Chapter 1097. Treasure, Rare Thinking Stone


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When he reached the stadium, Mo Fan immediately went in search of someone who could heal him.

Poisonous infection grew. Mo Fang’s half-body turned light green, but Han Ji healed Mo Fang with his own hands. He had to spend a lot of time to get rid of the infection.

In addition to healing the poisonous infection, Han Ji also healed Mo Fang’s hand. The power of the magic element of Han Ji’s healing element was quite powerful, so the guy’s hand became new again.

Usually, when the arm is completely torn off, then you need to replace it with a new one. With the help of the magic of the healing element, she will recover very quickly. But if the limb has turned into a bloody mess, then you have to fully grow it again and it happens very slowly – usually within a month.

– In other words, is it a military treasure of 32 years ago? Mo Mo asked, staring at Han Ji.

“Yes, who knew that you would go there.” – Han Ji covered Mo Fang’s hand with a golden blue cloth at the gap and said that she should not be actively moved for two days.

– Fuck, this fat man from Sweden almost killed us! – cursed Mo Fan.

From the very beginning it was not necessary to believe the false words of this fat man. He brought them to a devilish place, nearly took his life. Mu Ning Xue even had to use ice onions, she was very weak. It is still unclear whether this will affect the outcome of the competition, but the girl is still hoping to show her full strength!

– Oh, sorry! If you still managed to get that battle treasure, it could increase the spiritual strength of the magician many times over. Elements of spirit, curse and space are strengthened by this special natural thinking stone, ”Han Ji sighed.

– This thinking stone is expensive stone? – asked Mo Fan.

– At that time, its cost was quite high. This stone was mined in the mines of Iceland. This stone is very rare, in those days it enriched the entire magical world – outstanding magicians of the elements of space and spirit began to appear. All of these magicians have benefited from the thought stone. Subsequently, the mines were empty, all the stones were mined. Hunters all over the world tried to find similar mines, but did not find them. After that, the stone became a real treasure of our generation … – Han Ji said.

Mo Fan looked at Han Ji and took out a box that had bloody prints on it. Opening the box, the guy said: “You did talk about this stone?”

Han Ji glanced, subconsciously shook his head. This stone was special, transparent, with shades of silver. Its surface was decorated with drawings, as if they were patterns of nebulae. It really was a mental stone, it was hard to make a mistake here!

Han Ji stared at Mo Fan, screaming, “You … get him out soon!”

Han Ji screamed very loudly, Mo Fan was already scared.

– I just picked it up, most likely, Kelly found it with his team. As a result, trouble happened with them, and the thing was in my hands. I just took it, I didn’t think at all that it was a military treasure, which is already 32 years old! – on the face of Mo Fan there was genuine surprise.

Increases mental strength, this is what Mo Fan needs now, because his element of space needs a breakthrough. Now his fighting force of the element of space is not powerful enough, but with this stone, the world will sparkle with new colors!

– Alright, alright, I believe you! And this is really a good thing! – Han Ji said laughing.

Obviously, this thinking stone was given to Mo Fan for free and without a twinge of conscience he took it with him, which was very expensive. According to Han Ji, if you sell this treasure at auction, its price will be much higher than the price of spiritual seeds of various elements!

“Tell me at least how to use this thing.” Haha, it would be nice if my strength increased in a short time, then I would show all my strength in the last battle! – laughed Mo Fan.

The magic of an element of space is divided into 9 borders: the first, second, third borders are called small borders. That is, now using the control of an element of space, you do not cross the second border, being at small borders. Here you can easily control items that weigh less than ten tons. You can also use control – retreat. This is nothing complicated. But you yourself know that if you are compared with Ai Jiang Tu, then you are still far from it, ”Han Ji explained patiently.

“Ahem … Yes, my magic of the element of space has not yet made a breakthrough, I myself am trying to do something a little, but so far I have not enough experience,” Mo Fan said with embarrassment.

– Ai Jiang Tu is on the middle borders, this is about the fourth border. The difference between medium and small borders is great. Now the element of space in a high-level battle is only auxiliary, but if you are on high borders, you only need to concentrate your thought, and your magic will be equated with high-level magic. The destructive power of control will not yield to high-level magic, even if your enemy is the size of a mountain, you will smash it in one fell swoop, ”Han Ji said.

