Chapter 1096. The Escape …


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Electric energy and future fire intertwined together around the body of Mo Fan, forming a powerful lightning-fiery force. Holding a fiery sword in his hands, Mo Fan met face-to-face with a soul eater !!

Having released its claws, the monster rushed at Mo Fan. They should have collided right in the air, but then the monster used a phantom movement and a fire sword slashed through the air without even hitting it!

The monster appeared behind Mo Fan. The guy reacted quickly, and the ashen claw of lightning rushed straight from the sky at the monster! But the enemy turned out to be more cunning, making a powerful attack he moved again and appeared right next to Mo Fan!

The monster stamped his foot, and following the powerful air currents, flew into Mo Fan, as if he had been released from the catapult!

The mage broke cold sweat. He has already used all his remaining trump cards. And the monster turns out to be able to apply movement, changing three locations in a row! Yes, and develop such a great speed! Mo Fan did not even have time to turn around! In the end, he just applied the ashen claw of lightning!

– Shadow Puppet !!!

The monster attacked precisely from the side where Mo Fan could not see him. Nevertheless, sensing the approach of the enemy, the magician attempted to evade.

Mo Fan quickly disappeared into the shadows, and the reception of a fifth-level puppet shadow instantly created several fake shadows, in addition, the silhouette of Mo Fan left by the shadow mantle remained in its former place.


The monster let out a piercing roar. He clearly saw all the shadow tricks of Mo Fan, and not only immediately guessed that the shadow was fake, but also immediately determined where the real Mo Fan was among the rest of the fake shadows!

The front legs of the monster were very long and ended with a thin tip.

He immediately located Mo Fan and rushed at him, intending to tear the magician to pieces!

Mo Fan realized that he could not evade the attack and tried to focus on his thoughts and form a barrier.

But the weak barrier did not last even a minute before the onslaught of the soul eater!

Frightened, Mo Fan tried to dodge, but the next second felt a sharp pain in his forearm. Burning pain blinded Mo Fan, hot blood sprinkled in all directions!

Mo Fan tried to breathe and then saw how half of his hand came off his body and flew off to the stones !!!

What an unbearable pain! Mo Fan attracted the stump to himself by the power of thought, and after that he immediately called up the wings of fire and flew away from this terrible monster as soon as possible !!

– A thousand feathers of fire !!!

Wings scattered on many feathers of fire and Mo Fan sent them to two steep cliffs, towering on both sides!

Mo Fan undermined the base of the two rocks and they collapsed with a roar. Huge boulders overwhelmed a narrow gorge in an instant dividing Mo Fan with a monster. Now the soul eater could not reach him !!

Mo Fan fell right in front of Mu Ning Xue, Iren and Tony. Irene shook with horror when she saw that Mo Fan supported the other bloodied stump of her hand with one hand.

She was shocked, firstly, from the fact that in such a short time the monster managed to cripple Mo Fan, and secondly, because the guy managed to stay calm while on the verge of life and death. Such calm made Iran doubt that it doesn’t feel pain and fear at all …

“This blockage will not delay him for long, we need to hurry,” said Mo Fan and they ran on.

“You … are you okay?” You have lost so much blood! Said Tony stuttering.

“Get out of here and get down to treatment.” This creature is very strong, ”Mo Fan answered.

Nevertheless, Tony sent a healing butterfly in the direction of Mo Fan, hoping that this would at least help stop the bleeding.

But Tony soon saw that the skin around the wound had turned dark blue. Due to toxic dark breathing, the butterfly was unable to help Mo Fan.

– You are poisoned! – Tony stared at Mo Fan in all eyes.

“Now don’t think about it.” Where is your barrier? – asked Mo Fan.

With such an injury, he can die quickly. But if they do not continue to run away, then the soul-eater will kill them all!

– Everything, everything, everything is already! Puffed Tony.

“So why, your mother, is he not yet ??” – cursed Mo Fan.

“But it has not yet …” Tony wanted to say that he would apply the barrier when the monster overtook them, but then he heard a barely audible rustle.

