Chapter 1092. Treasure 32 years ago.


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“What frightening gloomy lands …” “Mo Fan visited many good and terrible places, but even he felt fear, being under a black poisonous barrier.

Iren and Mu Ning Xue also felt uncomfortable. In these places it was hard to breathe. Mages were surrounded by gloomy gorges, dark crevices and grooves.

The worst thing was the poisonous gas barrier, if Tony hadn’t made a breach, then high-level magicians would have stayed here for only a couple of seconds. It can be said that this barrier was a natural defense of the valley. The devil knows what terrible monsters can dwell in these dark lands …

Having reached these lands, Mo Fan felt uneasy. He could not believe that the league of hunters, risking the lives of their people, could hide a military treasure in such a place. Observing eagles cannot get here if something serious happens, far from the fact that the spatial scroll will work here!

It’s good that Irene’s secondary element was light. Light hardly penetrated through the black gas barrier.

Mo Fan still could not gather his courage and go forward.

“Tony, now you say where to go,” Mo Fan stepped forward, guided by the magic light of Irene.

“I heard them say that this place is called the Deep of the Seven Dragons.” When we were upstairs, I noticed one place. There seven mountain streams merge together and form a lake. From afar, it looks like seven dragons surrounded the lake. I am sure that this is the abyss of the seven dragons, about which they spoke. That is why I specifically tried to remember his whereabouts, so you should follow me! We will surely become the most outstanding participants in this resource tour! – Tony said unshakably.

Tony had previously explained to them that this lake valley is a world sealed under a poisonous gas barrier. The closer to the center, the thicker the gas layer becomes and can reach twenty meters in thickness. Therefore, if they first reached the right place on the top, and then decided to go down, they would not be able to get through the gas layer. Even a creature at the level of a commander would perish, making his way through a toxic layer of gas more than ten meters thick.

The only way to get to the center is to cross the poisonous barrier on the outskirts, where it is the thinnest, and then move to the center along the bottom!

The bottom is very dark and complex relief looks like a maze, so it is best to carefully examine the area from a height and try to remember as much as possible.

Mo Fan felt that these lands were much worse than all the places where he had been before. His doubts grew stronger …

But, as they say, birds die in the pursuit of food, and people die in the pursuit of wealth. They are already here, so there is no point in retreating. He could only go after the fat Tony to the abyss of seven dragons!



On the southern slope of the ridge, two men in white and golden robes sat astride flying creatures and approached the edge of the lake valley. With serious apparently they watched the poisonous gas barrier.

– Damn it! We were so quick, however, letting these students make their way down!

“We must inform the governor immediately.”

“They don’t have much time, we must catch up with them and bring them back,” said the magician in white and golden robes.

“How do we go down if we cannot dispel this barrier.” Moreover, there is such a difficult relief, even if only ten minutes have passed, we are unlikely to find them … Why didn’t anyone tell them that it was forbidden to enter these lands!


Venetian magic arena

The governor of Venice, Fabio, wore a black hat, lowering it low on his forehead, so that only a high nose bridge and a sharp chin could be seen from under it.

“Governor, four students made their way over the poisonous barrier of the lake valley,” the judge stepped forward and turned to Governor Fabio.

“Didn’t we send two rescuers to the ridge to stop them from getting into these terrible lands?” – frowned Fabio.

“On the way, they met a wounded participant who needed help.” We did not think that they could get there, – the judge answered.

“How long have they been there?” Asked the governor.

“About twenty minutes.”

– Oh my God! Can they still be returned? Contact the representatives of these students immediately and explain the situation to them, Fabio ordered.

Soon, representatives of England, China and Sweden were in the governor’s places and they were notified of what had happened.

The Chinese representative was Han Ji. Hearing this, he frowned. The mentor was sure that after a fierce battle, Mo Fan and the rest would return to the arena. And they not only didn’t return, but also ended up in forbidden lands!