– Ah, there it is! It turns out that is why there is such a huge difference between Ai Jiang Tu and me when I use the magic of an element of space of elementary and intermediate levels in battle with him. I did not know that the element of space has such a complex system – for Mo Fan it was a real discovery.

– All magic depends on mental strength. Although the elements of space, spirit and curse do not have spiritual and spiritual seeds, the power of the magic of these elements still depends on how weak or strong spiritual powers are, and not on the constellations and star system. Therefore, when your mental strength increases, the power of thought will also become more powerful. Therefore, at the time of a mental attack, the strength of your resistance will also be more powerful. For example, if your spiritual strength is on the middle border, and the powers of the magician of the spirit element are on the small border, then he will not be able to influence you with spiritual waves. – said Han Ji.

Hearing the words of Han Ji, Mo Fang’s eyes sparkled.

He did not know that the element of space is so powerful, in addition, he can strengthen his ability to resist the spirit, this was also good news.

Now Mo Fan was most afraid of the magicians of the spirit element, their spiritual hindrances and control can ruin all his tactics in battle. If what Han Ji said is true, and the level of mental strength can help defeat the enemy, then the magicians of the spirit element were no longer a serious problem for Mo Fan. Even if he meets a strong spirit mage, he will be able to repulse him!

“Well, this mental stone …” – Mo Fan glanced at the silver-colored stone, not wanting to part with it, as if it were his own child.

– During the cultivation, put it next to it, it will release the same waves as a magical item, doubling your mental strength. The speed of increasing your strength will be very fast, so you should have time to increase your strength to a high border of the space element before the final battle of the competition! – said Han Ji.

Han Ji believed in Mo Fang. When all these terrible events took place in Xi’an, Mo Fan already stood out among his peers. And now he has reached a high level, has six elements. Among which the elements of fire, lightning and summoning are at an appropriate level. If we also strengthened the element of space, then Mo Fan would have impressed everyone with his abilities in these competitions!


With the directions of Han Ji, the cultivation of the element of the Mo Fang space immediately advanced.

Han Ji was right, Mo Fan is now on the second mental boundary. Before meeting with the scorpion-shaped monster Yak, his spiritual strength became much stronger. But this allowed him only to break into the second – third border.

The thinking stone was very rare, with tremendous energy hidden in it. Mo Fan hastily closed the box.

However, before doing this, Mo Fan distributed the trophies.

Mo Fan will never tell other people about this, and will well hide this precious little thing. There is nothing shameful in this, but in this situation, Mo Fan was still embarrassed.

Indeed, in front of Mu Ning Xue and Iren Mo Fan, he could not be such a vile person.

That they survived this time, Mo Fan owes Iren and Mu Ning Xue, especially Mu Ning Xue. The girl is very weak now and Mo Fan was very worried about how she would participate in the last competitive battle.

Mo Fan really needed this thinking stone, so he took it to himself. If we add military trophies and a spiritual seed inherited from the team of Miaosa, then the value of all this good will be equal to 2 billion! ..

Iren and Mu Ning Xue shared the prey 4 to 6. What the girls got was still much different in price from the rare think-stone that Mo Fan had taken away.

As for the Swedish Tony … He would not share a piece of pork skin with this bastard!

This fat man Tony strongly offended them. At first he said that his information was correct, and then he nearly ruined the three of them!

Irene seemed ashamed to take money, so she gave 200 million to Mo Fan, taking only the war trophies, as agreed.

Mo Fan did not think only of himself. Having received this money, he will repay his debt to Ban Lai and buy something tasty for the fire hetero and the soaring white wolf, which will help to advance them a little to another level.

Mo Fan spent half a day, and he didn’t have much resources left, but the guy was still very happy …

Despite the fact that the soaring white wolf gave Mo Fan strong fighting efficiency, the element of space will also reach a new level. We can say that now Mo Fan is many times superior to the national team!

Previously, it was very difficult to deal with one creature at the level of the commander in chief, but now he can easily deal with three!

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