Tony was a mage of sound, so he immediately drew attention to it. Turning around, he saw that the soul eater was already approaching them less than two hundred meters!

A creature of this level can overcome two hundred meters in an instant!

– Sacred protection!

A golden-purple glow spilled around and covered the four magicians like a cap. It seemed to them that a sacred spirit appeared and surrounded them with its protection.

* whistle

The Soul Eater attacked the sacred barrier. When they collided, a metallic ringing sounded.

Seeing that he could not break the barrier, the ugly monster straightened all his limbs. He lifted his limbs up and snapped them in the air …


Thin threads began to appear in the air and weave into a single web.

The threads were stronger than a steel cable, and flew at such a speed that they could crush the stone!

A large number of threads intertwined into one large web, blocking their path to escape!

– Its end! He will entangle us! Shouted Tony.

– A fair wave! – Irene summoned a magical item.

Directly beneath their feet, water clouded in blue glow. Drop by drop, it turned into a stormy stream, flowing in the direction they needed.

Around the blue wind spun and in the water stream appeared the clear outlines of a small boat! In a normal situation, they would have carefully considered this phenomenon, but in this situation everyone rushed to the boat and left the web formation zone as soon as possible!

Mo Fan looked back and saw that the web had already clouded the entire territory where they had just been. It’s so good that Irene has such a valuable artifact, now their speed has tripled! Otherwise, they would have already become a dinner of the soul eater!

– Exactly! Getting close! Shouted Fat Tony.

The relief gradually rose up, and with the help of a magical stream they quickly reached the poisonous gas layer.

Tony hurriedly made a passage and everyone jumped out of there!

Passing through the poisonous barrier, they finally saw sunlight, blue sky and distant mountains. They did not believe their eyes! They are safe!

A familiar roar was heard from behind. The guys turned around and saw that the soul eater climbs out of his poisonous barrier. He does not stop until he kills them!

They spent so much effort, but this monster is not going to give up! How long can this go on !!

Mo Fan sighed heavily. In the end, he was forced to use the power of demonization. With such difficulty, he filled the accumulating pearl with energy, and devastated it all in this poisonous lake valley.

But he had another choice, they imprudently climbed into places for which they were not prepared enough. If he had not applied it, he would have died right on the resource tour, which the whole world is watching !!

– Justice of the light – a punishing sword!

There was a voice on the dais. A short human figure radiated a golden glow and quickly formed majestic golden star systems !!

Higher-level magic formed a beautiful golden sword, as if a deity of justice had descended from heaven. The majestic sword descended, impartially and as if plunging into a soul-eater !!

The punishing sword destroyed the body of the monster, and the light wave emanating from it spread around and destroyed the nearby rocks !!

The punishing light sword towered above the mountain range, filling the entire district with a golden glow. Raising his head, Mo Fan looked with fear at this magnificent sight …

This is not the first time that Mo Fan has seen the magic of light of the highest level. He used to watch from afar, but to see a punishing sword right in front of him and to witness how he leveled two mountains to the surface of the earth is another matter !!

If he had such power, he would easily have killed a soul eater!


The soul eater did not die immediately. When the light around him was scattered, he threw off the skin from his whole body, exposing the rotting flesh …

He dragged his crippled body to a poisonous barrier and disappeared without a trace …

“Don’t chase, you won’t find him there … Especially if we disturb his master, we will have big troubles,” Feyman said.

Han Ji, the representative of Britain and the representative of Sweden, were also here. Seeing four students, they breathed a sigh of relief.

But Han Ji’s smile immediately disappeared when he noticed that Mu Ning Xue was unconscious, and Mo Fang’s arm was cut off …

They all received serious injuries, but still returned from this hell!

“Have you seen Kelly and the others?” Feyman asked grimly, stepping closer.

“They all died,” Mo Fan answered.

“Did they disappear, or did you see with your own eyes?”

“We saw them …”

Feyman fell into heavy silence, watching the poisonous barrier covering the valley.

“You managed to survive, it’s not easy …” Feyman was mortally pale.

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