Chapter 1098. He dishonored me


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When it was time to take stock of the resource tour, Mo Fan started cultivating.

The second round of world competitions has ended, it is time for the last battle, which was supposed to be fierce. Participants must confront each other in order to determine the final winner and earn a lot of money.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue received 2 billion resources, which was already equal to the income of a team of 5-6 people. And if you still calculate the value of the treasure that Mo Fan has, then the resources of Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue will exceed what a whole national team could get. But not every member of the team has such power!

The resources of these two magicians helped China to take the third position, only England and Germany were ahead.

America, which was supposed to be the strongest, was in fourth place. Perhaps because of Yak, who was left with nothing.

The price of battle treasures was very high, while treasures could increase the power of magicians, which was necessary for the last decisive battle. Participants in many countries were worried that they were not able to get treasures. As it turned out later, no one got a military treasure and this was good news for everyone!

Who would have known that a member of the Chinese national team would discover the military treasure of 32 years ago, and this thing, in comparison with the current treasures, was much more expensive!

During this resource tour, Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue showed their full strength, three people defeated a team of 12 people, forcing viewers from all over the world to open their mouths in surprise, and rivals to bandage their numerous wounds. No one could even think that the strength of these two members of the national team of China would be so powerful.

But people understood that most of the resources extracted were in the hands of Mu Ning Xue and Mo Fan, which would allow the two of them to become the strongest magicians in the last competitive battle.


And the world community has not only watched the progress of the competition in Venice. In the Greek Acropolis of Athens, elections were about to begin.

The place of the Parthenon fairy has long been empty, because of this the temple was losing its authority. The ministers hoped that they could raise a new fairy that people would love and revere.

As soon as the resource tour was over, so it was possible to conduct elections in the Parthenon.

There was only one round in this election, 4 beautiful fairies were selected from the candidates. Usually, the elections were never open to the public and were conducted only under the zealous supervision of the temple ministers, who believed that the one for whom they asked for blessings from heaven would win.

The election results were announced at the last minute before sunset. Candidate Ender had the most votes. But Panisa was the oldest. The most authoritative among the current generation was Azalea, and the fourth candidate was Ye Xin Xia, who did not know how to become one of the candidates.

Ender had the best chance of becoming a fairy. She was supported by the Knights – defenders of the Parthenon. Her every word, her every action said that she was the most suitable candidate for this post.

Although Ender did not have a pure and kind heart, but the fairy, first of all, should be wise, and not at all like a mother who gives her mercy left and right. The fairy should be like the previous Yiddish fairy – iron and unshakable!

Ender was almost as wise as Yiddish, she achieved the support of the knights – the defenders of the Parthenon, and this meant that she was not stupid, because in her hands she had the armed forces of the whole Parthenon!

Panisa emerged from the ancient family of healers, in comparison with the domineering Ender, Panisa understood that kindness and gentleness attracted more people.

Panisa committed such acts with which she lured people to her side. She was so kind and humane that she received great recognition among people.

All Greece loved azalea, in the eyes of the Greeks she was an immaculate goddess. And all due to the fact that she was the adopted daughter of Wentai – the sage of the previous generation.

20 years ago, the name of Wentai was famous throughout the world. He was the only man who could enter this temple and acted as the temple sage. His figure attracted great attention of people, in their eyes, he was a celestial who descended from heaven to earth.

But when Wentai died, people who loved and revered him transferred all their love to Wentai’s adopted daughter – Azalea. Azalea also became a saint in the eyes of the inhabitants of Greece, people were ready to give everything for her.

We can say that Azalea was the only one who did not use any maneuvers, did not enlist anyone’s support. But those believers who would vote for it turned out to be countless!

But the most interesting was that Azalea never studied, did not attend classes and did not apply for candidates for the post of fairies. People themselves wanted her to become a fairy, because she already wore the halo of the daughter of St. Wentai.

More recently, E Xin Xia from a servant became a servant of the temple, in a very short time she achieved such results and received support, but she was still far from other candidates.

After she was chosen, a commotion began. People seemed to go crazy, furiously discussing the news. But who is this girl in general whose support she secured? A dark horse!


There was hype in the temple related to the election, and Xin Xia locked herself in her room and looked at the bright flowers in the courtyard of the temple.

Earlier at the same time of the day she looked out the window, watching the free flight of butterflies, not thinking about anything …

And today, she would like to run away from all these thoughts, but she could not.

This is so strange!

The election of the fairies in the Parthenon was not a joke, this is a world event!

Xin Xia was also happy that she was an insignificant minister of the Parthenon, and everything turned out like this …

Everything did not go as she would like, as if in some absurd dream.

– You are afraid? – a clear voice came from the window.

A very beautiful girl went to Xin Xia. Her face expressed confidence and ease, which Xin Xia should learn from her.

Xin Xia nodded her head.

“You … are you Azalea?” Xin Xia asked.

Azalea was known in the Parthenon, but Xin Xia saw her for the first time …

“Yeah, but you haven’t answered my question yet, are you scared?” – Azalea went to the bed, leaned lightly on her, the girl’s hair fell on the windowsill.

“Yes,” said Xin Xia.

– The girl was really afraid. It was difficult for her, a simple student, to accept this glory that fell like a snow on her head. And she did not know at all why she got all this!

Why was she chosen? Obviously, it occurred to mother to evaluate her as she deserved, but in the end, she was chosen as a fairy …

It was hard to believe. Xin Xia never thought that she would ever reach such heights. She did not know what to do next and how to calm herself!

“You do not want to become the Parthenon fairy and are not even interested in this at all?” Asked Azalea seriously.

Xin Xia nodded her head. The fact that she wanted to learn the healing skills was not a mistake, but the post of the fairy, which was close to the deity, inspired her only fear.

“I … did I become a pawn?” – Xin Xia raised her head, whispering these words.

Frightened, Azalea immediately smiled: “Are you smarter than I thought.”

“You made me a pawn?” Xin Xia asked seriously.

– No, you are not my chess piece in this game. I checked something here and found that you have a bloodless Chinese brother. And I just need it, ”Azalea said with hatred.

– He offended you? – Xin Xia knew that Azalea was talking about Mo Fang.

“He dishonored me,” said Azalea.

Xin Xia opened her mouth in surprise, for some time she did not know what to answer. On the one hand, she was amazed at the directness that Azalea possessed, but on the other, she was surprised that her brother had come to such baseness!

The azalea was supposed to be a true Parthenon fairy who, for the sake of honor, could trample an entire country!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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