Chapter 1094. Web Threads


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Keeping silence, Mo Fan walked away from this place faster and faster.

Who knows, maybe this is something on their heels, or else a poisonous seal may fall on top of them, or maybe everything is poisoned there!

Moving far enough away from this ominous place, Mo Fan felt uneasy anyway – the organizers of the competitions couldn’t hide the treasure in a place that looked more like a restricted area!

In the end, a disaster happened: the team that got there, all died, their bodies were suspended above, and their blood still drips from there!

“Where are we going?” – After a while, Mo Fan asked the fat man.

Tony turned, cold sweat streaming down his face in streams, and his eyes were full of horror.

Seeing him like this, Mo Fan asked Iren to let out some light to illuminate the area.

Irene shone with radiance, and a tall rocky wall appeared in front of their eyes, in front of which was a pond, in the center of which a huge stone towered!

Mo Fang’s goose bumps ran.

“Idiot, where did you get us!” Shouted Mo Fan.

“I … I … seem to have gone astray and led you on the wrong road.” There are seven exits here, and I thought that it was necessary to go precisely on this, but I was mistaken, we should not have come back here! – Fat Tony sat down on the ground with a lost look.

– Come back! – Mo Fan said.

They returned back to the exit from the abyss of the seven dragons. They moved according to the marks that they had left before, hoping to go to the southern slope – the only way they could get out of the poisonous lake valley!

This time, Mo Fan came in front, moving through his own memories. From the very beginning, he did not trust this fat Tony completely, so on the way he still remembered everything well, for this reason the way out of the abyss should not become problematic.

They walked long enough, and when they again shone around, they again saw blood dripping from above – at that moment the four magicians had their souls on their heels!

“We … we returned to the same place again!” – Irene could not believe her eyes.

– Come on, we have to go, the only way to find a way out of here! – said Tony, – and even if we don’t leave, then we should not stay in this devilish place!

From above, the bodies of Kelly and the others also continued to hang – this picture became more and more terrifying!

Mo Fan raised his head up. He did not want to fight with what was in this place, but he perfectly understood that there was no point in constantly running away from here either. From the very beginning they keep coming back here ….

“Irene, raise your glow gradually up, but not quickly,” Mo Fan addressed the girl.

Irene was still in confusion, but, biting her lip, began to gradually illuminate the upper part of this black stone ….

Orange light slowly cut through the darkness, falling on the suspended bodies of the dead students. Their bodies were already quite exhausted.

It is hard to believe that students, who until recently were more alive than all living things, turned into this.

After shining even higher, behind the suspended bodies one could see the threads that looked like silk, as if braided with lace, their ends were connected with the suspended bodies.

Even higher, these threads became even more dense and frequent … but what surprised the magicians even more was that there were even more corpses hanging there!

All of these corpses were like mummies, what the hell have been hanging here for how many years!

“They … are they being chopped up here?” Said Tony, gritting his teeth in fear.

Mo Fan said nothing, he knew that this monster was at the very top among its web!

– There’s something moving! – Irene said quietly.

Mo Fan looked there and saw a creature with countless legs that looked like a spider. With these limbs, the monster held the threads of the web, there were so many of these threads that it seemed as if he could move through the air!

This monster began to descend!

He had a small head, a body the size of a human, and a long snake-like tail ….

The body was covered in poisonous scales – this monster now looked more like a mixture of humans, snakes, spiders and dragons! Irene from what he saw hair on his head stood on end!

“There … there is one more!” – Tony pointed somewhere finger.

These creatures could not see their eyes, but it was clear that this is a very sinister type of monster.

“Who … who … does anyone recognize these creatures?” Tony asked.

Iren and Mu Ning Xue themselves did not encounter such creatures, but they read in books about monsters with similar characteristics.

These creatures were able to kill a whole team of magicians !!!

“Mo Fan, our strength is not enough to compete with them, I must use my deadly ice bow …” said Mu Ning Xue.

Mo Fan nodded his head.

One careless movement – and these monsters will immediately begin to attack! Even with Mu Ning Xue’s deadly ice bow, they may not be able to defeat them!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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