There was no hunting treasure of the league of hunters at all! Before, there were a lot of discussions about the military territories. Many people were against this choice, precisely because of the presence of a large number of unknown lost lands. And the most dangerous of these places was the poisonous lake valley !!

How Mo Fan managed to get there …

– Can someone explain to me? So shall we be silent? – the magician Poulsen said angrily to the British.

“Of course it’s all our fault.” The assistant judges did not stop the students on time … But if your Irene did not apply total control on the observation eagles, they would never know about this place. We have already sent experienced hunters there, but they will arrive there only after a while. Students are not far away.

“Governor, we just learned something else,” another judge hurriedly came out, but when he saw the others, he immediately stopped talking.

– Speak.

– In front of these four students, another group of students entered these lands, headed by the nephew of the main hunter Feyman – Kelly! – the judge blurted out.

– It…. – the governor did not know what to say.

The faces of Han Ji, Poulsen and the representative of Switzerland were shocked. How could the organizers allow this ??

Already two groups of students have fallen into lands that are not related to the resource tour! Such negligence is simply outrageous!

– Call Feyman! – said the governor.

Hunter Lord Feyman was the chief designer of the combat arena on this resource tour. The final decision on the choice of terrain was made by him. With the involvement of his nephew Kelly, this business has become even more complicated!

Soon Feyman joined them. Upon learning that two groups of students entered the lake valley, even an experienced hunter was horrified.

“Are you sure that the group led by my nephew entered these lands?” He asked sternly.

– Yes, it was definitely him. Judging by the information of observing eagles, their aim was precisely this place. And then a group of four, as if they were on their heels, ”the judge answered.

Feyman was silent for a very long time, surprise and seriousness were read on his face.

“I think Kelly mistakenly believes that the battle treasure is hidden there,” the hunter finally said.

– What does it mean? Asked the governor.

– Here’s the thing. When I chose the space for the battlefield, I found the old data, which said that about thirty years ago, a resource tour in the framework of international competitions was also held in a changed space. I studied this topic for a long time and thought that the modified spaces are perfect for the battlefield of a resource tour. In those days, the southern slope of the ridge was quite ordinary and there was a lake, but then the water began to evaporate in an inexplicable way, and the steam went up and formed a thick layer that absorbed toxic fumes. And soon became so poisonous that people could not get close to it. During that resource tour, a poisonous layer was already formed and the organizers hid the battle treasure there. You all know that on each resource tour the difficulty of reaching a military treasure is very high. At that time, the designers also did not want to make life easier for students and left a treasure there, but none of the students managed to get it, ”Feyman explained.

“But if we compare the toxicity of gas thirty years ago and now, it has increased two to three times, is not it?” Asked Han Ji. At the mention of that incident, memories flared up in the heart of the mentor …

Indeed, in those days, Han Ji was a student and participated in the resource tour, which the hunter talked about. 32 years have passed since then … Since then, 16 rounds have already passed!

“But you still don’t know something.” Nobody took away the treasure hidden there 32 years ago, ”Feyman said.

Han Ji froze.

Nobody took it ???

Can not be!! Military treasures are always very valuable and rare artifacts! They are the main prize in the second round of international competitions! Even if the students could not get it, the organizers would not leave it there !!

Han Ji vaguely remembered that there were wonderful rewards on that resource tour. He himself then made good progress in cultivation and laid the foundation for a further breakthrough in order to stand on a par with magicians of the highest level. That resource tour thirty years ago had much more prestige than it is now!

– I clarified this nuance with the then judge. He told me that they did not want to leave the treasure there, but they could not get it! In just a few days, the poisonous layer became much stronger and turned into a continuous barrier. And if they penetrated from the outskirts, where the layer was thinner, and moved to the center along the bottom, then this was a very dangerous path. In those days, several people died there. Several mages of the highest level went there for the treasure, but in the end they lost all the landmarks and died … Therefore, that battle treasure has been lying for more than thirty years. Surely my nephew spied on my materials and mistakenly thought that the only combat treasure was hidden there!

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