Chapter 1095. The Lush Eater!


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– Bow!!!

Mu Ning Xue could not hesitate. Death was already on their doorstep; if they allowed the enemy to attack, they would not have a second to fight back. They will immediately turn into its prey!

The sphere-enhanced ice magic shrouded the abyss of seven dragons. Thick snowflakes soared in the air.

“How … how cold!” – Tony shook his whole body. Crackling frost affected everyone except Mu Ning Xue.

At the moment, the magic of ice Mu Ning Xue was much stronger than the strength of the usual sphere of ice. Each time she used a killer icy bow, earth, and heaven, everything seemed to be covered in ice. Everything became absolutely snow-white, without a single glimpse of other colors!


The soul eater immediately felt something was wrong. His sharp little head began to open revealing rows of sharp, even teeth. Saw-sharp teeth hung right above them!

The monster had no eyes, but its head greedily went straight in their direction. The monster locked Mu Ning Xue and crawled down!

He crawled very fast, moving right on the rock. There obviously was no way, but he crawled like a spider on a large web, abruptly attacked like a scorpion and wriggled like a snake …

The monster seemed to be afraid of Mu Ning Xue and was in no hurry to attack her. Instead, he circled nonstop over their heads.

Mo Fan saw constantly flickering shadows, the speed was so fast that she really could not see anything. If you can not determine the actions of the enemy – this is even more dangerous!

– He’s too fast! Oh my god what to do What should we do? We all will die! Shouted Tony.

The monster circled over their heads. Everyone clearly understood that he was much stronger than all of them and, if possible, would kill them like pigs! They remembered that somewhere else behind the rock another such creature was circling !!

– We need to get ahead of him! – Mo Fan hastily turned to Mu Ning Xue, feeling that something was amiss. Mu Ning Xue controlled the waves of icy energy with both hands, floating in the air. Her silver hair developed furiously, and her clothes rustled in gusts of wind.

Sparkling pollen began to gather in front of the girl, and gradually the outlines of a deadly ice bow appeared. The long crystal arrowhead was tightly controlled by Mu Ning Xu’s hand.


Only at that moment did the monster realize that this time it would not be possible to crush its opponents so easily. Cleverly dodging, he attacked Mu Ning Xue, aiming with a sharp claw like a sword right in the throat!

– Arrow of destruction !!

The concentration of power has reached a critical limit. At that moment, everything around me froze and died down. Only a refined ice arrow broke the frozen time, forming a terrific hurricane of destruction …

A crystal arrow rushed straight at the monster. The Soul Eater left thick toxic waves that spread everywhere!

The toxic dark waves collided with the crystal clear ice waves of Mu Ning Xue, forming a clear boundary and dividing the abyss exactly into two halves – the left and right sides. At the time of their collision, the whole abyss of seven dragons shook !!

The moment of the collision of the ice arrow with the monster was like the collision of two great armies! The arrow pierced the body of the monster, from which it began to become covered with ice and very soon turned into an ice sculpture!

* bam !!

Frozen in just a split second, the monster’s body suddenly exploded, and turned into silver pollen, floating in the air!

The icy blizzard swallowed the poisonous waves, turning into a white haze, only dust remained from the monster …

Fat man Tony bulged his eyes and nearly dislocated his jaw in surprise !!

The strength of the monster, although it did not reach the level of a commander, but even as commander in chief, it was very ferocious. Mu Ning Xue killed him with just one arrow, from which Tony was now afraid of the girl even more than a monster!

“Died … has he died?” – Irene could not believe her eyes. The magical item Mu Ning Xue was just monstrous! It’s so easy to kill a monster whom they considered invincible !!

“He died, but …” Mu Ning Xue was breathing heavily. Her gaze was fixed on the second monster crawling along the rock.

These two creatures were a couple. It is not known how many years they lived in this poisonous layer and how many people they managed to destroy. The arrow of Mu Ning Xue accurately and accurately killed the female, who was stronger. If she did not, then they would be dead!

