Four magicians immediately went to the valley.

The ridge did not look too big, but only wandering in the mountains, they realized that this was another world, compressed by the magic of space. Making their way through the ridge to the very end, the magicians saw that at the foot of the mountains, in many places on the earth, cavities were visible. They were all covered with thick black gas, from afar it seemed that it was black lake water …

This gas lake was not at all one continuous flat space. Somewhere it flowed into gorges and crevices, somewhere there were hollows and valleys, and somewhere – a lake cut a mountain peak. Large lakes turned into small ones, small ones turned into a stream in a crevice. The steep relief created a huge, dry lake filled with gas. From the height of the ridge, the magicians had an incredible sight!

– What a difficult terrain. Looking for a battle treasure here is the same as looking for a needle in a haystack! – Looking around, Mo Fan was completely confused.

– League of Hunters could not offer an impossible task. There are probably clues below. The main question is, how do we go down past the poisonous barrier? – Irene asked.

“Haha, have you forgotten what elements I own?” Poison for me is a small trifle! – the fat Tony smiled.

Tony found a relatively flat terrain. The slope was at an angle of fifty degrees, and a black layer of gas was visible just below. The strangest thing is that gas accumulated only at a certain height, like the level of a horizon line.

It became obvious to the mages that the lands under the black layer were exactly the place they were looking for.

– Come on, come on! I will make a gap, but she will last ten seconds. You have to go down quickly, ”Tony acted very quickly, creating a passage in the gas barrier.

The rest quickly climbed down, following Tony. The space below turned out to be much deeper than they expected …

The thickness of the gas layer was about three meters. The magicians neatly went down eight meters and only then reached the bottom, like a rotten swamp!

Reaching the bottom, Mo Fan raised his head and looked at the thick poisonous gas layer, letting in very little light. Now they are locked under it. An indescribable feeling of horror arose in your soul, as if you were falling into the abyss: unknown, cold, damp and gloom surround you from all sides …

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