Chapter 1099. Death of the Candidate


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A soft bathrobe enveloped the gentle female outlines of the most charismatic of the candidates ….

Her legs were barefoot, and she herself gazed in the dim light of the lamp at the Acropolis of Athens.

For so many years, she had so wanted to look at human silhouettes from this height, to see their piety and to hear them utter her name with one voice ….

However, that day everything collapsed!

“This is not at all the result that we expected,” said the senior abbess Mirola, standing at the flower garden, her mood was very gloomy.

– This choice is even more important than the presidential election, why did it all turn out that way? Ender said calmly.

– You, apparently, are completely indifferent that Azalea has appeared from nowhere, are you also not interested who is behind this E Xin Xia? – said the senior abbess of Mirol.

“I have a strange feeling,” said Ender. She went down the snow-white stone steps, as if nothing had happened, she said: “I believe that our main enemy is Panisa …”

“Are you worried about Azaleas?” Asked Mirol.

Ender nodded negatively, saying in all seriousness: “It’s worth being afraid that I still don’t know who they are.”

“You think too much, we’ve already gone through everything, so don’t worry so much.” When I was an assistant to Yiddish, I noticed that she, too, was very excited, constantly telling me what happened to her brother, but in the end, it’s all her, isn’t it? – said the senior abbess of Mirol.

During their conversation, an old servant Guren suddenly came running. She deliberately dismissed all the domestic maids and with a lost look ran to Ender and Mirol.

– Isender was detained! – Guren said this in such a voice, as if she herself did not believe in it.

“That’s what my hunch meant,” said Ender.

Nearby, Mirola literally froze in surprise, dropping her cane on a stone floor with a roar.

– Then we….

“Then we lost,” said Ender.

– How is this possible?! We almost became the main ones here! The power was already in our hands, ”the senior abbess of Mirol lamented.

“And the funniest thing is that I don’t know who …” Ender glanced at the Acropolis, and, taking off her robe, went to the arbor.

At the bottom of the gazebo was a cliff.

Guren just wanted to ask what they would do next, when she saw that Ender was moving on and looked like a white statue in the moonlight!

The girl reached the edge and had already taken a step, but at that moment Guren screamed.

Without any magical protection, the girl flew down very quickly!

Xin Xia sat in the backyard after talking with Azalea. At some point, Xin Xia froze, staring at the cliff.

“Someone seems to have fallen,” Xin Xia said uncertainly.

“You’re a candidate, who lives above you?” – Azalea did not even turn her head to look, a smile still shone on her face.

– This is definitely a man! Xin Xia exclaimed, resting her two hands on the wheels of her wheelchair.

This mountain is very high, and flying from it is also a long time, so that it can still … can save this man?

“If you don’t let her die today, she will hate you for the rest of her life,” said Azalea.

“That man, is this Ender?” – with a heaviness in her voice asked Xin Xia.

“Yes, she herself considers herself very smart, and got what she deserves,” said Azalea.

“I want to get out of here,” Xin Xia said confidently.

In truth, Xin Xia wanted to leave this place even when she was shoved into the ranks of candidates, she was a stranger to the Parthenon, and she was immediately promoted up the hierarchy.

– From the very first day you appeared in the Parthenon, you everywhere received approval and a green light for further actions, didn’t you? Asked Azalea.

– I do not want to be here, I want to leave this place.

“Do these words come from a pure heart?” – Azalea laughed. Without waiting for Xin Xia’s answer, she continued to say: “I thought you were an old woman, I could not even imagine that you were so young. I hope that from now on we will not interfere with each other. ”

The gap between the competitions of world competitions attracted even more attention of the world community, forcing the water in the Venetian canals to boil.

When Mo Fan woke up from his cultivation, he discovered that everyone around was doing everything to discuss Ender’s death.

The name Ender Mo Fan has already heard before. Many people in Europe believed in it and associated with it the further development of the Parthenon.

In addition, this name was mentioned several times by Xin Xia.

A fairy is not a person who lives only in religion and faith. Fairy, as a rule, also has the ability to resurrect the dead. Mo Fan also heard several times that the Parthenon fairy is able to revive the dead.

When Xu Zhao Ting turned into a monster of curse, Mo Fan asked Tang Yue who would be able to resurrect his dead body, to which she replied that this was possible only in the Parthenon.

The body of the heroically deceased Wang Xiao Jun, who distinguished himself during the Hangzhou epidemic, is stored there, and only the Parthenon way of reviving the dead can resurrect him.

– In the Temple, it was announced that Ender had suffered from a hereditary disease all this time, that she devoted her limited life time to serving people, having done a lot of good for them, and God took pity on her, not daring to look at her torment anymore, he took her to heaven … She has not left us, her soul is still among us, so do not cry for her ….

“All of humanity is grieving over the death of Ender.” Only the Holy Court says that she committed suicide, as she had a fairly close relationship with Isender.

– They didn’t show Ender’s body to people, in the temple they hope that others will understand. This girl was a candidate for a fairy place, she managed to do a lot of good for Greece, Europe and every person in particular ….

This news instantly spread around the world, even opening the phone, Mo Fan saw that all the bands were full of this incident. People discussed this everywhere, and only Mo Fan did not give a damn about these political rods, the woes in the Parthenon, and Ender’s suicide.

Mo Fan thought only of one thing: what happened between Pan Lai and Isender?

No matter how much he considered this, he still could not understand.

With Isender’s abilities in shadow magic, he simply couldn’t get caught !!!

“How is it that you are not at all interested in what happened to Ender?” I tell you, through my personal channels I know that she committed suicide. She was absolutely no clothes on, she jumped from the highest mountain of the Parthenon without any protection! Her body simply flattened there … damn it, and was such a figured candidate, and did not even have time to recognize a real man … – Zhao Man Yan blurted out.

Zhao Man Yan, being a representative of the upper strata of society, knows much more than ordinary people.

“She died to hush up Isander’s case.” What the hell is the difference, did she die from illness or committed suicide, I just can’t understand one thing, how one of the strongest shadow magicians in the world could get caught ?! – Mo Fan did not calm down.

“Do you really want to know?” – mysteriously asked Zhao Man Yan.

– This is all empty chatter, I respect only magic, it is power, but I do not take power for power! – said Mo Fan.

Everything was clear with Ender: Mo Fan felt as the fifth point that she was a loser in the battle for power, and even in this very system of the temple everything was so confused, and he was even not interested!

– I have a really good thing for you! Video capture Isender, want to see? Watching this video is prohibited and is considered a crime by the Holy Court. Sure you want to see this? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

– Have you checked the source of this video? – asked Mo Fan.

– Everything is clear.

– Well, then cut it.

Zhao Man Yan really did not understand what was the point of prohibiting the viewing of videos when every homeless person has a smartphone, and everything connected with magic is illuminated by each pillar.

Therefore, he was sure that once at least one person was found, the Holy Court could no longer stop the distribution of this video!

– It seems that this is some kind of employee of the Holy Court who was filming stealthily, from this angle Isendera is not really visible! – Mo Fan spoke to himself, staring at the video.

Mo Fan was very curious about Isender’s magical abilities. He was interested in everything, since even such a powerful magician as Ban Lai could not compete with him, and how did Isender find himself detained by the Holy Court?

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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