* roar

The second monster roared wildly. He took refuge behind a rock to watch his wife destroy these human beings. But they managed to kill her!

The monster roared wildly. It seemed to the mages that the sharp sounds of his cries pierce through their brains!

“We need to get out faster,” Mu Ning Xue said fearfully.

“Isn’t it better to send another arrow at him?” Tony asked.

Mo Fan angrily looked at the guy, and he immediately covered his mouth.

Four magicians set off. They themselves did not understand whether this lost world depends on the death of a monster. But the longer they stayed here, the more dangerous …

The monster roared non-stop, but did not attack. Obviously, he possessed the ability to think and realized that he should not act rashly. After all, if his stronger female was killed so quickly, then it is likely that he too will face the same end.

The fact that the monster was aware of the danger gave the mages a little time. Of course, Mu Ning Xue would like to fire another arrow, but the first sucked out all her vitality from it.

Mu Ning Xue became very weak, she had no strength left. Her cultivation had not yet reached that level so that she could completely control the deadly ice onions, so its use was a great test for her.

Mu Ning Xue held on with all her might, trying not to faint. As soon as the monster guesses that she has lost all her strength, they cannot avoid retribution!

Mo Fan saw that Mu Ning Xue literally forces himself to go, but did not dare to support her.

– Faster! We can only hope that he will cowardly regret his life! – strictly said Mo Fan.

The female has already died, but with the remaining forces they will not be able to defeat the male. Using the effect of the ice arrow Mu Ning Xue, they must leave the abyss of seven dragons as soon as possible !!

……… ..

It was obvious that the abyss of seven dragons was completely controlled by the female monster. They will never come back here in life!

Irene all the time lit the road on the way back. In the light they quickly found their way back.

They moved away from the abyss and now they needed to get to the thin edge of the poisonous barrier.

“He … is he still following us?” – Tony constantly looked back.

Magical light illuminated only a small area of space. Behind them on the heels was an impenetrable darkness.

Suddenly, in the glare of light, Tony noticed a pair of legs capable of climbing rocks, a long snake tail and, finally, a small sharp head with a large mouth.

The monster had no eyes, but it seemed his whole body was looking directly at Tony, piercing through and through. Tony felt his heart pound.

– It … it always follows us !!! – Tony tried to say it as quietly as possible.

“When Mu Ning Xue’s breathing weakens, he will take our lives …” Mo Fan answered.

The monster turned out to be very smart. It felt the state of Mu Ning Xue and waited expectantly on the heels. He was all in his domain, so he calmly waited. He, like a wild coyote, did not attack openly, but persistently and patiently waited for the right moment. He will wait until his prey reaches physical and moral exhaustion, and then break it, without extra effort!

– Not yet come? – Irene asked excitedly.

The weaker Mu Ning Xue became, the faster the hearts of the others beat.

“Already close, it remains to go around these ten hills,” Tony answered.

“I … I …” Mu Ning Xue’s exhaustion reached its limit. The girl closed her heavy eyes. More recently, she was invincible, and now her body has weakened utterly.

Mo Fan adroitly grabbed her body, feeling the softness of a girlish graceful body. At this time, like a mighty army, a monster was approaching them!

– Irene, protect her! – Mo Fan carefully put Mu Ning Xue on nearby stones.

“Fat man, if you have anything left to use, help me!” Otherwise, we will all die! – threw Mo Fan.

“I … I can make a magic barrier, but I need time.” He cannot destroy it right away! – Tony said in a trembling voice.

“Well then, to the point, and I will try to detain him!” – answered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan, without losing a second, urged the fiery geter to be embodied in him, he was immediately seized by a raging flame, in one fell swoop dissipating the darkness of the crevice. Waves of flame formed into a long fiery sword. Mo Fan held him tightly in his hands …

– Thunderstorm Tyrant !!!

Fire was clearly not enough. Realizing with a fiery heterosexuality, Mo Fan applied a sphere of lightning, the power of which spread a hundred meters around!

Mo Fan immediately released the two most powerful elements. His breathing was very weak, and the opponent is incomparably strong!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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