Chapter 1093. Bloody Rock


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– Look, they left a vessel for water here. As I said, magicians are not far from here. We obviously didn’t make a mistake dear, in vain you did not believe in me. If not for me, how would you know about a military treasure? – said fat Tony joyfully.

Mages walked along a dark valley, along the road there were many forks. Who knows, maybe stepping on one of them, they will get to the gates of hell. Therefore, the soul of the magicians was restless.

It’s good that on the earth there were traces of other people walking along these paths!

“By the way, you sound level magicians, because you have very good hearing, right?” – Mo Fan suddenly sharply became interested in Tony, the magician of the element of sound.

– This is not connected with the rumor. Do you know what a bat is? So, she uses sound waves to explore her surroundings. Thus, the magicians of the sound element also emit a sound wave to see the relief or creatures that inhabit the area. Since my magic is designed mainly for the search for living beings, then with me you will definitely not be lost! – said fat Tony.

Among all the magical elements, the element of sound possesses the most powerful perception ability. Mages of the sound element hear even the smallest rustle at a distance of several kilometers, using sound waves. The element of sound is a rather rare element and every detachment of hunters wants to get at least one mage of this element to find monsters and faithful paths leading to these monsters.


Silence … In the lake valley it was very quiet, there was not a single sound. Only fat Tony chattered nonstop that Kelly’s squad was ahead.

Mo Fan had strange feelings in his heart. He was sure that strange and rare monsters were found in such a dark valley. This dark sinister place must be a poisonous hotbed of monsters.

However, not a single monster met on the road, even insects were not visible. In the entire poisonous valley, only magicians made the sound of footsteps on the viscous surface of the earth … Although it was very quiet in the valley, the feeling of anxiety grew with greater force and did not let the magicians go …

– It seems that there is very little left and we will be there. Our path turned out to be more successful than we thought, – laughing Tony chatted.

“The treasure is still with them, and what if we leave empty-handed?” – Irene asked.

“But it’s obvious that we can take it from them.” Aren’t we a team? Tony asked.

“You talk too much.”

“Otherwise, why would I be looking for you? .. Ahem … it seems that there is a battle going on,” Tony looked tense, he listened to what was happening behind the neighboring mountain.

Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue and Irene were silent, at that moment even they heard that in the quiet valley of the lake some sounds were heard …

Just what Mo Fan heard was not like a fight.

“Ahead of the abyss of seven dragons that you spoke of?” – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– Yeah, beyond two mountains. But it is very strange, why again no sound is heard? Tony asked.

Mo Fan raised his eyebrows, he sniffed the pungent smell of blood that came from where they were going.

Passing another section of the path, Mo Fan sensed something was amiss, he immediately asked: “Fat man, what did you finally hear?”

“I myself didn’t understand, let’s come closer and see for ourselves,” Tony answered.

The four magicians moved forward, they wanted to wait until those people took possession of the battle treasure, and then take it from them in this dark valley. But it was too quiet, as if everyone had died out …

………………………………………………………………………………… ..

– I will dedicate! – said Irene.

Ahead was the abyss of seven dragons, about which Tony spoke. It really was a bottomless abyss surrounded by seven mountains. If there was water, it would be a very deep backwater!

After lighting the abyss, magicians saw that it was foggy, the air was poisonous, and visibility was very weak.

The space in front gradually began to become wider, it was the bottom of the dragon abyss. Here, the poisonous cap that covered the abyss became several meters thicker.

– And where are the people? – Mu Ning Xue peered into the dark abyss of seven dragons, but did not see Kelly’s team.

“Tony, there are no people here.” Have you fooled us? Irene asked angrily.

Tony immediately blushed, he replied: “How is this possible? I heard them talking. I heard that they were here … Where did they go? ”

Mo Fan emboldened, he stepped out in the middle of the abyss. After shining a little, he saw a strange shadow. At first, the magician was frightened, thinking that it was some kind of monster. But taking a closer look, Mo Fan discovered a black rock of a strange shape.

This rock merged with the earth. Mo Fan saw some kind of box, it was clearly made by a man, the drawings on it were in the Italian style.

“So you just found the treasure?” – Mo Fan began to doubt.

He did not hastily open the box, but pushed it a bit, and saw bloody fingerprints! Mo Fan involuntarily took a deep breath.


Very fresh!

Blood has not even dried up, so these prints were left here recently!

– Watch out! – shouted Mo Fan to warn the others.

Iren and Mu Ning Xue immediately ran to Mo Fan, while at the same time carefully exploring the area. Fat man Tony also came to the magicians, being in complete fear.

– What? What happened? Tony asked trembling with fear.

“I found a war treasure, but with the people in whose hands it was a disaster,” Mo Fan showed the bloody fingerprints to the others.

Seeing fresh blood, Tony’s face turned white, he said in horror: “We didn’t hear anything … Really … really …”

* Cap-cap

Suddenly there was the sound of dripping water somewhere nearby.

Mo Fan looked up the cliff and saw that some kind of liquid was dripping from there.

Irene lit a dark space, and the magicians saw that the liquid flowing from the cliff was bright red! And it was blood!

Bloody rock!

Viscous blood dripped drop by drop, as if it were a spring flowing down a rock.

In the head of Mo Fan, various variations of death spun, as in a horror movie.

If this liquid drips from a cliff for a long time, it means that there is a bloody source!

“On … people hang upstairs!” – Tony trembled with his whole body.

The magicians shone upstairs, and a terrible picture appeared before their eyes – a few people – whether dead, alive, hung upstairs and blood flowed from their bodies!

– This is Kelly’s team! Irene said in a whisper.

“Are they dead? …” – Mu Ning Xue was horrified. What kind of monster hung these people as if they were pieces of meat that were drying in the sun?

– Get out of here! – Mo Fan’s eyebrows turned into one solid line, his face was extremely serious.

“And you don’t care about them?” – At first, Irene doubted, but when she saw Mo Fan’s face, she quickly walked away from the abyss of dragons.

Mu Ning Xue also silently followed Mo Fang. Tony was scared to death, he did not dare to hesitate.

Irene bit her lip, hurriedly following the three magicians.

Mo Fan walked quickly, he did not want to stay here. Even Mu Ning Xue rarely saw Mo Fang in this state …

– Fat man, show us the way! – Mo Fan urged Tony.

Tony walked forward, hurrying along the mages.

After going some distance in a tense silence, Irene still could not stand it and asked: “They … did they really die?”

“Yes, everyone died …” Mo Fan affirmatively nodded his head.

“I did not hear their heartbeat …” Tony answered.

For a while, Irene did not know what to say. Her face reflected doubt and anxiety.

“What did they find?” – Irene asked.

“I don’t even want to know,” answered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was not a coward, but he did not remain cold-blooded when he saw the suspended bodies.

Kelly and his team were members of the national team. All these people very quickly found death, they did not even hear shouts and the sounds of the struggle did not last very long. This meant that the creature they came across was much stronger than the magicians!

How dare they disturb such a monster!

My Fan liked the risk, but this did not mean that he specifically sought death for himself. In the poisonous cap of this abyss of seven dragons there was a mortal threat, Mo Fan clearly felt it!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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